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  1. Quads and Duals together... it can be done Cheers Mario
  2. Hey Dan we'll let you try a rev at Varnier this weekend and get you hooked for sure!! Cheers and I'll see you soon! Mario
  3. Here is the Windscape Kite Festival Saturday, June 20 and Sunday, June 21, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Marston Street and 11th Avenue SW in Swift Current, Saskatchewan http://www.windscapekitefestival.ca/ Team Island Quad will be there Cheers Mario
  4. Way to go Walt !!!!! You'll need special kite pegs for them... I could be one Cheesr Mario
  5. I'd say Ford vs Ferrari, a much bigger quality and performance difference Cheers Mario
  6. and 150#s, love them too!!! cheers mario
  7. Hola Gustavo, la musica es de UCHPA por casualidad? Saludos Mario
  8. Realmente muy bueno Gustavo!! Te felicito. Muchos saludos Mario
  9. Excellent videos Gustavo!!!, thanks for sharing!! Un gran saludo Mario
  10. Can I have mine John too so I can get my lotto ticket with it Cheers Mario Oops I see it now!!!
  11. We have a new website now thanks to James Visit the West Kite Flying Group Website Cheers Mario
  12. Got it now. Would it be possible to have a sample ballet routine to see how it works? Cheers and many thanks Mario
  13. I can't get the program working on Windows XP. I choose the English mode and the program menu is totally inactive. Cheers Mario
  14. Hey Watty, WOW your performance was really amazing I better get some practice before WISKF I'd love to learn some of your moves!!! Cheers Mario
  15. Congrats!! John it was a great Clinic! I sent you an email with my comments. Cheers and many tnanks Mario
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