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    design, illustration/photography, graphics, printing and naturally kites (mostly quads). My son is big martial artist & kite flyer, the wife and I enjoy watching Golf, NFL but cheer for different participants. I'm also a huge NBA/Bulls fan since my college room-mate (NIU/'79) is their ticket director
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  1. The guildworks kites would net you some easy cash, auction em off or learn yourself and show off dad’s coolest toys. They represent the greatest value (if the fittings are not dry rotted beyond assembly)
  2. Northern Lights is a proven lighting item, you can spank the crap out of your kite and not diminish the intensity or dislodge the product in the slightest. The lights are even drilled out, (molded, 3D printed, etc) with a place for magic sticks to pass thru, no extra tubes to carry along. Rolled up into the string on the ground (calm-shell), slack lined, throws, probably a decent falling leaf if you are a more serious risk taker! Really bright for about an hour and then you change out to a second set of batteries if a long night session is anticipated. Buy a second charger and spare batteries, don't be that guy with dead lights on the end of the line.
  3. 5% distilled white vinegar from the grocery store, old toothbrush, paper towels, slow and steady
  4. 3 wraps in the exp,…. So it is durable for yourself and others pilots just taking off yes you can mix frames, right now as three pieces for the LE, later (after breaking some tubes) consider a six piece leading edge, altering the stiffness and determining how it impacts the flight dynamics. Most quadlined kites bend in the middle first, so you could make that area only stiffer. maybe you want it really flexible (@ the center of LE) to cup air pressure more, working on low wind and slack-lined tricks yes you can mix brands too, P-90s with GReen race, a hybrid frame i fly with tapered down spars on the verticals,… thick part next to LE you could fly your mid vent framed light and flexible, and the EXP framed heavy and stiff,…. In the same wind conditions, comparing your own tuned equipment,… when is one better than the other? What about tomorrow, does your opinion change? you are developing your own feel, which will influence future purchases, make em all fly the way you desire, so adjustable, so much fun to experiment enjoy and share your experiences please
  5. Tune all your quads so that they backup from resting inverted on the ground (leaders, add down) hide the speed differences (only going as fast as a side slide will allow, regardless of direction or orientation practice inverted until you also confirm,…… the kite is easier, more controlled, dare I say more enjoyable? Upside down! cheat? Add sissy sticks, you won’t bow tie it rigged w/“magic”
  6. You will spend hours and hours (black arts tuning-turning lead into gold) your stack lines,... do you want to fight stretch next week and start over? I use braided spectra bridle line (hi-test 100#)
  7. Forget about Dacron leading edge sleeve, you don’t need that excess weight if you can fly backwards to launch instead of dragging the LE across the soil
  8. None whatsoever, my favorite kites are decade old and still in the van, used weekly any weather
  9. Orvis large fishing rod case, holds 12-20 kites, fully padded, fits in the overhead compartment, used a bunch of times w/various the latest carry-it-all/25FM.html?adv=621658&cm_mmc=plas-G-_-brand-_-20172282745-_-25FM0153&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6umps4O38AIVkfvjBx3NTweJEAQYASABEgLV0vD_BwE
  10. One time event, unless you are replacing Broder!
  11. some quads lend themselves to push-pull (Spirit and TC Ultras) as opposed to wrist rotation, (Revolution derivatives) Some are best at no wind vs. beach gusting no kite enjoys turbulent air some fliers like short string lengths and some go long "take the best, dump the rest"... = Everyone will offer advice, take their best stuff, make it your own, anything that doesn't fit you perfectly discard, repeat until you have your own unique style, visually recognizable, not by the kites you fly, NO by the way you fly kites! Enjoy the journey and your best investment is still a road trip (to meet up with others, you want to learn & they want to share) I have about 60 quads in all different styles and configurations, but the first one was a "Backtracker", followed by two Rev2s used from the Kiteloft, then a vented and a SUL 1.5 (it rained the day of delivery). My favorite kite is probably the Zen, I have owned four of them. Each was repaired repeatedly by Master surgeon before funeral rites were offered up. I am a big fan of Eliot Shook and Bazz Poulter as kite builders. They will do exactly what you've paid for, regardless if that means deviating from the approved standard or trying something kooky out. (SUL leading edge sleeve on high wind vented kites, covers over knots, extra reinforcing patches, custom materials) What I like, you very well may not, choices are good enough for everyone to share the sky and enjoy each others company. Welcome!
  12. next is this Saturday, but usually "every Sunday" regardless of weather
  13. meet us at the park in Baltimore, (West Covington Park, exit is easy, straight off of I-95 ~#54 "Hanover Street"~ it's the last exit before Ft. McHenry). I'll put a full sail/SUL used into your hands, you'll patch it up whole again and beat it some more. Add one inch diameter loops (between the end-caps and the bridle), so the loops wear-out instead of $40 worth of Shook knots!
  14. Wait, you only want an old(er) sail, right? 'cause a bridle in good shape and a decent ST orSUL frame are worth more than you're offering, unless you get arrow shafts and nocks, with a Dacron set of bridle legs carelessly tied. can you replace badly worn individual sail panels, I mean a new leading edge sleeve and trailing edge pieces, for example? Remember, at some point the original polyester, icarex or coated nylon fabric isn't even opaque to the wind anymore, flimsy and easily torn, not at all like a crispy new sail once was! I've sent kites in for the "kite doctor" to resurrect from the grave,... one came back with a note affixed that I shouldn't be allowed to place with nice toys! What is your ultimate goal? Maybe I can donate a sacrificial sail, but there's a reason it is free! Rode hard & then put away wet!
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