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  1. On an SUL you'd want that killer glide, it is available w/o reflex springs, you want to assemble (end-caps, washers, holes thru LE, etc) such that you introduce a pronounced curvature,... over the top of the leading edge. Your palm should fit between the sail and leading edge, touching neither. The bridle choice doesn't matter, we each have our preferences, only that all this crap is locked down, rigid, tight. You are after a glide where where you can toss the kite parallel with the ground, and it goes like frisbee,.... no handles or flying line, it flies an unbelievable distance straight away from you. Test1 i prefer a bridle configuration where you are gripping outside of the frame,.... any wiggling in your choice of bridle smooths out flight by deminishing pilot commands, first take out the wiggle slop! how much mass is necessary for enjoyable flight dynamics? Not enough and the kite needs tending on all four lines (like a Decca), too much and you have to flail and run around to MAKE flight. straight or bent leading edge construction? My no-sew experience had 'em straight, but we used SLE 7/16 inch tubes in ours, so they "threw" like a javelin! Years later 18 and I've learned a lot since those experiments folded over leading edge sleeve, or thicker choice to add some mass? All spectra bridle, figure of eight knots and nail polish painted, to dry over night! 3M'sVHB 9460 bonding tape and a craft iron we want pictures and enjoy the journey, I've been on it since 1993
  2. Man, flew the Shook 100% for a last time Saturday and it was like parting with a child, went home and told the misses "write me a cheque payable to Justin and I'll make sure his wife knows we're offering cash instead too!" She just laughed heartily and said "no way is he giving up that swap" (La-)master piece. Sunday during the exchange, (neither kite was correct) so we spanked a B-2, Frenched, micro-carbon sticked and a new dualie kite of Harmer's by Lam with our buddy Fletch. Monday I took the new Zen to the Soccreplex field, slapped in a travel frame (diamond leading edge) and black race down spars, cut off the original Dacron bridle, but left the loops and affixed the new French to those loops. Adjusted the attachment points to suit my tuning preferences and tested it with 75 '/100# Skybond. After some more bridle adjustments the knots were "painted" with black nail polish for permanent placement. (I had to take off and unwind some wrapped-up legs) That thing is all dialed in now, much better than the stock bridle, but I did test it beforehand. Anyway, both of us got used kites that we are thrilled with, great swap all around!!!
  3. I'm set now, thank you ALL for your interest in my offering too!-plm
  4. Hi folks, I have three Zens or used to own 'em anyway. They are ALL a ragged mess and I want a new one. Don't need the bridle or the frame but I'm willing to work something out.If an exchange interests you instead of my bride's cash, ..... my offering is a 100% Shook Mesh Masterpiece Quad-lined kite in R/W/B with 16" magic sticks and a French bridle, 3wraps it's the one facing 2o'clock Thank you very much for your consideration too!-plm
  5. my experience is somewhat different, used to live in Hoffman Estates, IL.... then moved to Ft Lauderdale, HA! but upon my arrival in Washington DC ('93) none of my kites would even fly! I had to watch and learn all over again. Spent two years alone on a crappy Chinese "Backtracker" quad before I even knew they can be adjusted. Met a guy who flew 'em magically, paid him for a lesson to meet me at a park known for decent wind (Jeff Burka). At the end of the lesson he gifted me one of his custom Rev2 indoor, outdoor/up-wind one handed kites. That was 1996 and still can't fly that darn thing like Jeffery! Wait a few more years and someone actually asked me for advise,... wow I turned around to see who they could be speaking towards <LOL>. Since then I've worked for a couple of decades on mostly quads and I'm particularly proud of how I can tune a kite to my liking, any quad! Wife said I had too many hobbies so I gave up Golf and Martial Arts, that's like saying you don't love the 1st two kids anymore, only the 3rd one can stay home! In 1999 I teamed up with Harold Ames (Kitesquid), we took the SLE and made it fly in a dead calm,... with the big fat stick in there! Our kites were "no-sew" printed inkjet graphics and locked together in flight with rare earth magnets. That set a hook!, as an improviser paired with an implementer. I'd say what I wanted or offer a cocktail napkin sketch & he'd find a way to make it work for us. This was the end of the stock revolution bridle. It's got to be tighter, less sloppy for our town. 2003 we took on a new cooperative effort, adding in David Ashworth to our mixed up group. We converted the Spirit into the Tirips. I flew that kite design for about 3 years as everyone used Revs and I didn't want to be"that guy". Did a few more self-building projects and a few official workshops, where we'd ignore the offered project and make our own quad stuff. Stole all their best tricks too <HA!