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  1. Hi -

    I'm likely to be visiting Kauai'i in the near future, and was wondering if you knew of any great kite spots on the island.  I'm familiar with Chinaman's Hat and my favorite place is Sandy on your island, but hoping you might have some suggestions, especially near Lihue?



  2. Hello Nick, Welcome to the Dark Side!!! Quad-lines are really fun and different. Are you looking for a kite alone or a RTF (Ready to Fly) package that includes lines and handles? If you search "Revolution Kite" on ebay right now you will come up with an ad for an original Rev 1 with lines and handles that is for sale at what I think is a reasonable price. (Not my listing. I would buy it right now if I had the money) Not going to cross-link to another kite website, but if you search "kitebookie" you will find my add for a Rev 1.5 Full Vent Custom Icarex sail with 4-wrap frame for sale. Oth
  3. Never tried the Supersonic, but I love the Shockwave! It pulls like a beast. It doesn't fly like a 1.5 but with a little leader adjustment, some courage, and some time on the lines you can fly it like a 1.5 or you can zip through the sky like a formula 1 race car!
  4. Justin Meyer


    This kite looks like a Rev-type kite but it has a different support structure on the back and some interesting venting. What is the story on this kite?
  5. Aloha Marshall, I have both a 1.5 SLE and A Shockwave. If you want speed and power, buy a shockwave. It is fast as lightening and it pulls like a beast. I would recommend getting carbon re-inforced handles and 150 lb lines, but you can fly one on 90 lb lines if you adjust your leaders right. The shockwave is quite different to control than a standard 1.5. It slides around alot and is a bit harder to achieve precision control than a 1.5. But if it is speed and power that you want with the control of a Rev, get one!!! It will do a "dive stop" faster than you can blink! I love my shockwav
  6. Aloha Marshall, You seem to have already self-evaluated your strengths and weaknesses and gotten started on a flight plan!!! Rev flying doesn't require any tricks. Most of Rev flying is not "tricks" but rather mastering the physics of the kite and adapting it to different wind conditions. Start with what comes easiest to you! Watch all of the videos here and use the information as it works for you! Kitelife has put together an amazing set of tutorials that will get you flying in any conditions. Check out the "Grid Skills and Basic Hover" videos. Pay particular interest to the "Tuning and L
  7. P.S. Hasek: I don't have a B-2 but I want one! I can imagine many places to fly it that the 1.5 standard is too big for... I have a shockwave and I love it! The Shockwave flys completely differently than a standard 1.5 but the tuning theory is similar. The Shockwave is a BEAST and minor tuning adjustments seem to have a greater affect on it than the 1.5. I found that marking the position of the original knots on the leading-edge bungees with a sharpie helped to keep me from over-tuning it. Instead of adding new knots I loosened the factory knots and slid them down a few milimeters to tigh
  8. Glad it worked for you Hasek. Like I said, It was all information gleaned from this website thanks to JB and other friendly kite pilots! You should be able to find any info you need here or at the Revolution Forums. Happy Flying! If you ever get out to Hawaii, hit me up for a fly! Justin
  9. I was reluctant to do any adjustments on the bungees because of the risk of stretching the sail, but tiny adjustments seemed to work wonders. I kept the knots as close to the factory knots as possible....
  10. Hello Hasek, I have had the same problems with sail tension. This is what I did: Tighten the bungees on the end of the leading edge by adding one extra knot right up against the original knot on the right and left side of the kite. This will stop your end-caps from popping off if you hit the ground. If they still pop off, add another knot. It's best to alternate knots at each end of the bungee. Whatever adjustments you make, the key is symmetry. If too much of the spars are hanging out on the lower wingtips, add a knot on the outside of the bungee on each lower wingtip, again as close to
  11. Hi JustMe, I usually fly at Sandy Beach Park. Many people fly kites there on Sundays, but the rest of the week the field is clear. Tradewinds are strong at Sandy's so I too am looking to buy a vented kite. I also like to fly in Kapiolani Park in the early evening as the sun is setting. The winds there are obstructed and much slower than Sandy's but I can usually get in a good session before sunset after the sports teams clear the field at 5pm.
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