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  1. Hi Sky Fish, I would love to do it there, but I am competing and probaly very busy runing around. But if I have time we chat. Hopfuly you can make it the next weekend at Seaside that would be much better for the work shope... Thanks for asking. Good day.
  2. Hello everyone, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who is interest in Kite work shop ? Tricks, Precision, ballet and more... If you are like to learn just about anything then please sign up asap so I know how many people. I would love to have about 10 people sign up. Thanks. The date will be June 8th and 9th at Seaside Beach please let me know so Theresa and I will talk to you more about it. Good day !
  3. Thank you everyone, John and I had a great time with all the other pilots, we train hard everyday and it turn out very nicely done. Everyone had a awesome time together. Beautiful weather, wind from light to medium very nice smooth wind. We hang out fly kite, eat drink and a lot of chating . I am sure Jogn have a lot to tell you all soon. Good day.
  4. Thanks Penny, great pictures :-) Hope to see you again soon and fly kite ok? hahaha. Take care
  5. Please let me know when I might join you for the clinic. Who is runing it? Thanks. If you like, you, Steve and I can go to France and learn all the tricks from the best Haha. I think I am go back to France next year and hang out with Mathieu, Richard and other coolest pilot in France. and then go over to England then Germany and Italy. Wow so much to do so little time. Talk to you soon
  6. Cara, if you want to do that trick, get the Transfer, the best kite for the trick, i saw Mathieu Mayet and other French pilot did it Dieppe kite festival. It was very nice to hang out with those guy :-) awesome pilot and cool. Good luck ;-)
  7. Ok Ok princess of the West, soon I will very close and we can do a lot kite flying with you Steve will be at the festival on Sunday fly kite with me. No problem Cara, I will see you next time then. take care. Have a good day:-)
  8. Cara, I hope you can make it down for the Lincoln City kite festival, I have new cool trick to show you, hahaha. See you there and Steve too. Good day princess of the West :-)
  9. Tristan, great job, keep it going ok, I will see you soon, next month. ;-) Have a great day my young Master hahaha;-) Take care.
  10. Wow that is a lot of fun, I wish I was there with you guys:-) Great job everyone :-) Good day
  11. That is very nice John, all those guy are very cool and great pilot Hope to see them in Sept " France" Thanks a lot for the video
  12. Awesome video, Thanks a lot Alan, you are the best :-) Take care my friend
  13. Here is the video to show you most of the tricks from top to botom, combination in the center window that you can do with. Enjoy Thanks for watching. More video to come, stay intouch. http://rapidshare.de/files/19657564/lam_SD...l_4web.MPG.html Good day
  14. Thanks Baby , you are very funny, now I know you very well, oh don't fall to sleep ok haha Take care
  15. Hi everyone, Yesterday John just show me how to get in here, now I am start to walk around and I might easly get lost in here, so please show me around ok. Thanks everyone. Have a great day
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