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  1. Back in Oct. at the Enid convention, I won a stack of 24ish Skyfox. They vary in condition, but I was able to get 12 strung together. Now I need to figure out how to connect it to lines. This is my first stack so I'm very new to this.
    Can I get some help with control bar parameters? And maybe a pic of the bar? I don't think there is a control bar in the bag but I'll look this evening.
    And, in a 10-15mph wind how strong a pull can I expect? They are small about 24" wing span.

    Thanks any help/advice would be appreciated.

    I posted this at the end of a thread on the GWTW site,


    and wondered what you guys had to add?

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  2. @ Dust- It flies like a tank and has some pull to it as well. I've had it for a couple of months but was unable to fly it until recently.

    @ Must86- While it was INDEED too hot to fly most of the time, I was able to get some time in on my other kites...BUSTED rods on 2 of my 3 trick kites. But I have a couple of tricks in my bag now. I guess I'm just waiting to fill a "big" order at Goodwinds.com

  3. http://www.greatfall...lark-expedition

    This link is the story with pics.

    Kites tell stories of Lewis and Clark expedition

    4:04 AM, May. 30, 2012


    The opening dedication of the "Visions of Lewis and Clark" kite exhibit will begin at 2 p.m. in the front lobby of the Great Falls International Airport.

    The kites rose on gossamer strings, slowly ascending to fill the airy expanse above the airport's concourse. Standing on the floor below, Terry Zee Lee carefully judged the height and position of every one, making sure each kite was afforded the space and lighting it deserved.

    "Even though I did a site plan before, it never works out to be the same until you get to the site and start hanging them," she said. "But this is going very quickly and very smoothly."

    Zee Lee is founding director of SkyWindWorld, a Billings-based nonprofit that promotes the beauty and artistry of kites through public exhibits and community workshops across the Northwest.

    Today, during an opening ceremony that begins at 2 p.m., Great Falls International Airport and the City of Great Falls will celebrate the arrival of "Visions of Lewis and Clark," an exhibit of 27 kites that will grace the airport's concourse and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center for the next three months.

    Far more than larger versions of the simple kites stocked on variety store shelves in spring, each of these kites uses fabric and color to tell a story drawn from the journals of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. To create the kites, some of the most talented kite makers from across the U.S. and Canada were given a short passage from the journals and asked to interpret it using the curves and colors of an aerodynamically engineered, working kite.

    "Visions of Lewis and Clark" was first conceived for display at Billings Logan International Airport in celebration of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial. The collection has since drawn interest from institutions from Oregon to Kentucky. Zee Lee said Great Falls is the fourth community to display the kites, with four more shows already scheduled and five or six more communities negotiating for their opportunity to show the kites.

    "With the amount of interest we're getting, we are going to be along the whole Lewis and Clark trail before too long," Zee Lee said.

    At today's opening ceremony, Lee will give a short presentation on some of the kites' subtleties.

    "I'll be talking a little bit about the history of kites, and then more specifically about how this display came about, plus my own thoughts about Lewis and Clark and the importance of the expedition," she said. "I will also be talking about the education component of this."

    Not only can kites be viewed as beautiful works of art, they can also be used as an education tool. SkyWindWorld introduces children to the art of kite making through regularly schedules visits from knowledgeable kite makers at schools, community workshops, children's museums and summer camps.

    "Our program teaches math, science, history, aerodynamics, engineering, art, plus patience and persistence," said Zee Lee. "That is the underlying purpose of all of this."

    The Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center will host a kite-building program for children on Aug. 11. Admission will be free for Interpretive Center members, and $5 per child for nonmembers.

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  4. http://www.upi.com/T...78931337626219/

    U.S. News

    Army tests blimp-kite hybrid 'Helikites'


    A "Helikite" combines the properties of a blimp and a kite. (Image Worldview999 via Wikipedia)

    Published: May 21, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    FORT BENNING, Ga., May 21 (UPI) -- For military bases too small to keep blimp-like aerostats, the U.S. Army is testing "Helikites," a half-kite, half-blimp aircraft for low-level surveillance.

    An aircraft that combines the properties of a blimp and a kite, and carries communications and surveillance equipment, is among the pilotless flying equipment currently being tested at the Army base at Fort Benning, Ga., Stars and Stripes reported Monday.

    Since many of the American military bases in Afghanistan are not large enough to accommodate and maintain the large aerostats that hover over battlefields and enemy lines, sending back photos and other information, "We are looking at small, more tactical aerostats that can be used at those small bases, " said Maj. Peter Moore, product director at the Fort Benning-based Rapid Equipping Force.

    The Helikite is among the small aerostats being tested to learn how long launch and recovery operations take, how they perform in windy conditions and how long training programs for operating personnel will take, the newspaper said.

    Helikites range in size from a model 6 feet long capable of lifting cameras and communications equipment, to an aircraft 24 feet long that can lift as much as 30,000 pounds of equipment, said Sandy Allsopp, owner of the British firm Allsopp Helikites, which makes the aircraft for the U.S. Air Force and Navy, and the British Army.

