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  1. Evilgrimace

    Sweet Emotion (9/25/13)

    Thanks John! And thanks all! I just moved to the beach in Fla, think I'm jazzed to have a new kite? Um HELL YEA!
  2. Evilgrimace

    Rev 1.5 questions

    Good thoughts...the 300# line was put hypothetically! as in not part of the equation! I have several 90# line sets. but again, good thoughts. I'm taking away from this that the wind range of the 1.5 is 3ish to 18 mph. I'm also happy to hear that a two stack of 1.5's doesn't require a beefed up frame set... Thanks! 0
  3. Evilgrimace

    gauging wind speed

    right! Exactly why I posted before I purchased! thx guys!
  4. Evilgrimace

    gauging wind speed

    New to the forum...Been flying for kites off and on for years, sometimes more poorly than others, but almost without exception, had fun each time I've been out... I've also been heavily involved with sport parachuting, with 500 + successful ( ha! ) jumps... I'm a professional pilot. I currently fly airplanes, but once upon a time, I flew helicopters for 10+ years... So, I'm no stranger to estimating the effects and velocity of wind, but more often than not, it's guess work...I have an iPhone with wonderful weather app's, and those are great when you're considering the wind at a reporting station... But how about when you're on a beach, or a soccer (sorry, football!) field... What do you use? I'm considering the purchase of a hand held digital anemometer... Yay or nay? and if Yay, throw me some suggestions?
  5. Evilgrimace

    Rev 1.5 questions

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Jim, very new to the forum and though not a quad newbie, I wonder at times!...I've got a bag full of dusty kites! I've flown so infrequently that my skills are thin! Though I've knocked (or crashed!) the dust off of most of them now in the last month! This forum and the REV forum are super resources...had nothing like this (no kidding) when I bought my first air machine in 94. I have 3 Rev's...two identical 1.5's (bought for stacking) from 95, and a Rev II from about the same time...when I say I wonder about being a newbie...I've flown my Rev's set up incorrectly for 17 years! I just learned about 3 weeks ago that the vertical spars are to be installed on the back side of the sail...hmmm, ok, though I can't hover in all the clock positions, I can hover in most and reading about spar installation it was said that these babies are more stable with them installed correctly...so I'm stoked to see if I really have any skill! Ok, enough blah blah blah... My first question for the collective is regarding the usable wind range for a stock Rev 1.5...I realize that is a two part question when you have to consider line weight...so, lemme rephrase...hypothetically, I've got 300# line, what's the Rev's wind limit? I'd imagine that's spare strength based...on a more advanced line of thinking, frame replacement/augmentation...thoughts and suggestions are invited...I like to stack my 1.5's and wonder if I'm close to over stressing the lead kite... on the softer side of things, I've got 50' 50# line, how light a breeze would you expect a 1.5 to fly reasonably? Thanks!