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  1. None whatsoever, my favorite kites are decade old and still in the van, used weekly any weather
  2. Orvis large fishing rod case, holds 12-20 kites, fully padded, fits in the overhead compartment, used a bunch of times w/various the latest carry-it-all/25FM.html?adv=621658&cm_mmc=plas-G-_-brand-_-20172282745-_-25FM0153&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6umps4O38AIVkfvjBx3NTweJEAQYASABEgLV0vD_BwE
  3. One time event, unless you are replacing Broder!
  4. some quads lend themselves to push-pull (Spirit and TC Ultras) as opposed to wrist rotation, (Revolution derivatives) Some are best at no wind vs. beach gusting no kite enjoys turbulent air some fliers like short string lengths and some go long "take the best, dump the rest"... = Everyone will offer advice, take their best stuff, make it your own, anything that doesn't fit you perfectly discard, repeat until you have your own unique style, visually recognizable, not by the kites you fly, NO by the way you fly kites! Enjoy the journey and your best investment is still a
  5. See you today? Will be at WCP early til around 3 at least
  6. next is this Saturday, but usually "every Sunday" regardless of weather
  7. meet us at the park in Baltimore, (West Covington Park, exit is easy, straight off of I-95 ~#54 "Hanover Street"~ it's the last exit before Ft. McHenry). I'll put a full sail/SUL used into your hands, you'll patch it up whole again and beat it some more. Add one inch diameter loops (between the end-caps and the bridle), so the loops wear-out instead of $40 worth of Shook knots!
  8. Wait, you only want an old(er) sail, right? 'cause a bridle in good shape and a decent ST orSUL frame are worth more than you're offering, unless you get arrow shafts and nocks, with a Dacron set of bridle legs carelessly tied. can you replace badly worn individual sail panels, I mean a new leading edge sleeve and trailing edge pieces, for example? Remember, at some point the original polyester, icarex or coated nylon fabric isn't even opaque to the wind anymore, flimsy and easily torn, not at all like a crispy new sail once was! I've sent kites in for the "kite doctor" to resurrect
  9. had some nice conversations with Pedro about quads, reinforcing and wear as it relates to a flailer. As you may be aware, I don't fly like most folks, way harder on my stuff, "spanked hard and then put away wet" is my motto! Anyway, my kites are reinforced beyond "stock" when ordered (for a decade at least) so the only wear-out point or at least the first encountered is the trailing edge. Flick-flak, falling leaf and clam-shell roll-up tricks all force the flying line to abrasion along the trailing edge when round-up into the stings or unwound. I've furnished some photos of the
  10. Sloppy end-caps? A wrap or 2/layer of electrical tape to build it up thicker. when you cut-down the tube, thru the tape barrier to prevent splitting, just leave it on the stick! ( but wipe off the carbon dust, fragments
  11. Nope, the thick part of the 2PT goes next to the leading edge, you want the weight forward, slack is the key to a solid looking axel, step into it aggressively whilst you punch that forward handle thumB slack you can wAlk in, not just catching the sleeve button on your shirt!
  12. Work both sides of the window, if you do a loop to the right make the next one match it going now to the left,..... if you can only do an axel one way, and it is perfect, but the opposite it beyond you, then you cannot do it yet at all! Show you own that both ways
  13. Had int'l mail from "down under", it was returned to the sender w/o reaching me,.... several times USPS said they'd tried to deliver it but my wife is home all day, every day and it was for HER! Eventually received the items, but not less than 6-7 months after first attempt at delivery. Naturally, I paid for each shipment effort too
  14. Randy Tom method, sew all the fabric colored pieces full sized together, back-cut front and back layers away until reaching a single thickness, .... front side darkest color on top! Why? Nothing slips on expensive icarex, no hot tack holes, no spray adhesive removal, sewing is thru all the layers, back cuts are angled,.... this is your excellence, not for sale, for entry in competition against other like minded builders, national champ maybe? almost all of the fabric is waste!
  15. Bazzer did that a decade ago, Shook as well, certainly not a new development, mine are used to prevent the spar form displacement during abusive flailing, so "inside" the pocket
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