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  1. Hi Everyone, I am just letting you know that Treasure Island is having their annual kite festival in Florida in January 2012. Jan 14 and 15th on Florida's warm west coast, you can fly or compete or both. Come on out on one of Florida's most beautiful beaches. You can learn all about it on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Treasure-Island-Kite-Festival-2012/235722743116727?sk=info In addition if you are interested in competing here is information about the kite competition: http://www.easternleague.net/events/1001 Take care and hope to see you there!!!
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    Kite Fun Fly and Competition in Sunny Florida This Winter 14th Annual Treasure Island Kite Festival and Competition on Treasure Island, FL. Jan 14 and 15th 2012. Enjoy a sky filled with kites, some as big as a house on the beach behind the Thunderbird Beach Resort, 10700 Gulf Blvd.Treasure Island, FL 33706 THE TREASURE ISLAND SPORT KITE CHAMPIONSHIP returns in 2012 as part of the annual Treasure Island Kite Festival. Following the successful revival of the competition in 2010, TISKC has reclaimed its prominence as one of the premier sport kite events of the year. Competitors from up and down the East Coast will gather at Treasure Island, FL during the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend for two days of excellent competition with plenty of time to socialize on one of the best kite flying beaches in the country. A full slate of dual-line and multi-line sport kite competitions will be offered on Saturday and Sunday. Events will be more completely integrated into the festival this time around, which promises to bring a larger audience to watch the dazzling acrobatic displays. As with previous years, TISKC will be offering Team Multiline Precision and Ballet as disciplines! Given the growing popularity of group multiline flying and the growing experience out there, this event will be spectacular. TISKC will also be offering a novice class competition for multi-line precision and ballet. If you haven’t participated in a multi-line competition, this is your chance! Individual precision events for Experienced and Masters classes will be run according to program precision (formerly called league-style) rules. This format has proven to be more audience friendly and allows for a speedier running of the competition. Plans are afoot to bring back the auction and dinner this year! On Saturday night, plan to attend these events in the Thunderbird Conference Room. Updates on times and the meal will be provided as the details get nailed down. Of course, Monday is a holiday, so we hope you will plan on staying an extra day for recreational flying. January weather in Florida is usually ideal for kites, with mild temperatures and steady winds, so take full advantage of the opportunity to fly on the white sandy beach while many parts of the country will be covered in white stuff of a different kind! This event is sanctioned by the Eastern League Sport Kite Association. Competing here will qualify you for Eastern League points, provided you are a member of the League before you compete. You may join at the event, or contact Jared Haworth, Eastern League Commissioner, at elcommissioner@gmail.com. For more information, visit the League's web site, www.easternleague.net.
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