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  1. Clutch

    B-Series Mid-Vent Package (8/25/13)

    Thanks Bbailey - doesnt change the sentiment! I actually had forgotten my forum name and was looking it up for the 81! Good winds! 8)
  2. Clutch

    B-Series Mid-Vent Package (8/25/13)

    Want me a mid vent....come to Poppa!
  3. Clutch

    B-Series Mid-Vent Package (7/18/12)

    While of course I would be happy for any of our kite brethren to win this fab kite....I will plug 955 one more time and hold my breath!
  4. Clutch

    B-Series Mid-Vent Package (7/18/12)

    Really RNG, I haven't forgotten you - I've been dreaming about this kite! (But I would gladly let any "old timers" fly it if I do win! )
  5. Clutch

    STACKED JB 1.5

    Oh Yeah!
  6. Clutch

    REV 1.5

    Hey OkinawaFLyer looking good! My sister works at MCCS Foster Library! Is this close by?
  7. Clutch

    Video: iQuad (Bohemian Rhapsody)

    Truly inspiring! Really nice touches with the landings and groundwork too! Must work on my hovers....
  8. Clutch

    B-Series ZEN (6/25/12)

    Congratulation Jeryl. Enjoy the new kite for all the rest of us "losers"
  9. Clutch

    B-Series Mid-Vent Package (7/18/12)

    Go 955---- Cmon RNG I really need this...don't have a working kite right now!
  10. Clutch

    Hey Quad Heads! Looking for help please!

    Thanks agin everybody - I'll report back when I've got her fixed!
  11. Clutch

    Hey Quad Heads! Looking for help please!

    Thank you very much Jeepster and Pete, I appreciate the advice and will take it and any more anyone wants to dish out! I will try anything to get the old gal flying again, including custom making the leading edge spar if I have to! You guys are awesome for sharing the knowledge you have!
  12. Clutch

    Hey Quad Heads! Looking for help please!

    Hey Baloo! Thanks for the interest! I am in the Tri Cities on the Eastern side of Washington so no kite stores at all! I tried the local hobby store, but they don't have anything that would work...(they did suggest a glue and tape workaround and I am trying that now) i was thinking of getting carbon rods and some ferrule and making my own - the real prob is the measuring - like the Kite shoppe has all kinds of rods, but tapered,inner vs outer diameters and will it fit in the center fitting on the kite - I am having a hard time telling without an actual rod to see if it fits! I have sent inquiries to The Kite Shoppe and to New Tech Kites who manufactured the original Steve Laporte designed kite - hopefully I will hear from them soon!
  13. Hey guys! I managed to stay out in wind a little stronger than I should have for my old Spirit Quad line kite. It was a sad thing to see her fold up in the sky and flutter to the ground like that, and I am determined that she will fly again! But....I need help - I can't find a supply for them (the spars or rods) already made, so I am going to have to make it myself and I am unsure as to the best way to proceed. The spar (or rod) was a 3 piece with a total length of 79" (200.66 cm) and the dia is 5/16' (.312" or .79375cm). This might be part of my prob - I am not even sure I am measuring this properly, having never done this before. Listen - ANY advice at all from you guys would be greatly appreciated and humbly would be helping a great kite get back into the sky Thanks in advance, Ed I have attached a pic of her in flight for inspiration!
  14. Clutch

    THREE (yes, x3) Ghost Pyros (7/4/12)

    Dreaming much fun so little time! #955
  15. Clutch

    B-Series Mid-Vent Package (7/18/12)

    Thank you both for that! Now I am ready to win!