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  1. Finally, a strong enough reason for me to buy Magic Sticks ☺ I want to see more please!
  2. Entry price for the 666 raffle: your mortal soul! Muuuuwaahahaha
  3. Did you get some flying time in? Tough to fly in Tahoe, I hear.
  4. Carolyn please check your email my stake isn't being shipped to the correct address my fault.
  5. Sorry Captainbob but I didn't say it was the only way... I don't care what's being read into it, I didn't say it. You've got the basics down, and no, they aren't rocket science, but I was referring to the tricks in the video... most of them aren't novice material. Must86 flies well, but he says he frequently flies with lab-grade winds, and I promise the Widow NG video was flown in great conditions, not like the ones you are describing in Atlanta. Let me offer up the flip side to your argument of not telling newbies to seek out live help- how many folks bought stunt kites and didn't find help, and gave up on it because they couldn't do what they saw in the videos, training or otherwise? Maybe they didn't know how much easier it was to learn with a teacher, or that teachers are even available, or that most competent flyers are willing to show off some things and that it's ok to ask? It makes sense to tell newbies how difficult the tricks shown in the video are, and that they can expect it to be difficult to learn that kind of flying without serious help. By the way, you paid to subscribe here to watch the training vids Captainbob, so looks like you believing in paying for a teacher, so why wouldn't you recommend that to a newbie? I'm not interested in having my advice picked apart anymore. I made a logical, experienced suggestion, that was good natured and had good intentions. I guess it's because of my writing style... Anyways, I sincerely hope to see you flying, someday, like we see in that video of the widow flying Captainbob. My final .02 here.
  6. Um, you'd know if the other flyer was clueless just by watching, then you wouldn't bother? Learning the Rev through video is one thing.... Learning line management on a dualie is another... No offense guys, it was just a suggestion, I just can't imagine spending a whole year practicing one trick before I nail it. But to each their own, good luck Captainbob, I'm a big fan of Must86's flying so I'm hopeful for you.
  7. I hear ya, brother. I really do. There are maybe 8 kite flyers here, and the others all do SLKs or dualies. And they all live a 45 minute drive away. I AM the only Rev pilot (I can find) in Vegas.
  8. My guess is 2-3 years with 5+ hours per week practice...I'm gonna add to that... you'll probably never learn to fly like that without someone assisting you LIVE. In person. I watched all the dualie trick DVDs back in the day. After a solid year I was still struggling big time. I finally learned where the local flyers go, and John Chilese taught me more in 30 minutes than watching 3 hours of combined DVD material over 100 times ever did. But he got to me too late; by then the Dark Side had consumed me
  9. Hi there KiteOCD, If you really want to learn this thing, take the time to untangle the mess yourself it builds character I'm not joking. Then follow the advice above. I prefer figure 8 wind myself, but they both work. Just don't try and convince me the straight wind is faster.
  10. Wayne's right. At KP last year, Shanti Speed flew team along side LPG no problems... I love the Speed line, I find it *slightly slicker, I think it's the lack of a modulus coating, however.... it gets considerably dirtier and begins to fray faster than LPG, IMO. LPG is the perfect combination of (bulk) price, slickness, stretch/creep resistance and dirt resistance, and team flying acceptance, oh and price. I've never flown the SkyBond, I look forward to trying it someday. Till then, got 2 spools of bulk LPG to go through.
  11. Thanks David Hampton, that is exactly what I was thinking, my dual line foil looks much more fluid pulling tails than my Revs.
  12. Hmmmm. The Shockwave has been gathering dust since I got the B2 std. Maybe I'll dedicate the Shockwave to being my Rev tail-er.
  13. Already flying tails on my Rev, started at Kite Party! Connecting them to the bungies on the bottom side of the verticals, or through the caps. Also hooking tails to the center loop bridle connection point, on the back side of the sail... Nice thing about tails on the Rev, is all tricks are still available. The tail wraps up in the bridle during an axel, but usually un-wraps nicely with some counter spins. Do you think the Rev can tow around big sky-writer tails? Long tubes? I mean the really crazy stuff? 4 years flying kites, and I only ever put tails on my Snapshot, until recently.
  14. Hi all, Lots of talk about tails recently... I'm thinking about buying a kite just to pull crazy tails through the sky! Can you recommend a good setup for me? What would work best: A dual line foil? Dual line delta? Quad foil? Rev? The only kicker- please don't recommend me an SLK, I want a dual or quad line. Thanks for any suggestions!
  15. People don't like watching the Rev fly?? Sounds like a pilot problem to me better get out there and practice till there's no way they dream of ignoring you! Oh, and if tails attract attention, and you like to fly the Rev, why aren't you putting tails on your Rev? Hook 'em up! I like attaching a tail to each vertical, or if you only have one tail, attach to the center loop bridle attachment point on the backside of the sail. In all honesty, people are quite intimidated by the trick kites, at least MOST of the folks I've talked to. They don't understand our flight has INTENTION, and we are usually in full control.
  16. The specs listed are just for the green Race frame that's included standard.. I had the chance to fly the NYM at Kite Party, the standard, 20%, and 70%(?) models. I found they drop power through a bicycle turn a bit more than the B-Series, especially when at the top end of its ranges. This makes it less twitchy through bicycle-style turns under heavy load. IMO. Not better than the B, just different. I still feel the specs are inline with the B-Series when similarly equipped I had a tough time deciding between a 3 pack of NYMs and some new B-Pros. I really dig the LE and pattern on the NYMs! Pros won out in the end because I want full custom this time
  17. Btw, Revolution now has New York Minute specs up on their website: http://www.revkites.com/kite-product/new-york-minute
  18. Bummed to see JB won't be through Vegas :/ can't say that I blame him..... Safe travels JB and TK.
  19. JB recommended the Akubra as well, a couple years ago
  20. Out here in the desert, the only Tilleys that will do are the LTM8, or the TM10- the entire crown is mesh!
  21. Hey Kelly, The mesh under the leading edge helps greatly with reverse flight. The mesh is present on MOST Revs, definitely on all the B-Pro kites. It is a weak point, IMO it is the weakest part of the kite, providing the sail has wear strips for the vertical rods. -Dave
  22. Rev flyers tend to call the difference between the top and bottom lines "differential". It does make sense to compare the two, however, I hesitate to use the number as a baseline for comparison to other pilots' setups. Reason being is so many factors adjust this number, including line stretch, and how you hold your handles.
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