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    I love all kites, but team flying a quad-line is what really gets me excited!
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  1. I'm digging the blue one!
  2. I love your kite! The color fade looks so awesome!!! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  3. I don't know much about making kites or material, but I do know a bit about this topic. I was recently gifted my first Rokkaku kite kit from Ronda Brewer and it's terrific! It's a no-sew kit with everything you need to complete the kite, clear step by step assembly instructions, including info about different ways to decorate the sail, and detailed instructions to bridle the kite. It's awesome! http://www.phantomstardesign.com/web_pages/product_pages/kite_kits/rokkaku/rokkaku_kit_main.htm It's Tyvek, and can be painted, spray painted, or colored with a Sharpie. Ronda painted her first Rok over ten years ago and it still looks good, and she battles with it often. The Tyvek is super durable and holds color really well. I used Sharpie on mine and I love it! Hope this helps, good luck, and have fun with your grandkids! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  4. Flying a Shook weave with magic sticks in reverse is a friggin' dream!!! LOVE IT!!! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. I had the exact same experience several years ago while at a quad line clinic in Long Beach, WA! Landed in the water (NOT on purpose), and as it sank, I totally panicked!!! (probably worth mentioning it was a loaner kite) Luckily JB was nearby and he told me first to relax, and then instructed me what to do. I couldn't even believe it when the kite popped right up out of the water and I flew away! It was such a cool feeling! Totally different, yet the same! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  6. Looks freaking awesome, JB!!! I'm going to have to get another kite bag...
  7. Ah, yes. I know what you mean. I did melt them a little with a lighter, but not as much as you suggest. I like that idea, and I'll do that tonight. I have not tried painting the line between the knots. I paint it so thick with several coats that I'm pretty sure it would crack and peel off.
  8. I'm a fan of the Bose products, that's for sure! But my painted knots are pretty amazing too, right?
  9. Thanks for your reply, but... I paint the knots the colors of the rainbow because then they match my rainbow kite. What can I say? I like pretty stuff! It also eliminates the chance of flying on two different knots by accident (yes, I have totally done that!). This way, I just larkshead to red, or green, etc. I just painted a couple of new sets of leaders over the weekend... I'll upload a photo.
  10. YES! I love this! I'm definitely going to use a clove hitch! Thanks for the great idea!
  11. Thank so very much for all the replies, you guys! And not to worry, I'll be extra careful around the burrs.
  12. You mean short little pigtails to attach my leaders to, instead of attaching my leaders directly over the screw, right? This is something I already do. Mostly because I spend a lot of time painting each knot with nail polish, and so now when I get a break, I simply remove the broken pigtail, add a new one, re-attach my leaders, and I'm good to go without having to paint another set of leaders. Make sense?
  13. Lots of great tips & tricks here, you guys! Before i get started on mine, any new tips or discoveries since the last post? Thanks in advance!
  14. Wow! This is incredible!!! Not a bad choice of music either, don't you think Katrina, Carol and Cass?

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