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  1. I paid my $50 fee and received a white Polo shirt with a Revolution logo and the key to open the first video. I had already figured out what it was from hints Joe Hadzicki had given in the promo video for the program and figured out the second also. I looked at the titles for all the levels and realized I had already progressed beyond anything I could learn from Club 38, and because I'm basically very lazy, decided I didn't want to do all that was necessary to get the hatpins for each completed level. I was also disappointed with the quality and competence demonstrated in the videos. To be per
  2. I know a guy who can fly 9 SLKs at the same time.
  3. I find that LPG is the best as far as longevity is concerned. They wear very well. Skybond has great slickness and visiblity, though the yellow color fades quickly. It depends on what you want at the moment. I use both. If I could only have one, I would go with LPG. You will hear the opposite from others. So, if you choose one of these two you'll have chosen well.
  4. It's made from PVC. Crazy glue should work fine. The sticky-back velcro will probably work as long as you use enough area to withstand the shear force generated by the drag on the tape and its weight.
  5. It may help to mention the kite with which you're trying to do the trick. Some kites are less inclined to do some tricks than others. It would be really frustrating to try to learn using a kite that just won't do it. I don't do any tricking, so I can't help with specifics, but I know that some kites just won't do certain things and it would be helpful for those with experience to know which kite you're using. Perhaps there's a kite in your quiver that would make learning this easier until you get the hang of it and can do it with the ones that resist.
  6. Then there's quad-line (four string) kites. An entirely different ball game. Watch this video:
  7. I'm in the Chicago area and "Windy City" is, unfortunately, a reference to politics, not wind. We don't get many days of really strong wind, but I have vented kites that are made for that purpose. I find it uncomfortable to fly in wind that is pushing me around, so I avoid anything over 16 mph, or thereabouts. I have kites that can handle wind over 40 mph and have flown in wind over 25 mph three or four times. Over 35 mph, once, for about 5 minutes and then headed for the bar. Don't get me wrong, though. If you enjoy it, go for it. I found it invigorating the first couple of times, but soon re
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. Any questions you have and any outings you want to share are welcome here. Watch some videos on dual and quad line sport kites. You may find a new and exciting experience awaits you. Most of all remember to have fun. That's the primary directive of kite flying.
  9. The lines that come with it are good to 8bft. That's 46mph wind. If you can stay on your feet in 46mph wind, would you really want to have all that flying debris hitting the back of your head? I have flown in 40mph wind. For about five minutes. Gave up and headed for the bar. It's a rush and entertaining for about 5 minutes. After that you just want to go inside.
  10. It takes time to get the hang of it. Search "inverted" in the search bar on this forum. Should be a ton of material. Just hang in there. It will happen with time. Watch the tutorial video.
  11. makatakam

    Reflex XX

    Keep an eye on eBay and this forum. Used ones in good condition show up often, especially when the weather gets colder.
  12. I have one of those. This kite is for advanced pilots. Way beyond my ability. I remember that someone once called it "madder than a box of frogs", whatever that means.
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