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  1. Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. I tend to use a soft bag when traveling, so there is not much hope of getting the spars in there. I have taken the spars as hand luggage in a clear polythene sleeve, and security were OK about them. However, I was more worried that the budget airline staff were going to pull me over and demand payment for oversize luggage. Anyway, I ended up getting some Skyshark P300 tubes, and ferrules, and cutting them to size with my Dremel. I am no expert (significant understatement), so I can't really say how they compare with the real thing, but they did take my vented 1.5 aloft in a 15 mph breeze. BTW. How do you get them out of the leading edge ? Next time I am thinking that I will send a piece of string through with the first section so that I can use it to drag the whole lot out when I have finished flying, or maybe I will tape the pairs of sections together, so that while I am away i just treat them like normal spars. All the best John
  2. I have a couple of Rev 1.5 kites and have been looking for a travel frame so that I can take them on holiday with me. I have phoned around, but unfortunately nobody in the UK seems to have travel frames in stock. Can I buy additional ferrules, and "carefully" chop up one set of my ultra-lights? I have a Dremel cutting wheel. Could I make some with Skyshark P300 tubes? I think I know where to get those? Maybe there is another solution? All the best John
  3. I like the idea of some rubber pipe. I'll pop down to my local hardware store and ask for some 'ose (old British Joke about 2 minutes into the following video) Small zip-ties sound easy to fit if you can't get the knot undone on the shock cord. I just wander if there is a design reason for using rubber. It might give a bit more with a hard landing. Thanks to all John
  4. Does anyone know where I can get Rev 1.5 rubber washers in the UK? The ones that are used on the shock cord at the leading end of the vertical spars? Maybe those in the know, know that you use rubber washers from something else, and buy a dozen at a time. Thanks John
  5. until
  6. I think a little overseas trip would be just fine.
  7. Pretty please. We have such light winds down in the Thames valley.
  8. JohnCr

    Glass Kite

    My hobbies are fusing glass and kite flying, and I wondered if there was some way that I could combine these. Not much future for a kite in a kiln, but what about glass in the sky. Here is my first attempt
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