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  1. Mike Gillard (RIP)

    Issue 6 (Nov/Dec 1998): AKA Grand Nationals

    Ocean Shores WA Photos by: Beth Drake, Mike Gillard, Robin Haas, Brian Johnsen, Mike Smathers.
  2. Mike Gillard (RIP)

    Issue 3 (Jun 1998): Wildwood International Kite Festival

    Supporting gallery from our report on the <a href="http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/4594-issue-3-jun-1998-wildwood-international-kite-festival/">1998 Wildwood Kite Festival</a> in issue #4.
  3. Mike Gillard (RIP)

    Issue 2 (May 1998): Smithsonian Kite Festival

    Supporting gallery for our <a href="http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/4427-issue-2-may-1998-smithsonian-kite-festival/">1998 report from the Smithsonian Kite Festival</a>, photos by Paul Dugard.
  4. Mike Gillard (RIP)

    Issue 2 (May 1998): Maryland Intl Kite Exposition (MIKE)

    Supporting photo gallery for our coverage on the <a href="http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/4424-issue-2-may-1998-maryland-international-kite-exposition/">1998 Maryland Intl Kite Exposition (MIKE)</a>, found in issue #2.