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  1. makatakam

    Karma - Widow NG (July 10, 2018)

  2. makatakam

    Lil Dreamer by Skydog Kites (Jul 10, 2018)

    Congratulations, Leslie.
  3. makatakam

    First Time Out With Rev

    Also, the first time out with your Rev, dinner and a movie is good. Just remember to leave it in the car or people will think you're weird.
  4. makatakam

    First Time Out With Rev

    Kite festivals generally draw quad flyers, so there is a good chance to run into some there and get some person to person instruction and someone who can check that all things are properly adjusted to make learning as easy as possible. That said, watch all the beginner videos available to you on this forum again and again until you are sick of watching, and then watch them all again several more times. Regard them as gospel. They are tried and proven and if followed closely will put you in control in a relatively short time. Remember that some folks just click with it but others don't, so you may not progress as quickly as you had expected. Assuming you have consumed the videos enough times to make you vomit, now comes the part where you go out to fly. Be very selective regarding the wind in which you will be learning. Gusty wind that changes direction a lot or dies and reappears, or is less than 5mph or more than 12mph will only serve to frustrate you. You can't learn anything when the wind won't let you, so don't waste time in garbage wind. Go pursue another of your interests and wait for the good wind. In good wind you should have some basic control over the kite in 5-10 hours of flying. In lousy wind you still won't have it after 40 hours. Patience is everything. Of course, at a festival you can draw on the experience of others in wind that isn't exactly great and still learn. Before you even attach lines to kite or handles make sure your lines are of equal length. Whichever line is shorter than the others will make the kite want to go in the direction of the part of the kite to which it is attached. You will wonder why the kite wants to turn without you telling it to. If all your lines are different lengths, you don't stand a chance of control. They should all be within 1/4" of each other in length. Remember to have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
  5. makatakam

    You might be a kite nut.

    You might be definitely are a kite nut if you're on this forum.
  6. makatakam

    Mesh Vs. No Mesh

    Mesh is intended for wind that is strong enough to collapse the frame on a standard sail. The mesh area(s) allow a percentage, large or small by design, of the wind to pass through the sail. This can greatly reduce the pressure of the wind pushing against the sail, usually to a safe or at least comfortable level. In other words the kite won't drag you down the field and slam you into a brick wall at the other end. It also dampens any other effects the wind has on the kite, such as gusts, change of direction, etc. It will take stronger wind to launch and fly it than it would a standard sail.
  7. makatakam

    Rev Exp w/ Reflex for Beginner?

    Go with the SUL for light wind and your area of the country in general. You will need to put in a couple dozen or more hours with the quad to learn control basics (about the same amount of time it took to learn basic control of the dual) before you start feeling comfy in very light wind. The weight of the SUL can be further reduced if you find the need to. However, make no modifications until you have at least 40 hours on the quad in very light wind. Light wind flying is itself an art that takes some time to master. Your inputs will need to be honed to a keener edge. If you intend to only fly it when you can't fly the Quantum, then you'll be ok. If you want to fly a quad in the same wind as your Quantum you will need one that is a step up from the SUL, or at least a heavier frame to use with the SUL sail.
  8. makatakam


    Remember that any material or hardware you add to an ultralight kite will make it heavier. It kind of defeats the purpose of making it ultralight in the first place. Unless you have lots of opportunity in low wind conditions, the kite will not get a lot of wear. Fly the kite and before you begin check the amount of wear already present before you add reinforcements. An ultralight bridle, if it doesn't already have one, would help performance. Whatever you decide, don't overthink it and be sure to have fun!
  9. makatakam

    Feeling Gray

    Make it red. Freak people out.
  10. makatakam

    Island Quad's new kites?

    Just go there! You'll see.
  11. makatakam

    Island Quad's new kites?

    Wayne, you should go take a look around. You may find something else that's interesting. It's not Polish, but the colors are right.
  12. makatakam

    How and why

    Monthy Python and the Holy Grail, M*A*S*H, My Cousin Vinnie, The Hunt for Red October, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. (And you thought you were crazy? Not even close! Benny and Joon belongs somewhere on that list too.)
  13. makatakam

    You might be a kite nut.

    .... if your better half is a kite bolt!?
  14. makatakam

    IFlite beats me

    Have you tried replacing the pixie dust? The original may be worn out -- it has a 3-year half-life when exposed to kites -- or it may have come from a weak batch when it was made. I have 1-quart jars available at $49.95 USD + shipping . This will last the average flyer a lifetime as long as it is properly stored. Also available in 1-pint containers at $29.95 USD + shipping for the weekend warriors. I've had it available in 55-gallon drums for the pros but never had a taker. The dust I sell is 100% full-strength undiluted pixie dust with no additives. Guaranteed to get your kite higher than it's ever been. Sprinkle just a pinch between the spar and tail and you're good to go.
  15. makatakam

    Welcome Cosa

    But wait -- It gets even better! Hi, Cosa, and welcome to the forum. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with kiting. If you need help with anything involving kites, you're in the right place. It's good to have you on board. I look forward to flying with you some day. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.