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  1. makatakam

    New member from Central Oregon

    Hi, and welcome to the forum.
  2. makatakam

    Broken stand-off

    You can, depending on your skills and the method by which it is attached to the sail. Some just snap or screw in -- others require some sewing skills.
  3. makatakam

    Hq Symphony Pro vs. Prism Synapse. And130 vs 170

    Kite Yoga - the unification of body, mind and breeze Kite Yoga is striving to achieve that goal. Once achieved, it's called Zen.
  4. makatakam

    Hi all from the East of England

    Regarding the Zephyr. Great low-wind to mid-range-wind kite. If you're just starting out, don't get one unless you plan to leave it in your bag for a year and pull it out when you're ready for it. Any beginner will probably hate it. Unless you are very familiar with how to adjust a dual line sport kite for a specific wind type and speed, you will have it adjusted wrong more than half the time. The kite is designed with inherent instability so it can be tricked well. This will drive you nuts until you gain enough experience. I had one and am telling it the way it is. Eventually I loved it -- but until then . . . . And I'm not even talking about tricking it, just getting it to fly with some control. It has a very small range of compatibility with existing conditions. You need to have it "dead on" or it will cause you grief. Bridle, stand-offs, weight position, and sail tension must all be well-coordinated. You will eventually learn to use all of these adjustments to your advantage if you stay with it. If you think kites may be a temporary passion you're just increasing your level of frustration in what should be pure joy. You don't have to fly as well as a pro to have fun.
  5. makatakam

    Hq Symphony Pro vs. Prism Synapse. And130 vs 170

    Six inches and 175 pounds? That's like a 12-foot deep dish pizza, more or less. 😂
  6. makatakam

    Karma 10/20/2018 Jeff Howard

    Very many -- not very active, but here. Karma might up the participation.
  7. makatakam

    Hi all from the East of England

    Crash and burn is usually the first trick in any flyers repertoire. (minus the burn part)
  8. makatakam

    Karma 10/20/2018 Jeff Howard

    However, I don't see why the flyers in Europe couldn't have their own karma. I wonder how @John Barresi feels about that. John? Any thoughts on this?
  9. makatakam

    Hi all from the East of England

    If you truly want a Zen experience, you must learn to fly quads. At first it will be even more frustrating than flying a dual, but with time you will learn to control the beast. Then you will become one with the wind. The journey will not end.
  10. makatakam

    Kite buying tips

    They make some great kites. Check them out, for sure.
  11. makatakam

    Full Vent with Time to Think

    Yup! That's right!
  12. makatakam

    Hi all from the East of England

    Hi, and welcome to the forum.
  13. makatakam

    Full Vent with Time to Think

    Also, that's why the old-timers tell you to be selective with the wind in which you learn to fly. If you must fight the wind for control of the kite you learn nothing except how hard it is to control the kite when the wind is too strong.
  14. makatakam

    Newbie Journey, Rev learning tips

    I'd leave them at 30 feet. It's easy to shorten them -- hard to make them longer.
  15. makatakam

    Wind Range??

    However, I do have to be somewhat of a wrench in the works here. Just by looking at the Djinn in comparison to the mid and full vent Revs it appears to me that the percentage of venting of overall surface area on the Djinn is less than that of the Rev respectively, per model. More surface area generally equates to more lift. I haven't taken any measurements or done any calculations yet, but that would explain at least some of the perceived effect. What other factors may contribute to this phenomenon is not yet known and may be beyond our understanding and ability to measure. That said, I hope to try one myself some time.