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  1. Was asked if I was a professional flyer. Gues I've made it to the intermediate level?

  2. Getting ready to head out for the 8th Annual Perrin, Tx Kite Festival.

  3. Had a really good time in Enid. Got to meet a bunch of new friends...still grinning.

  4. Just stopped in to say hey...HEY.

  5. Finally, my control room is finished!

  6. Drool...drool...drool

  7. Serious help needed: is there a support group or something for people who can't stop buying kites? Fixing to get another one. A prism flashback off of Craig'slist for $41 shipping included. Flown only once(so they say) and the pics look very good. SOMBODY STOP ME PLEASE.

  8. Somebody please upload some pics so my ugly mug can fade from the main page. :)

  9. Hurry up Mr. Postman...please?

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