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  1. hey, Just received a good news from Corey. This guy has won my support for buying kites !!! And thank you also john !!! Nicolas
  2. Hope that's you are right John (Where did you get this information ?) I have just received a refund for a non avalaible parts from windpowersports. But I'm still waiting for some news from corey. Nicolas
  3. Well, I still not have any news from windpowersports 2 emails today and no answers. I think that I will be on vacation without my rev kite I Hope I'm wrong and I will receive my kite soon (10 days before leaving). Please corey, do not forget me. Nicolas
  4. ok, thank you. Si now, Ihave have just to wait some news from him Nicolas
  5. Hello, I have just one question on WindPowerSports shop... Is it reputable ? I ordered my rev 1.5SLE from them 3 days ago. Corey from WPS told me he had the color on stock and will sent it to me ASAP. But now, I have just received this email from him. Do you think this is OK ? Thanks for your "help". Nicolas
  6. thanks for the link john. But 15.SLE does not seem to be available at the moment and I am not at spanish May be, there are another shops in europe... I have to look at that. Nicolas
  7. The problem is once I click on revolution kites, it take me back to the home page :confused!: I'm looking on windpowersports with UPS ...
  8. hello all !! So today, I was in a local kite shop (bilboquet in paris). And I saw the Rev 1.5SLE. And I'm decided to get it (thanks Penny Lingenfelter). The main problem now is where to get it... The local shop would like to sell it to me for 250$ without handles, lines or video... Handles are sold 60$ !!!! In the us, best price for the 1.5SLE is around 190$ with handles. Hope that with shipping cost and duties tax, it will be under the price in france... Nicolas
  9. Hello, Again, thanks again for all your answers. I'm still embarassed because I still don't know which rev to choose. 1.5 or Blast, that is the question. The problem I may not have mentionned is that I have not a lot of money... So I can buy one rev, and this for a long time. Like I have said before, I want a kite which can do tricks, but which can also have a good "pull power". That's why the blast was for me the best one. I know also that it may be difficult to learn on the blast... but I'm a good student and I will do my best. Thank you again for all your attention. Nicolas POWER !!!!
  10. hello, Thanks again for all your comments. You make me decide for the Rev 1.5SLE !!! So now, I'm searching for the 1.5M SLE. All shops don't seem to have it in stock. Is it a new kite from revolution ? Could you help me with that again ? Bye, Nicolas
  11. Hello, First of all, thanks for your answers. I'm also considering the ShockWave. And you are right, this will be my first quad line. I would like to get a kite which has a good "pull power", because I like that, as the same level of doing tricks. That's why I was considering the blast. On the rev web site, it is said that the blast could fly in low winds, as well that in high winds. So, now, I'm hesitating between the blast (again) and the shockwave. Sorry for my newbie question Nicolas
  12. Hello Everybody, This is my first post on this forum. I live near Paris in France. I'm not new to the world of kites. But I would like to go on a new revolution kites (quad lines). My choice is on : - the rev 1.5 SLE - the rev Blast. I'm quite heavy (230lbs) so pull power is no matter for me... Could you give me the good and bad points of each of these kites ? I would like to have a good kite which can do all the tricks. Also, Could you give a website which can sell overseas ? Prices of rev kites in France are more than twice the prices in the US ? What do you think of : http://www.coastalk
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