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  1. I am coming back from the dead and reviving this thread from the dead as well. I put down the handles for a few years as life took over. Also, I moved to Portland and found it difficult to find a good field nearby. Is Broughton Beach still considered a good place to fly? I just can't make the trip to the coast regularly for an all day fly. For $5 for all day parking, I think Broughton Beach is a bargain.
  2. JB has great training videos on here. Watch them. The best advice I ever got was practice with a purpose. I had a set routine of skills to practice first, then I would do whatever I wanted. Often, I would practice skills the last 5-10 minutes of flying to see how the practice was refining my control. I am a solo flyer so I haven't focused on team that much, but it won't hurt to practice those skills next.
  3. I bought a Freilein Exodus Max because I was curious and liked the look. (and it was I could afford at the time) I've been pretty happy with it so far. The construction appears to be very good. Some things I like more than others and there are obvious changes to cut down on costs like the T fitting to hold the vertical spar, but they compensate with tape on the sail to protect the vertical from rubbing on the sail. Haven't had any problems with the carbon fiber frame either. I think it's a decent kite for the price. I just flew it last weekend at the beach with 20-23 mph winds. full brake and all the way out on the top leaders and it handled pretty well with minimal flexing. not prime conditions, but I was happy enough flying all day.
  4. Since you're in Grand Haven, how many months out of the year do you plan on flying? Gets pretty cold on the beach in January. I'd say buy the next thing that extends your wind range the most for the conditions that you can tolerate. You know when the cold returns in the fall that those large cold weather systems offer much regular wind, but higher MPH. You can alter the wind range some with lighter frames and adjusting your leader positions, but you can maximize the wind range the most by stepping over the MID and trying to fill back with a FULL vent, BUT if you don't plan on taking advantage of the higher winds in colder weather, maybe you'd be better off with a mid vent. Go back and look at your weather almanac for the last year and get an average of the winds while paying attention to the gusts. Gusts suck and break things if you're not careful.
  5. Nice. That sounds like a sweet deal. My wife is the sewer. I wish I could convince her to do that.
  6. Correct. relocated last fall. Just now getting out. I didn't think it would be so hard to find an open flat spot to fly. Spent a nice day at Lincoln City flying at the festival. Was great to get out in beach winds. Now I've developed a taste.
  7. Gotta save up some dough.I'm doing this, but will wait until I get paid. I haven't been active in a while, but my new life is finally settled and finally gotten the bag out after a long hiatus.
  8. Tmadz


    Very nice. I've been eyeing one myself. Maybe for Christmas
  9. Tmadz


    That is a really nice quiver of kites
  10. Run in with your car? I'm not sure I wanna know.
  11. Congratulations Elmo. She's a beautiful kite.
  12. Well, it does offer some solid advice. No reason not to educate.
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