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  1. Congrats on the win! I can't seem to approve your post for some reason, but I'm sure JB will soon.
  2. Congrats! And the wheel goes round...
  3. Rexracer, have you been tempted by the 1/2 darkside? The gray side I suppose ------------------------------------------------------------------- As of now there are five entrants. Pretty good odds and the RNG is getting near. I'm pretty stoked to have these great kites heading to a home where they'll be used! I'm always tempted by any controllable kite, even though I fly mostly Revs. I've been busy and really don't have anything to put up right now, so I think I'll have to pass on this one. If I can find the time to move forward with it, I'm trying to come up with a Go Pro mount for a Rev. I want to be able to see the kite and forward with the mount. I have a bunch of CF rods and lots of model airplane building supplies and hope to come up with a stable mount. Once I can do full speed dive stops and get good video of the ground rushing up, I'll be happy. If I manage to get it done, I'll be able to duplicate it. We'll see how things go this winter.
  4. Sweet! I'll have to give this one some thought...
  5. Oooh, so close! Congrats all! If I ever get down your way, Scott. I'll take you up on some time on that bad boy!
  6. John will get to it when he has a chance, and the RNG is waiting to spit out my number for him.
  7. That's the Karma working it's magic! It's not the winning, but the giving!
  8. Congrats Dragonfish! Don't forget to post pictures of that shiny new kite stake!
  9. Don't do it...............the vented B2's are like flying in "Buttah" !!! Sounds a little kinky to me. That may be illegal here... I have flown in a river, though.
  10. You really only need a B2 Standard, I've flown mine up to 25mph! It's a complete-laugh-a-minute animal! So I'll take this one, introduce it to its long lost brother and tell you how it goes.... I hear ya...so when I win I'll trade for a B2 std!
  11. 3 B 2's Nick. Really? I have no B 2's, no Pro's, no Mid Vent, no Indoor, no Zen, no B 1.5 full sail. I think this one should be mine just out of sheer pity! The 2 Revs I do have are stretched out and over used, and I still can't fly most days because neither will match my wind conditions. Help me oh great RNG, you're my only hope!
  12. Almost forgot. I love the holster! Due to wind conditions I always carry my stake since I often can't easily fly back to it. That makes it less likely that it would fall out of my belt...not to mention avoiding the scratches on my truck from having that metal spike sticking out at a 45 degree angle when I'm putting kites away
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