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  1. My heart is broken now. Seen all the good stuff to make a good kite. Thanks John. I love the second site you recommended. How I wish we have shops like those here. It will be costly to ship these items at the moment. If I will be successful with my hobby, I want to establish a dealership here so those enthusiast like me will be able to create their own kites. Having less resources makes me more creative though. Just getting the ideas to go with the technology they have now on kites in the west... Couldn't thank you enough John! Your the man!
  2. Thanks John. That is exactly the site I am checking at the moment with the help of Google translate Basically the kites are easy to make, its the resourcing of materials I am having difficulty.
  3. I am not sure if its allowed here, but if anyone have some kite plans there can I request a copy via PM to me? I have found a site though, PM me so I can share it as well and check if its a good resource for beginners. Thanks!
  4. Btw, in addition to my stunt kite I am now doing my own kites on different categories like flat, box etc. But due to material resources I am only using improvised materials like bamboo, shower curtain and plastic bags. Oh boy I wish we have those carbon fiber rods and ripstop fabric here. Tried searching online but not much found due to low interest for this hobby. The nearest I can find will be in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  5. Just wanna give updates on my progress. I think I am more confident on my launching now. But due to poor wind condition, work schedule and rainy season I am not able to practice a lot. But I felt the pull and push thing that everyone recommended to me. Thanks again for that guys. I will try to move to doing square to master the left and right. Fingers crossed it will be a good windy day this weekend!
  6. Tmadz, I just recently known and felt the walk of shame. But its okay. I am the only kite flyer in our place! ^ ^ Thanks for the perspective of getting lesser walk as I get better. I will definitely take a look at my lines. Never thought of these possible issue of the lines being uneven.
  7. I'm taking these notes into my mind and try to simulate them. Quite hard to imagine since the actual is totally different . When I tried to fly my kite the first time I was able to have it launch but in a few seconds time in the sky it will stumble either left or right. that is the part I need to figure out with all your help.
  8. special thanks to John, Tmadz, Stroke Survivor, Btreize John, thanks for the videos. I did see these videos prior to the acquisition of my first kite. Love the keypoints you mentioned. I just heard the the term wind window when I got myself into kiting. I am still grasping the idea of these since I am not able to practice a lot due to rainy season in our country. Thanks for giving me an idea about the category of my kite. Tmadz, thanks for the input. I am practicing at a memorial park near our place which gives me ample space. However, in addition to low wind condition when I tried, the uneven grass gives me the hard time to pull my kite up again for launch so I need to walk and fix it in launch position again. I have no problem with this since it makes me burn some calories while learning Stroke Survivor, I never thought that I need to move a lot with dual line kites. I mean I thought movement will just be minimal. I guess the wind did not favor me that time and I must say that the kite will be too heavy for that wind condition. I will keep in mind the suggestions you gave! Btreize, actually my initial goal now will be the things you said, Proper launching and landings, stalls, straight (REAL STRAIGHT) lines, sharp corners. Its frustrating but I am not quiting. Thanks all guys for your patience and inputs to a newbie like me. Thanks for answering even my dumb question.
  9. Good Day! I tried flying my hypnotist yesterday and boy let me say that my first experience for dual line kites is hard! hahaha. I guess since its not a windy day and I need to wait for the wind to blew. I am thinking of learning tricks when I cannot even have it steady in its launch for even 30secs! Any tips on the take off?
  10. Thanks for that advise. Actually, I think the horizontal stall (not sure if that is what is called) looks cool to me. I will try to master the basics as per your recommendation.
  11. Guys, any recommendation on what basic tricks I should focus first?
  12. Thanks mate. I am all good with the assembly and dis assembly. I tried to watch it along with other youtube vids on folding quantum. I think I got the pointer in folding it now, will do it and practice more.
  13. Guys, just a little help. Any videos, link or instruction you can give on how to fold and put the hypnotist back on its case? Having hard time putting it back since I'm concern I might damage it.
  14. I just got my Hypnotist yesterday! Looking forward on flying this on weekend!
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