> Alas my expectations suddenly soared as well, being around all this grand talent. Doing it to my expectations took longer than I was willing to give, instead buy it! I gave up building, instead convincing myself that "commissioned" kites would reside in my A-bag. Kites that deviated from the approved design, where the build was constructed with my furnished materials, my way, I'll make the bridle and I'll choose the framing specific to each kite. A master craftsman just make the sail, or in some cases you just make a PART OF THE SAIL and somebody else will be paid to finish it so nobody can complain about what I want. Naturally you pay extra for this level of attention, and for me anyways.... I got what I paid for! I beat my kites unmercifully until failure. On a full sail that is about 18 months of life, on a full vent that is about ten years! You can do as much or as little as you choose with your quad-lined kite. My own personal rewards come best from experimenting and tuning. I've spent more time on the ground fiddling with stuff than flying. "What happens if?" is one of my favorite questions. I love to stick my handles into someone' else's grasp so they can experience a difference (not better) choice. Got into a local kite club, there's a whole variety of interests covered thru our membership. So you can play with a glider or a fighter, battle a mega-inflatable as helpful crew, fly sport kites and see grand national champion single- lined kites. Our conditions are more challenging, so you will have all-around skills. For 5 months out of the year we have "indoor conditions with an unlimited ceiling". I prefer no wind, dead calm and have plenty of kite choices for this weather. When our members travel to other parts of the USA we KNOW we can fly anywhere/in any weather conditions, owning the right stuff to sleep in a snow drift of wade thru ankle deep mud. Oh gosh, how to explain all the friends you will make across the country and even around the world flying quads. I've been to Canada, Tobago, Galapagos, Machu Pichu with invites to the Mid-East which the wife's scared of quite honestly. Flown around the states at some spectacular locations too! Enjoy your journey and share your experiences, they are joyful to us all. Each of us started the same way, my face is permanently wrinkled from smiling and laughing, and I like it that way.
  6. go to Reed Design kites < https://reeddesign.co.uk/kites/iskcb/mi17.html > and look up these various animations of the precision figures for competition. Doesn't matter if you want to do that, only that you can have something specific to work on. This is a favorite of mine the "Octogon", a stop sign outlined in reverse flight. You'll need Flash/by Adobe to view 'em and it is so worth your effort to make this happen! Imagine how SLOW you can do them, how precisely, imagine how they can blended, transitioning from one to another. How you could/should select components of each/of some favorites and add them together, into you own routine, suitable for a demonstration. Also, ALWAYS fly to music and relax too, let the kite do all the work,... if it doesn't do that (in today's conditions) you have another kite to acquire!
  7. come to DC this Sunday!, we fly the first Sunday of every month we're a local club flying on the west side of the Washington Monument, a bunch of quad heads w/some other low wind kite stuff thrown in. you try out each person's kite, get a couple of quick lessons (mine start w/the "cartwheel" ~ roll-over to launch position). At the end of the day you've tried out a bunch of kites, different handles and different "feels" in the tuning of each pilot's equipment. If you we're "local" we'd tell you NOT to buy a kite for 2 years, not beginner, or intermediate, not used,.... NO you will buy an expert's kite, but only after knowing exactly what you want, who's to make it, out of what, what conditions it has been crafted to conquer, even what design graphics your heart desires visually! You won't care what it costs and guess what ,we will all want a turn on your magnificent flying device too! Take some money you'd allocate to kites and go to a festival instead, find a willing coach (we all did this!!!!). You will save thousands of dollars and years of frustration!!!! You make find out you don't even like this crap at all. If our locals have to spend money they get advised to buy a Gortex rain suit for alaskan guides and appropriate shoes that can stand in ankle deep mud. see there's really no bad weather, only a poorly equipped kite flier. Don't you EVER be cold or wet, don't you ever doubt that a few of us are out there flying in rain blowing sideways with the temperature of 35 degrees either. A bag of quads can conquer any weather, just like golf clubs, you don't know which one you will next, but you carry e'm all, one for indoors, no wind, slight wind, mid-wind, high wind, dangerous wind and even underwater, lights, radios, music players, tarps, chairs lunch, a cart to hall all of this crap. There's no hurry my friend, see the future though, you are on the way to towing a trailer, LOL!
  8. I've heard rumors, that the trick was invented by Lee Sedgwick, doing it SIDEWAYS too (not leading edge ~ leading) from a open van during the rainstorm at wildwood. Has anyone accomplished the catch sideways (into and out of his van, so he didn't get wet!) is this true?
  9. our reservations were paid for in April of '18 (for the August mega-fly of 2019 WSIKF), so ya', what Wayne said is correct!