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/T.../#ixzz1vc1OGOdG

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  5. I am working on the stalls. But I think I need to start playing with the weights a little. I can get a stall to sweep just a bit and I can stall it from the top of the power window all the way to a landing. But I have to time it right as the kite rocks its way down. BTW the kite is a NTech French Kiss (great bargain). As far as "getting into" tricks, the turtle and lazy susan just came natural. At this point it's hard for me to watch a training vid at home and work on it in the field. But after last nights flight, I came back home and watched some vids to try and learn what I was doing. Some of the other tricks made a little more since because of what I saw happening during my flight. Practice Practice Practice...I'll get there.


    First Class? Coach?...na...I fly kites!

  6. I was bored this morning and decided to try and fabricate my own banner pole.



    It's an old tent pole zip tied at the bottom for more support. And the stake is an aluminum tube. On the stake, using a grinder, I formed a sharp edge at the bottom to make it easier to stick in the ground. At some point I may wrap the whole thing in tape or something to make it look a little better. But it works.


    First Class? Coach?...na...I fly kites.

  7. I had some very nice winds this evening so I decided to go fly for a bit. Being new to trick flying, I have little experience in the names of the tricks. I'm able to stall it in the middle of the power window and land it safely. I'm able to sweep within inches of the ground across the window. And the spins, figure eights, etc.

    But today I was bored with that. So I flew it up essentially vertical, slacked the lines so the nose few away from me, and let it float into a (fade?) While on its back flying away from me I tugged on the right line and it spins on its back. After the nose rotates clockwise once, I even the tension and continue "normal" flight. I was able to do this with some consistency. My question is what is the name of this trick? Is it a trick...well it is to me.

    I will try to get my wife to shoot some video of it and will post later.


    Laughing while flying?...yeah I just get use to swallowing bugs.

  8. A: According to the National Climatic Data Center's list of annual average wind speeds, the windiest U.S. city is Dodge City, Kansas, with an average speed of 13.9 mph. Other windy cities include Amarillo, Texas (13.5 mph) and Rochester, Minn. (13.1 mph.). The windiest "big" cities are New York City (LaGuardia Airport) and Oklahoma City, which both have an average annual wind speed of 12.2 mph.

    The "windy city" of Chicago isn't as high on the list as you might think. It's average annual wind speed is 10.3 mph.

    So next time you're cruising across I-40 stop in (Amarillo) and fly for a bit. Lucky me:)

    Source: USA Today ((Answered by Doyle Rice, USATODAY.com weather editor., June 23, 2005)

  9. Other than local hobby shops, with a limited supply at best, the only shop I've purchased from is Wind Power Sports. Mainly because of a clearance sale on a New Tech French Kiss. The only glitch we had was after ordering I did not receive a tracking number.

    I rarely order things through the Internet so after a day and a half I called him. Corey Jensen answered the phone. He explained he had just returned a fest and was swamped with orders. He asked "are you new to the sport"? I answered yes and no. I flew a dual line Skynasaur back in the late '80's but had gotten out of it. His response was "well do you have a minute"? I said "yes" and it's lucky I have unlimited long distance :). We talked for about 20 min. on kites and life. The conversation ended with his statement I'll ship it out this afternoon. The tracking number would come once it was in the UPS sys. With a smile of anticipation I hung up and continued with my workweek. So ordered online on a Monday and talked to him on a Tuesday. Friday rolls around and I had yet to receive a number. I had also ordered some skybond for a kite I purchased from Troy Gunn but did not want to fly until I had the line. I really didn't want to bug Corey by calling again. Especially after being the penny pincher purchaser. (a clearance kite and free shipping) Anyhoo...I had to know...ring...ring...ring...Wind Power Sports, this is Corey. Me: yes, I was just calling to check the status of an order. What I thought was funny is he didn't ask for an order number. He asked what did you order from me? I told him and he looked up the status. "Well" he said "it looks like it's on the truc...nope it says delivered". "Yes, well I better take off work early and get my butt home then". He laughed and asked if I had any questions. I don't remember my first question but his reply was "do you have a minute"? Again thank goodness for unlimited LD. He is a hoot. For 30 min. we talked about line types, sleeving, wind properties, single/dual/quad lines and life in general.

    The 2 local hobby stores have little kite knowledge and thus not very helpful. Sold it to me and said have fun. I flew kites years ago so I didn't need much help. But I could see where a first timer could get discouraged without a little training, verbal or otherwise. I've taken a couple of friends out to fly and some pick it up naturally and some need coaching.

    I had a very acceptable kite purchasing experience with WPS. Provided you have time to talk:).

    BTW the wind was about 10mph yesterday. WOW these are the first full size stunt kites I've owned...what a difference.

  10. One down...hundreds to go. A coworker of mine was tired of me obsessing over kites. Friday at lunch he said "ok let's go buy a kite. The only kites available in this town are at two hobby shops. And the pick'ns are slim. He purchased a New Tech Hunter. A decent beginner kite if you ask me. He flew his hunter while I flew a French Connection. After a short hour he said "I think I already have my monies worth."

    Yea! Creating new fliers one muggle at a time.

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