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  1. I've made and flown others' efforts as well,..... kites made entirely as "no-sew projects" with 9640 VHB bonding tape by 3M. You tape and heat seal the bond (or weight it down overnight) with a crafting iron. The adhesive is made to adhere two pieces of metal together, or holding the windows in for a high rise office tower. The fabric will fail before that bond! Super light weight quads were developed back in 1999 by KiteSquid/Harold Ames as a cooperative project, to fly in no wind but to still incorporate the SLE tubes. He made stacks of baby Ryvs too (42 inch leading edge?avia spine single pieced). All this time and they still work perfectly. When failure happens, it will be that trailing edge though, ('cause just about everything else was reinforced for brutal throw and catch poundings) Again the vibration rate is different at that doubled-up fold over edge, seamed in tape. It comes in a 1/4 inch width, so patches will need multiple stripes laid down next to each other, where to place kevlar buttons or chevrons? Only a folded-over leading edge sleeve. You could make a patch of fabric (adhered with 9460) and reinforce the entire Trailing edge, but if I were doing it, it would a scalloped edge with deep curves of several inches coming to a point far away from that edge and then repeating along the line, big U shaped abutting, thereby spreading the stress crack vibration over a larger surface area and lessening the impact. Time is the great equalizer, this too shall fail eventually. It's the point at which it is time to consider a new acquisition, after the trailing edge has been surgically repaired several times that is!
  2. Tape on the trailing edge is a bandaid and you need a surgeon, tape will vibrate at a slightly different rate, the fabric " next to " the tape will stress crack, fail and separate itself taping the taped area will buy you so more time, but eventually all must be removed and panels replaced the trailing edge is the first thing worn out on my quads too!
  3. flew it this weekend/1st time, all repaired, replaced, realigned, totally fixed-up. Paul Dugard did a great job of bringing this kite back to life after years of hard use (that and 3 other Zens rode that way!) Eliot has had his hands on it too, but here's it's maiden voyage as a reminder of what this darn thing can do. I unwrapped his efforts and slapped on a new "French" bridle, retied the magic stick truss lines, .... I so missed that killer glide available free! Tested first on/or about 60 feet of 50# Skybond, then to 100#/fifty pound (tough conditions at Sandy Point State Park!) It is now a lovely shade of ivory cream white with new bright blue-white panels next door and a new, tight trailing edge. All the little stress cracks or wear points have been addressed, simply fabulous work for a very reasonable price. It's likes new kite to me -plm
  4. If you angled the kite LE towards you in high wind? Nope, adjust ALL (almost?) of the forward out, so it doesn't surge angrily away, presenting the trailing edge I'm a brake heavy pilot too, square to the wind in dead calm, impossible to reach that objective in high wind, full forward command matters not w/o total control
  5. Paul Dugard took on a mission of resurrection for me. Zen (#2 R/W/B) has seen Eliot Shook for repairs previously (too embarrassed to engage him again!) so my flying partner spent a few nights pulling stitches and replacing panels, saved my ole mylar backed nylon leading edge though HA! Bitched about stuck together stuff with crazy glue, sail-tape (he HATES that stuff) and nail polish, End-caps temporarily held in place with zip-ties (which have sharp edges and slice the sail when stored tightly). New panels will not match the old ones, but who cares! I'm excited to see the dead raised-up from the tomb. I've no idea what this mission will cost, he's only said "less than a mortgage pymt" in jest Add some knot covers, tighten the attachment points, new French bridle ready to install, sissy sticks and LEDs IT LIVES!
  6. Webbing, velcro and pockets work darn well, things stretch, get wet or get deformed in flight, you can yank it back into shape( tighter or loose as needed). Breaking down is not complicated. Buttons, placed into the prussik knot slider, make shaping the sail easy place corner anchor points to affix the bridle (so it could be changed-out quickly, for something lighter or heavier/stronger) just a loop you can larks-head onto each point is sufficient. Plan for impact, where does it want to break, or "punch thru" those carefully crafted pockets, tear-outs, or high wear areas need to be addressed? A friend makes the first new design out of wooden dowels and Fedex envelopes, so he can see and leave the field with examples of the stress points. Consider a "Cascade bridle" if you want a larger wind range, some legs will be slack and some will be tight, regardless of the angle of attack. You don't plan to fight (huge weakness, all those legs, what a target they'd make!) Thread wrap the highest stress areas, (joints and fittings) heck paint the frame white first so it doesn't distract from your graphic plans! Assume someday you'll add LEDs to backlight the kite and night fly. Place that reinforcement piece now instead of having to rebuild it later. Spike Ball could have a strobe inside it, reflecting into the depths of the spin provided. don't mix fabrics (nylon, Icarex and polyester) and don't forget which side is which during construction, grain, stretch. Consider a half pattern template with the spine as the fold.
  7. Speed brakes are your easiest solution, a little "rectangle of venting material", held/attached between your kite's bridle and the flying lines. Bigger wind? add more of these devices in-line! A famous long lasting dual line kite team is End of the line Austin, TX together for literally decades. In big wind they use a vented kite, hugely thick flying lines (300# test) and several of these speed brake devices together to tame that savage beast enough to create controlled team flying of figures and ballet movements. When you are a hired-gun you need to shoot to kill and be ready when that time comes! They have a whole trailer filled with equipment, crew and comfort requirements to make something happen, even in a dead calm or when the porta-potties are blowing over. if you want it slower, there are some solutions to consider. Shorter lines make things happen quicker, that's not going to help you out.
