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  1. makatakam

    My first Quad and its a Rev

    Yup -- like Breezin said -- just fly. Time on the lines is key to developing your ability. You will make mistakes. We all did. How much risk you take depends on the depth of your pockets. If you have the funds to replace parts and kites and don't mind spending it then go for it. However, making mistakes and repeating them is not the type of muscle memory you want to build, so a bit of prudence will improve the rate at which you improve. Time spent making repairs or searching for THE PERFECT KITE (does not exist) won't teach you anything except that you should have flying.
  2. makatakam

    My first Quad and its a Rev

    Yes, those are the leaders you want. No, 50# line won't help at all until you have enough experience in low wind -- it may actually hinder your learning. The 50ft lines decrease the size of the window you fly in and things happen faster -- not helpful when learning. The 3 wrap frame is good to 20 mph wind, and more than that in a vented kite. Don't fly your full sail in 20 mph wind. You'll prematurely stretch the sail material, or worse yet, wreck the kite when you lose control. High and/or low wind flying can be difficult without enough experience. I'm not saying don't fly -- just saying know what to expect. Quad line foils are flown using pretty much the same inputs as a Rev, but with different intensity and timing. Not radically different, but different enough that you'll notice immediately. You won't be able to fly like the videos you've seen for a while, but you'll get closer to that point each time you fly, so get out there and fly as much as you can. Just remember why you fly. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
  3. makatakam

    Welcome ZOLTAN

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. makatakam

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    It is an addiction. Mild? The jury's still out on that one.
  5. makatakam

    My first Quad and its a Rev

    To get two LE's out of the sleeve you have to think of the sleeve as a Chinese finger trap. If you're not familiar with it then Google it and watch a video of what it does and how you get your fingers out. Start at the middle of the sleeve pushing the Dacron sleeve material towards its own middle and repeat while moving out towards the ends pushing small segments towards the middle. You may need someone to help you keep the fabric from slipping back to where it was. Or you can squeeze one end between your feet and push the fabric towards where you are holding it with your feet. How many knots do you have in your top leaders? How long are the top and bottom leaders? If you are using stock leaders that came with the handles you will need to modify them to take full advantage of your kite's performance capability and make it easier to learn and advance.
  6. makatakam

    Kaiju by Kite Forge (June 10th, 2018)

    Congratulations! Spank it well.
  7. makatakam

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. It's good to have you on board. I prefer LPG because it's stiffer; less chance of tangles and catching on debris. I also use Sky Bond on occasion because it is a bit more slippery than LPG so it will bind less when I spin the kite several times. Most dual line kites come standard with Dyneema lines. Dyneema's weave is not as dense as the other two and so its surface is not as smooth. Experienced flyers will fly either LPG or Sky Bond depending on preference and/or intent, especially when flying in pairs or groups. I either buy or make my own depending on availability and time frame. It's good to know how to make your own just in case you need to do it on the field. I've done it a couple of times and it saved the day. Most folks fly on what is commercially available but know how to turn a worn long set into two shorter ones. The bottom line is how deep you get into the hobby.
  8. makatakam

    My first Quad and its a Rev

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Stay with it. A few more times out and you'll have it doing anything you want. Well, almost. Fly for 15-20 minutes and take a break. You'll learn faster that way. Watch the tutorials until you're sick of them and then watch them again a few more times. The instruction JB gives in the beginner vids is GOSPEL. It is tried and proven. Don't deviate from it until you don't need them anymore. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
  9. makatakam

    Fly with munter hitch?

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. A munter hitch has one leg crossing another at 90 degrees. A munter hitch slips easily. Therefore the two legs create a lot of friction when the line slips. Not good. Heat will melt most synthetic fibers, and you don't want additional wear to your lines. I'm not a single line guru. I'm sure others will chime in with advice. It would better to not have the line cross itself. Twist will inhibit the performance of any line. It is acceptable to a degree, but it is exponentially detrimental. Twice as much twist is four times as bad. Browse the single line topics of the forum also. I've seen a lot of big kite line discussion there.
  10. makatakam

    Are the lines still good ?

    Depends how they were stored. Cool, dry, dark place is the way to store any kind of line. If it's going on 30 years they are not likely to be up to par. The only way to find out is to test them with either a spring scale or known weights hung over a roller. I wouldn't use them to fly a kite until after I had tested them.
  11. makatakam


    Hi, and welcome to the forum.
  12. makatakam

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Yeah! Yay!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Now, move away from those trees behind you and try it again. You'll be amazed at the difference. The wind you had there should have made that kite boogie. The trees also make the wind go in different directions at the spot where it reached your kite. A few more times out and it will make more sense and you'll begin choosing your spot to fly and the wind to fly in instinctively, and that will make it really fun. Smile and don't forget to breathe. P.S. -- You'll also get the hang of launching solo soon, but bring her with you anyway, and make sure she gets some time on the handles too. Who knows, you may actually be a great cameraman yourself.
  13. makatakam

    K'Tesh's Kite Log...

    English is not my first language either. Polish is. I speak, read and write both fluently. I have noticed, and this is probably true among all languages, that any language as defined by a dictionary is not nearly the same as the definition given it by common usage. What it means on the street is not the same as in the book. This is what makes the transition from most languages to English difficult. In most languages words, as defined, rarely have more than two or three meanings and are much easier to understand when used in context. The English language, on the other hand, gives several definitions to each of many words so that the meaning (intent) is not as easily understood, even in context. Even the English spoken in different regions/countries takes on completely different symantics depending on the location. For example, the same word can have different meanings in street use depending on whether used in England, Canada, the United States or Jamaica. In some parts of the world you'll know the words but understand nothing. Common usage is what makes the language. What is taught in schools is not. Finding a common language is what makes life interesting. Therefore, I have no idea of what to do or say, except "Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe".
  14. makatakam

    First look!

    Oh, yeahhhh. People are gonna like this and refitting other "quads". Have you considered a cross-limiter for the reverse legs of the bridle? Kind of like the cross-active bridle on a Gemini.