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Status Updates posted by SparkieRob

  1. I've moved into the "deliberate trick" stage. Now to practice, practice, practice.

    1. Dave362


      Sweet! I'm there too, man. Practicin' hard!

  2. Putting the Revs down for a while and going to learn some dual line tricks. Now where's that Sky Shark supplier phone number...?

  3. Did a "720" in no wind, in reverse! Yeah, pretty happy with my modded SUL...

  4. The hot easterly breeze in the morning... the cool westerly in the arvo. Yep, summer is coming.

    1. bbailey49


      I hope those are good flying winds, Rob!

  5. Going to miss the winter storms, 50km/h+ winds are worth getting wet for!!

  6. "It only looks inverted cause I'm in Australia"

  7. Looking forward tomy Revopolo VTD to arrive for some howling summer wind flying

  8. Just chopping up some Rev 13" std handles and "creating" some 11" pro no snags.

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