  8. stacks of kites (during travel w/Friends!) are placed behind the sofa in assembled bags, ready to use. We just pull the sofa out away from the wall sufficient that everything like that fits there. Eventually you'll have this kiting crap all over deep and around your residence, ... just sayin'!
  9. One? I guess with a few kites or less you could leave 'em flat, ,will that work long term?A rack of stacked shelving units, vs kite bags and sleeves leaned into the corner, behind a door?
  10. honestly? I had more fun (as did my wife along side me) when nobody knew us. We heard statements like "what are you doing here?" Well we paid our own way and thought we could join you,..."nope you required to fly outside of the ropes, where the public is located!" Like I shouldn't eat in the hotel lobby for breakfast, where I paid to stay,... just 'cause you'all be there too? I've borrowed equipment plus music countless times, folks laughing because it's a ballet event and you win based upon your best interpretation of the musical score, "showing up the day of the event with a show kite(Beautiful Evil Quad by Joel Sholtz) and no planned music,... what's up with that?" ( I won!) We've paid our own way internationally, helped just like the hired guns sweating in the sun, (set-up, unloading the truck, lugging equipment across the turf, repacking) and then told I can't share a meal in the organizer's tent or their enclosed fields either! Broke new ground with establishing festivals (wife is much better as this aspect of kiting), getting people to attend on their own nickel, (a week long international gig!), then to find that after two years and six attendees, that they can invite a 6-man team who bitched and complained about everything they were offered FREE, ..... undoing all of our goodwill w/the tourism office. I've had friends help me, by explaining that THEY couldn't fly in the arena offered even though I'm the one dealing with the sponsors (Don't EVER go behind our backs like this!) We could have flown kites on magic wands (sticks) whilst eating snacks and enjoying adult beverages, knuckleheads! I've had friends complain to other vendors about the conditions offered for us to fly at the event, (like they'd care about the kiters and a sidehill lie) gig surrounded by trees, spectators crossing our field to get to parking or the entrance. Take your crap and go home dude, you're ruining a good time for everyone here. When I had no responsibilities, except my own pleasure (and the misses too!) Those we the days of old. Now? I'm like a wanted man, picture hanging in the urinal at the USPS. Folks want to see what I can do and I just want to make eye-contract with a spectator ONE of 'em and fly for them, just for fun! I'm old, I can't go sixteen hours straight anymore, not the way I'd like to. Someday soon, I'll be the one on the sidelines cheering on the next generation. Smile and share,... is that so tough? I didn't forget my roots and I will never become a kite clique supporter who belittles that next guy approaching us. Smile and share, we're all envious of someone else and we should just be happy with our own lot in life!
  11. my understanding of that adjustment is about the stall (simplistic ease of application or more effort being required) by moving the nose towards the pilot or away from experiment, ... how does one location adjustment "feel" over the others? Only your own opinion matters! I'm a 25 yr+ quad-head, and completely untrustworthy for all opinions offered on a dualie
  12. Does that acting gig scar me as a professional kite flier?
  13. the misses needs to "buy in" to your new hobby/life's mission also. I will make things much easier in the future! You can learn together, knowing full well it might take one of you an hour and the other fourteen months to get to a stationary hover. Imagine you must land on top of a trash can's lid, with each wing tip as well as each upright and inverted too. You are one of us when the trash can is removed and soda pop can take it's place. The whole darn QUAD-LINED thing is about one word,...... "control". Thousands of hours of laughter & smiling await you two, together a formidable pairs group will emerge hopefully! Enjoy that spousal journey, I am envious, my bride likes the fancy single liners and those show kite fliers, cares not a bit about the sport kites. She runs our household budget, asking me to pay for something isn't reasonable (daily allowance, not weekly or by the month, oh NO), she gets my pay check and I need her permission for travel funds or a new whatever it is. I've been "on the road" for over two decades doing festivals and own about 60 quads currently. We spend ten times as much to go fly 'em with friends, compared to what we do on acquisitions too! We bought a home based upon a great shed under the deck, a walk-out basement & fenced yard full of landscaping not grass, perfect for kiters who are never home or have dirty laundry! Go fly with someone/coach/buddy, it will allow you to try theirs and them yours, feel each other's settings and tuning, flight dynamics of framing and sail choices. Explore different line lengths options, bring the misses along, get lunch for her and make it a great day (for HER) this will pay long term dividends, save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours ,most frustrated. A coach can look at you flying, touch it themselves and offer instant helpful encouragement. Correcting serious flaws before they multiply like an invasive species! Doing it next to someone else helps you both, they are forced to explain it in such a manner that you can grasp the principles. Each student is different and reaching them is a key aspect of success. What buttons work on them? Showing it and explain it (whatever it happens to be) is so much more helpful live instead of on a screen. You both benefit from the interaction.
  14. Guy I know worked in the kite business, was contacted thru Hollywood, asked his friends to help him, movies are totally staged, .... wind and weather don't care about the plan, budget or schedule an interesting experience to be compensated for, a hundred bucks + lunch
  15. Filmed us (10 initially) a couple hours from front, back and side , we're maybe in it 15 seconds after editing, around nineteen minute marker, I am on the Rev, Cosca on a trickNTrak from Premier super tough weather conditions, we lost five at lunchtime, including Lisa and Ian, continuity sorely lacking
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