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  1. rob103

    Up, Up and away!

    I am looking to get into kap soon and would like opinions, a go-pro the right choice for a camera? Is there a cheap alternative point and shoot that will perform adequately either timed or remote? Thanks...great pics by the way Bill
  2. rob103

    new kite feeling

    Yeah I'm in for a JB pro kymera. Ul!
  3. rob103

    E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    The worst part of the whole vaping scene is that the big tobacco companies are buying up companies like blu and volcano left and right. talk about hedging your bets!
  4. rob103

    What do do in high wind?

    And if any of y'all feel like flying a Thor's hammer in 20- 30 mph, I wanna watch!
  5. rob103

    Ancient Flexifoil questions

    I have a half dozen 4' hot- shots...only fly in hurricanes, I have 5 -8 footers, but three is all I have had the guts to stack. Kinda like trying to fly/stop a locomotive!
  6. rob103


    somebody on another forum identified it as a "stardancer" ...a 3/4 size pro dancer. pic 005 on the first link in Spence Watson's post has the same cs monogram. I have seen it also on another pro dancer. any body know who "cs" is, or if the stardancer was a prototype or was available to the public?? Bill
  7. I recently purchased 5 premier vision kites, and would like to fly them as a stack. my question is 4 lines or 5, and does 31 inches seem about right? they measure 63 inches wingtip to wingtip. thanks for your advice,
  8. rob103


    I thought that the brass ferrule on the spine and the beman spars would do it. Maybe its a one off custom. Definitely a quality build. Flys well too! I should have that five stack of four foot flexi's on friday... means I won't see wind any time soon!
  9. rob103


    Thanks Pete, knew how, wanted to make sure this was the proper category! This kite is one of a batch I bought that included a rev, 2 flexifoil stacker 8's, an Elliot LaLuna, a 9 foot spectra star, a premier something or other, an un flown 6 pack of trlby's and a handful of gomberg and premier single liners. The Kite measures approx 7 foot wingtip to wingtip and 35 inches high, beman carbon light 14 spars and icarex fabric. The only identifying mark anywhere on the kite is a tiny mark by the trailing end of the spine "CS" with the tail of the s underlining the c. Having turned out to be one of my favorite kites of the bunch, I'd appreciate somehelp id'ing it. thanks, any help would be appreciated
  10. rob103


    Hi all! would someone tell me where can I post a couple of pictures of this un-marked kiteI purchased on ebay as part of a lot from an estate sale, in hopes that someone can help me identify it?