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  1. so yesterday I went to long beach and flew my highly expensive $30 kite and I was trying to do some of the more advanced tricks, I found it was difficult in the strong winds, do you guys usually do tricks in lighter winds and if you have the strong winds is there a way to still do them? I tried flying off to the side out of the window a bit and this was alright but found it a little hard to pull the kite back out of some moves, is this because of the kite being cheap and not capable of doing these advanced tricks or am I going about them all wrong? I read the last forum topic and have been thinking of picking up a hypnotist, though I hate to spend the money when for $60 more I could get a kymira, what do you guys think is there really a big diffrence between the two kites?
  2. long beach is only an hour away but just seems so far!

  3. awesome video spence, I really like the way you guys make them dance like that, I hope to be that good someday. I was wondering how well the kymera holds up to hard hits like when your learning? I have bought kites at the store since I was little and was never able to fly them I had a dozen plastic stunt kites that never left the ground lol, but this last weekend I was at the coast camping and went to see the wizard in cannon beach, I ended up buying an air vantage kite for $30 and took it to the sand and I had a blast flying it. the kite seemed to actually perform well for a cheap kite, but I have no comparison, I did crash quite a few times and it held up well in the sand so thats where I'm at as far as buying an expensive kimera and wasting it learning what might you recomend? also I see a few videos posted of flying at p.i.r. is that a good local spot for some good wind?
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