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  1. And just in time for your birthday too? This is getting vewy, vewy scawy. Happy Birthday, Wayne.
  2. It's not rocket science. It's kites. Just use your head when you fly it and you'll be fine. You check out what it does in existing conditions and if it's safe let your son fly.
  3. Wayne won? I want a recount! Wayne's not supposed to win. EVER! The matrix is crumbling. The end is near. Everyone run and hide! 😲 Congratulations, Wayne. But seriously, how do you explain this phenomenon? Shift in the space/time continuum? Will this become known as the Dowler effect?
  4. I don't think that at 60 pounds he's ready for a kitesurfing training kite like the HQ Fluxx, primarily because of the larger size and the fact that the kite is specifically designed for maximum pull. In a 5mph breeze it will probably face-plant him and drag him down the beach. Mom will not like that. A kite in 1.2 or 1.3 size will be fine as his first, and unless the wind is gusting up over 15mph should allow him to stay standing. Once he gets very comfortable with controlling the smaller kite and gets up to about 100 pounds you can consider something in the 1.5 to 1.7 meter size range. A 2.5 meter kite in a 15mph wind can face-plant a 170 pound muscular man if he's not careful and gets caught by an unexpected gust. A 5 meter kite is enough to lift that same guy off of the ground and put him down 50 feet away. Watch some videos and remember that in most cases the person in the video knows what they're doing, meaning years of experience. Start him out slow and easy. He'll let you know when he's ready for bigger stuff. Personally, my recommendation for him is a Symphony 1.3 meter. And keep it under 10 mph the first few times out. And get one for yourself in 1.5 meter. This way you can fly together and you'll have the next step ready to go.
  5. Everything should be fairly tight on the sail, especially the trailing edge, and tensioned equally on both halves of the sail. If there's any part of the sail that's loose -- think of a flag flapping in the breeze -- then the kite will buzz or flap or shudder or all three depending on wind speed and the part of the wind window it's flying through. Tight sail equals quiet and smooth. Loose sail equals noisy and rough.
  6. The ProDancer will fly in a fart. If you search SUL on this forum you will find others for low wind. John Barresi's Kaiju is an indoor but will handle mild breezes outdoors. Remember that most manufacturers state the wind range for their kites based on experts handling them. The average flyer will usually find the range overstated, and will not be able to properly tune or fly the kite in the extremes of the stated range. Remember that in low- or no-wind conditions it takes legwork and skill to keep it afloat. That skill comes with time. The more you try, the better you get. There is no cure-all, no substitute for time on the lines.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Anything you want to know about kites, someone on this forum can answer. It's good to have you on board.
  8. Let's say you only have one kite to fly. It's wind range is 2-10 mph. It flies best in the 5-8 mph range, and that's what you have it set for. The wind drops to 3 mph and stays there for months. The kite won't fly in 3 mph wind unless you adjust the bridle legs. Do you adjust and fly, or do you sit down and watch me fly instead?
  9. It'll fly without them, just not how it was designed to. I would get them and try both ways. Depending on your level of experience, you may or may not notice a difference. The parts are not expensive and the originals are probably still available from Flying Wings or local kite shop.
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