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  1. pfft yea they were. i made 3 sets over the past couple weeks. all together it cost me a whopping 7 bucks and they work amazing now if only i can see how a 60* elbow works.
  2. very sexy due to someones suggestion
  3. ive got some dirt stains where the up and down shafts are. is there any way i can clean the sail? i was reading the manual and it says dont use soap. ideas? btw thought i should share these i've gotten real dark since ive started kite flying
  4. i was considering buying a 2-4 or a 4-8 down the line, but after watching something like this it scares me. good thing he made it
  5. rob, fix your vid link!
  6. i just bought p300s. cant wait for those babies to come in.
  7. they can help me with the bridle for a kite? i dont see the connection
  8. well my washers for the endcaps keep sliding onto the leading edge's ends. forcing the dacron sleeving on bridle to shred and exposing the line. if the bridle breaks, am i alright just using the pigtails from the up and down shafts tand connect it to the lines? if not... i have an 1.5 SLE now and what if i were to buy just the sail for the EXP, would that be better since it's an all nylon sail? or should i just buy another 1.5 SLE sail? i'd also be buying the P300s for the leading edge as well if i were to do a move.
  9. i have no idea what pivoting across a window or reverse walk across. if pivoting across a window is hovering in that direction and just spinnin the kite around the center while going across, i can but only slowly at this point. on the reverse walk across i have no clue what that is, so i couldnt say ha no, milking the breeze was an article Barresi wrote. he describes going to the top of the window deal and lets it "float" away from him. so when the kite is at the top of the window inverted. i should be swiveling the kite from 5-7?
  10. ok after almost a month of daily flying for a good 2 hours a day ive summed up a list of moves im having problems with and with no one in orlando to fly with, this board is the next best thing. 1. in the milking the breeze article pt 2. theres a move for gaining ground loss. i'm suppose to fly to the top of the window and pull the bottom lines or something so it floats away from me, right? so i fly to the top of the window and put the handles in one hand and pull the inside of the bottom lines downward with my free hand. i dont think this is the way im suppose to do this cause it basically stalls and crashes to the ground. 2. axel. ill hover to the right and let the bottom wing out as much as possible to flatten out the kite, which really doesnt happen. i then pull in the same hand at an angle for the bottom wing. i pretty much just get the kite to do a a full spin, nothing special. i dont think im getting the axel effect. 3. flic-flac. i fly the kite to the top of the window and put the handles in one hand and pull the insides of the bottom line with my free hand. and the kite should be almost wrapped in the lines upside down, right? 4. lastly the flat spin. ill hover right again and let the bottom wing out as much as possible. i still dont have that "flattening" look im reading in the moves on the "how to" to pull this off. i then just pull my left hand, which is on top, down across my body to the left. i dont understand what flicking motion is suppose to mean, but basically the kite returns to an upright position so it just looks like i did a 90* turn. those are the moves ive been having problems with. any help is GREATLY appreciated. thanks.
  11. are there any more than the ones on kitelife by chance? and where could i find this advanced training dvd ive been hearing about?
  12. i saw the acrobatx and thats really tempting. i dont however have ANY flying experience with a dual line so im scared of damaging that sucker once i get it. i need to get some practice in before i actually purchase one.
  13. well i just purchased a quad line and thinking of picking up a dual. i dont want to spend much since that quad ran me dry. my range is up to 150.
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