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  1. Thanks Bbailey - doesnt change the sentiment! I actually had forgotten my forum name and was looking it up for the 81! Good winds! 8)
  2. While of course I would be happy for any of our kite brethren to win this fab kite....I will plug 955 one more time and hold my breath!
  3. Really RNG, I haven't forgotten you - I've been dreaming about this kite! (But I would gladly let any "old timers" fly it if I do win! )
  4. Clutch

    REV 1.5

    Hey OkinawaFLyer looking good! My sister works at MCCS Foster Library! Is this close by?
  5. Truly inspiring! Really nice touches with the landings and groundwork too! Must work on my hovers....
  6. Congratulation Jeryl. Enjoy the new kite for all the rest of us "losers"
  7. Go 955---- Cmon RNG I really need this...don't have a working kite right now!
  8. Thanks agin everybody - I'll report back when I've got her fixed!
  9. Thank you very much Jeepster and Pete, I appreciate the advice and will take it and any more anyone wants to dish out! I will try anything to get the old gal flying again, including custom making the leading edge spar if I have to! You guys are awesome for sharing the knowledge you have!
  10. Hey Baloo! Thanks for the interest! I am in the Tri Cities on the Eastern side of Washington so no kite stores at all! I tried the local hobby store, but they don't have anything that would work...(they did suggest a glue and tape workaround and I am trying that now) i was thinking of getting carbon rods and some ferrule and making my own - the real prob is the measuring - like the Kite shoppe has all kinds of rods, but tapered,inner vs outer diameters and will it fit in the center fitting on the kite - I am having a hard time telling without an actual rod to see if it fits! I have sent inq
  11. Hey guys! I managed to stay out in wind a little stronger than I should have for my old Spirit Quad line kite. It was a sad thing to see her fold up in the sky and flutter to the ground like that, and I am determined that she will fly again! But....I need help - I can't find a supply for them (the spars or rods) already made, so I am going to have to make it myself and I am unsure as to the best way to proceed. The spar (or rod) was a 3 piece with a total length of 79" (200.66 cm) and the dia is 5/16' (.312" or .79375cm). This might be part of my prob - I am not even sure I am measuring t
  12. Dreaming then...so much fun so little time! #955
  13. Thank you both for that! Now I am ready to win!
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