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  1. Hello could anyone point me in the direction of a shop selling hard carry cases for kites in the uk. Im off to lanzarote next week and want to take my kite with me but need something more substantial to take it on the plane with me. Alternatively I was thinking of a big cardboard tube. Has anyone managed to tranport their kite and keep it in one piece on a plane?!
  2. What a friendly bunch! Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll let you know how it goes once I get a chance to get out and have a fly
  3. Hello, so my brother bought me a HQ Yukon for xmas. Ive never done sport kite flying before but am very keen to learning after seeing some beautiful youtube vids. I have a couple of questions i was hoping someone could answer. Ive been putting the kite together but am worried that im connecting the stand offs incorrectly. They bend around in a "C" shape. Are they meant to be this bent. Im worried about them snapping. I watched this dual line tutorial on youtube and the stand offs here have nowhere near as much pressure put on them as on my yukon Another question. Im worried about breaking it the first time i fly it. Has anyone got any recommendations or tips for a complete and I mean a complete beginner. I never realised this whole world of sport kite flying existed and am liking it more and more as i do more research. Im from the uk by the way. If anyone knows of any clubs in the north especially around leeds it would be great to hear from you!
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