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  1. Anyone got any "Response 12" sky shark tubes, these giveaways are 19s so you can actually use 'em in shook-mesh weather, I do! NOTE: if you "cut 'em down",... to fit 1.5 shapes you cut the fat part and leave the skinny end whole. If you don't want the end-caps to rattle, you'll wrap the end of the spar with vinyl electrical tape )a couple of wraps is sufficient) I've done this for literally decades and love these tubes!
  2. Great giveaway John, these tubes are down spars only for SUL or standard sailed kites, PERFECT option easy to compare switching back and forth. Someone is gonna inherit some irreplaceable items, discontinued decades ago.... RARE and DESIREABLE the taper forces more weight forward resulting in a better glide when leading edge down doing field recovery envy to the winner, PM me if you want to unload, trade, sell, donate to a worthy cause? -plm
  3. I went to shaped wooden pistol grips, anatomically fitted to each hand, mike van meers custom 100 bucks, easy to "rock/balance" on one finger!
  4. we all "steal" from each other, those that are best at most things spend the most time working on it or around others doing so. I'm a good flyer in crap conditions 'cause we have 'em more other than most people. (the weather forecast for instance? Take that offered wind reading and divide it by THREE for the local area) I know good technique in construction 'cause I'm surrounded by impressive builders, even though it's too much time commitment for me, doesn't mean my bride isn't willing to pay someone to do it my way if requested. Fly with the masters and see what you can incorporate as your own, '..... yeah it won't look like "theirs" for years, maybe e never! But it ain't NASCAR, nobody is hiding anything (under a tarp except Lam!). They show you how to do it, offer their device for you to try and encourage you towards your own flavor of success. Figuring it out on. your own is cool, but seeing it done perfectly right in front of you is okay too. We learn differently just as instructions are given differently towards the same goal. Nothing beats practice hours, but if you only did so under the watchful eyes of a master?,... in a couple of months you'd be completely unrecognizable!
  5. concrete set-up for me is kinda' not very helpful, even my indoor kites have magic sticks
  6. Tuning is just insuring everything is right for you, whatever flavor that happens to be today. If the lines, leaders and handles all "fetch up tight" to a single well placed stake you may then affix onto the kite's bridle. Never done it this way? Sight down the strings (tops 1st~with the handles in the opposite hands too). Pull back tight against the stake or fencepost and then slowly give slack, the longer line will show itself (best done directly downwind or up wind). The handles must be held in perfect alignment thru-out this exercise, tops and bottoms held uniformly aligned!!!! Now repeat the exercise again for the bottoms leaders. ADJUST whatever you want to make this perfect alignment left to right (handles are still in opposite hands). If you can't make these tiny adjustments then your set-up is seriously flawed. (analogy time, driving in the Walmart parking lot you might not notice a front mis-alignment in a school bus, but fire up the supercharger on your supercar motoring the autobahn at 200 KPH?. Oh!, now you're gonna feel a sixteenth of inch out so fast! Want to make modification decisions,.... then the line, leaders and handles better be all add up to being a non-factor! Now you can affix lines to the kite, with the kite inverted,.... does it back-up?, if not tune/adjust knots until it does so, that is the reason there are four lines. Can you leaders make small incremental adjustments? Why not? Not a half an inch but a tiny moment, both sides evenly? this is the personal part, where you hold the handles affects your tuning decisions. I flick long throw handles generally, so my grip is very high, above the foam, right at the leader/handle junction (if I want to go forward), whereas if I were drawing the "reverse Octogon" I would slid my grip lower until my pinkie finger was at the bottom of the foam handle. If I need a burst of pure forward drive instantly I'll wrap my "traffic control finger" around the leaders and pinch more tops thereby shorting that leader temporarily. Just as a keyboardist flicks his hands up and down those ivory keys on a baby grand. My tuning is highly personalized, just as my kites are, basically for a couple of purposes, one I usually fly in no wind and two I want all my kites to fly the same, like a set of matched golf clubs. I maintain handles and lines for all the different purposes I routinely face, all set and ready to go, carrying kites from indoors to very high wind with 'em. I've been doing this for literally decades so the cost and time aren't even a factor anymore, I breath this sh*t!!! My strongest piece of advice? "Take the best, dump the rest"
  7. I guess I'm unusual, but I just wind-up onto the handles directly & unrolling to an anchor point before affixing to the kite's bridle, always! If using a winder I'll wind two strands "figure eight" and the other two on top as "straight overhand" winds. Takes longer to set-up but never a tangle or nesting situation, wet sand, grass or heavy dew on the sidewalks. I usually leave the lines on specific handles until they need replacement, but spend hours insuring they align perfectly. Tuning is one sticking point I have a hard time overlooking!
  8. Travel to a point and meet other fliers, it is WORTH that time and expense,.... feel the flight dynamics and see if it's love at first touch, get their advise and " keep the best, dump the rest!" (Take the best stuff from each pilot you meet and make it your own)
  9. the first rule of parts ordering?,...... if you need 2 pieces order two dozen, they may be discontinued soon! oversized is "taped up" and undersized is "drilled out", you'll seldom get exactly what you want and you certainly need to explain to your retailer or supplier NO SUBSTITUTIONS if you don't have what was ordered Put it in writing!
  10. Where do you live, maybe someone can offer you a mailed pkg FREE? I would ship some bridle line your way, might even with knots inserted if in the states. my advise is to spend inordinate amounts of time insuring your lines are even.... affix all 4 independent lines to handles and pull tightly against a single fence post or well-placed tent stake, a screwdriver. Now you will undoubtedly find them less than perfect. I adjust on the leaders, not caring if they (the string strands) are different themselves. Sight down the top of the handles, ( both perfectly aligned in your grasp) like shooting an arrow, towards the stake (insure you are directly downwind or upwind),.... slowly give slack and the longer line will droop showing itself. Bridle line can be untied and tied again (easily!), I only use knots in one strand, but each attachment point has the bridle line doubled, so if you needed a knot between two existing ones you could insert it perfectly in the virgin strand. When the tops are perfect you'll rotate the handles and work on the bottom leaders. this process is a front end alignment to your car before you begin a road-race, you don't want that machine jumping around randomly without your commands, right? i identify which handle goes into which hand with colored electrical vinyl tape. Now do your tuning of leaders with the handles in the wrong hand, in case one side is dominate. do this religiously and remove a big variable..... you know your lines on the handles are ready and perfect, whatever is wrong "it ain't that I do this frequently and recommend it to masters and newbies equally. It ha nothing to do with the wind or your kite, it's location immune. knots should be close together, two show across my thumb nail in fact, on tops and bottoms. MY hands are not large!
  11. Doubtful a consumer will part with black race rods, particularly the ones w/o a green label but good luck and I'll take any spares you don't require personally
  12. Practice 180 degree turns one inch above the ground, you're after "raising(backing up) the bottom wing" instead of driving the top wing forward. When this is second nature and you don't think about it, your turns or spins will never descend ever again driving the top wing forward is a two string technique, used to power back towards the center of the wind window, quads need no such assistance, remember your practice sessions, an inch above the ground?
  13. Lot of work to strip away the best gliding design feature, why take this modification on? Don't you turn the elastic knots and washer under the sail to create a 3D shaped airfoil over the leading edge sleeve,........ curious, unless you want a killer Falling Leaf trick it seems counterproductive at least to a no wind flailer
  14. Your value of the history is all the matters, fly that thing to within an inch of its life! Materials and techniques have vastly improved since intro, when you've worn this one out, then the next will seem like a fantasy come true. Dont wait get out and spank it ASAP
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