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  1. chucka

    B-Series Mid Vent Package (12/15/14)

    Thanks for all the congrats. RNG did something wonderful. The wife and I leave for South Padre Island next week. John is helping me out shipping it to B&S Kites on the island for me THANKS. The mid vent is the only kite missing in my Quads. It will get its first flight on the beach.
  2. chucka

    Crossfire (4/15/13)

    Congrats and enjoy don't forget the DARK SIDE
  3. chucka

    Revolution B2 SUITE ( 4-1-13)

    congrats (much envy)
  4. Have the ankx started flying one year ago and this will be my first clinic, festival will be Feb 1-3
  5. chucka

    Kymera (XMAS - 12/25/12)

    Waiting on Santa and RNG MERRY CHRISTMAS
  6. chucka

    Kymera (XMAS - 12/25/12)

    No need to ship after RNG picks me just drop it off at SPI kite festival.
  7. chucka

    Revoholic (video)

    Thanks for the vid enjoyed it