  10. there's a web-site he has, but I can't remember the name of it. I'd rather support my favorite retailer/re-seller even if it means a higher cost overall to my family. Mario had some at SPI in Bill and Susie's kite shop, but not designed for application on magic sticks specifically. I'm "in" when those are ready though. 5 of us beat a kite unmercifully night flying for an hour, so Mario knows exactly what our expectations are for durability, slack lining and rolled-up into the lines on the sand face down (glowing crab's eyestalks?) as he was "crew" on his baby. Heck the next day he shared revised plans for 3D printing the parts! Not the lightest weight solution, but super bright, even thru a black sail backlit, and sissy-stick users don't need a second stick or his support structure 'cause that crap's there already excited, thanks Mario and your team!
  11. Wayne, the connecting knot at the hinge is just a prussic knot to me when finished (instead of 1 time thru,... the larger loop passing thru the smaller loop and being snug down to tight, as demonstrated in Watts's video) I recommend going twice thru, or if your really willing the struggle a 3rd pass thru, = smaller hinge or less wiggle. Wiggles dilute pilot commands (or they add oversteer), which might be a benefit in big wind (you'd want it smoothed out, right?) but that isn't helping where I live!!! I need it more responsive, you might even say I even want it twitchy. I use 19' titanium handles and 50#/100 ft lines most of the time, given a choice. If all the bridle lines tighten with just the top two flight lines tensioned you get a better glide, Where you place the angles applied matters as well, obviously. The point is you can control the glide's decent when recovering your field by applying or Lessing the effect of the brake/bottom lines,.... if you let go entirely of both handles inverted and at or near the top of the wind window, it should go about 300% of that released altitude ALL BE ITSELF. So don't ever tell me you can't recover your field 'cause the kite doesn't even need you involved to do that! Let's look at oversteer a minute, that is something for nothing and also a requirement to learn it's uniqueness for you can maximum the impact/effect. Says you want a flat Axel, do you need to guide it 3/4 of the way around or 7/8,... knowing that last little bit comes free w/oversteer built in. I hate that! I want to make it go all the way around myself, demanding both handles to create the action necessary, so you can dial it around slowly, or only go half way (into a fade), or even changing lanes, throwing it out further away from center of the wind window ~ way out beyond the edge, instead towards it. With sufficient experience it just feels right, demanding a bigger movement means no sloppy adding in all by it's lonesome self. I spent 7 months comparing and testing before switching to the French Bridle. I few six years on the stock bridle until creating the 1point6. That was actually a whole kite, it had to fly in no wind and had to also use the SLE leading edge. Throws and catches were magical on those kites. KiteSquid/Harold Ames made them for the Smithsonian Kite Festival '99, no-sew construction, ink-jet printed sails, two kites locked together thru the use of rare earth magnets affixed along the LE. We won master's ingenuity, cooperative category & sport kite as "novices". Harold made 4 prototypes before arriving at one we could love. No elastic tensioning, knots or washers, instead he'd sewn belt loops into the reinforcing patches of a Dacron and adhered the sail to frame with automotive oh-rings, 9460 VHB 3M adhesive for the taped assembly. sorry, slow morning at the office & this is long @ WSIKF we can discuss tuning until the cows come in Wayne, one of my favorite topics!
  12. Hi Wayne, add a loop around any end cap with slack, (a 2nd pass around). pass the long line loop thru the smaller looped version a couple of times (I like 3. but it's very tough to snug into position). That takes out some of the slop in the two bridle attachment "hinge" area. You can also make the middle of the leading edge a tighter attachment point, even all the way down to snug, (thereby removing all of the wiggle there too) but that means some more adjustments to get the kite back to tension on all bridle legs with you just holding the kite by the 2 top bridle attachment points (were the flying lines attach) Doing all of this together gets you to the 1point6 bridle, which is what I used before switching over to the French '99 to '08. Have you noticed? that every new kite creates their own idea of what a successful bridle should look and feel like? Because the original design had too much slop built-in necessitating a pre-load being applied (Whump?)
  13. Except the installation shown has it installed incorrectly already! needs ALL of the bridle leg attachment point to face the center,... none should be affixed from the outside, collapse to the center, the leading edge's bridle should pull from below and the others from center outwards All of the bridles' legs should be tight, when picked-up by just the two top attachment points!!!
  14. not too heavy, just severely limiting the opportunities to use the rig, unless it's windy & steadily blowing forget the lights, just apply the battery weight to the leading edge and see how it flies. Can you take an SUL single skinned Rev down to 5mph and still do your stuff? What happens if you moved the battery weight to the top of the down-spars (behind the leading edge and sail)? Does that matter to your flight dynamics? If it is super powerful visually, it is probably heavy too, can you circumvent the flaw and keep the glory? Lights force you to use a lighter weight frame and a sail with less venting, .... or NONE at all, even when you know you should! The lightest weight set-up for all conditions is your buddy with a 5 mil candle-watt powered spot-light following you across the sky on your holographic mylar sail
  15. Weight and durably affixed are the 2 most important issues, Mario will have a east coast version for sticks after testing sessions at SPI pointed out our concerns clearly, excited too!
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