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  1. Tmadz


    Very nice. I've been eyeing one myself. Maybe for Christmas
  2. Tmadz


    That is a really nice quiver of kites
  3. Run in with your car? I'm not sure I wanna know.
  4. Tmadz

    KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Congratulations Elmo. She's a beautiful kite.
  5. Tmadz

    OSK Classroom Sticker

    Well, it does offer some solid advice. No reason not to educate.
  6. Tmadz

    KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    No it won't. It's mine.
  7. Tmadz

    Old Kite Cleaning

    Depending on the kite, you can wash with a mild detergent. Don't use a bristle brush. Some people have been known to climb into the shower with their kites to get them squeaky clean. Don't judge.
  8. Tmadz

    KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Mark, I'm sure RNG will take pity on you and give it to me because I can drive over to pick it up and fly it at Busse Woods. Save you the postage.
  9. Flying OPK (other people s kites) is the best way to try stuff out without committing. Kites are be like any other thing. Different models, slighly different characteristics. That's how some people bond with certain kites while others don't. It's the human condition. You really can learn so much more and save money by trying things out before buying. Experience with time on the lines is invaluable. That's why most fliers are happy to hand over the lines. If you have the basics down, you can start to feel/read the intangible feedback you get. Don't be fearful. I've broken a couple of things, but I try to make up for it and pay it forward as well.
  10. I often fly listening to Aaron Copland pieces and imagine choreographing a kite ballet someday. Not really practical if you're wearing earbuds and flying by yourself. There has to be some engagement with the people around you. THe problem is kites demand so much space themselves. Almost a contradiction.
  11. Tmadz

    Looming NPS Senior fee increase

    The majesty of our national parks is a deal at any price, but 80 bucks is still reasonable unless you're really in dire straights and then I'd doubt you'd have the funds to make it there regularly.
  12. Tmadz

    Mid Vent B-series wanted

    Just curious, Naperville and Elk Grove aren't next to each other. Which are more likely to be at? Looking for someone to fly with? I don't have a mid-vent B to sell though. Sorry.
  13. Tmadz

    Ah ha moment.

    I think Dodd's kites are underrated. For whatever reason, I don't see a lot of comments or reviews regarding his Sky Dog kites.
  14. Tmadz

    Fluke's journey

    Yes, it is possible for ripstop to have some minimal stretching. Especially when flown in high winds. That's why there are vented kites. Too much pressure could cause any number of parts to fail.