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  1. Riff, you should ride up with Conklin, next time we go to West Covington Park, ride in the back of his new Subaru with a mask, and hoodie reversed to cover your face! Come up and fly with WoWsters, you know some of us already!
  2. figure of eight knot and a set of forceps..... the knot is too be placed at a very specific point,( it will not slide only tighten, which is four thicknesses in the middle of the knot), How can it slide around if it tightens on both directions towards the center of itself? I should shoot some video, but the knot looks like an "8" only laying on it's side (before it is tightened), ONE half of that eight has to be pushed OVER the top of the entire assembly of string and all of the ensuing slack must be PULLED OUT in the opposite direction. Holding the strands in place with the forceps allo
  3. I am still afraid for myself and family, and have withdrawn from the weekend, you guys go wale away in my behalf, thinking of you all already tearin' it up!
  4. the pull or stopper knot shown in the picture was placed onto the existing loop rather than being built INTO the loop before forming,.... insert that thing on the single strand!
  5. you can get anything you desire,... IF you're patient, financially motivated or important lives are truly in jeopardy! You are building a line (set) from a single strand, placing the stopper knot into that strand BEFORE forming the attachment loop. The pig-tail is that part that loop attaches to, if will never be anywhere except on that bridle or the leaders for handles. The sleeving is another tangle point on the bridle when throwing acres or slack, heck I have even tangled the handle ends too. Slack where you can walk into it, not just catch a shirt button or wrist-watch, rea
  6. Skybond for me, pre-tied sets from Flying Smiles' Cath Shook, no sleeving, extended length attachment loops with stopper knots built it. PERFECT from the card winder, flown a couple of hours and the reversed top and bottom positions on the handles.
  7. no wind is like indoors, you MUST use your feet,... think the "up & over" technique Plus, you must use the field walking around as well as that crazy slack lining. How much room dictates how long of a line set to apply, then just match a kite to pull those strings around, I use 15', 30', 50, 60'(50#, 100#) 100's (50# and 100#), 120's (50, 100, 170#) Fly indoor, SUL, UL, standard, mid-vent, full vent, ultra vent, mega-vent and thong-butt bikini vented
  8. Skybond is judged superior on the east coast, against ALL challengers, more slippery, tighter diameter, longer lasting, slimmer and yet stronger too, color is just a bonus, I am not sponsored except by my wife (ha!)
  9. someday, the wind will be a deterrent to your fun! Now? I prefer no wind (after decades of mid-atlantic weather, indoor conditions with an unlimited ceiling,..... for 5 months!), True dead calm, early morning sunrises, usually on long lines too, I just need good footing to move around safely backwards and laterally, so lately I've been flying in closed parking lots at the soccerplex nearby my home on AUAs, 50 pound, (60, 100 & 120') skybond
  10. almost everything becomes personal taste after learning the basics, we both have easily visual identifiable styles for movements of bodies and kites
  11. dugard uses his initials, Shook a compass rose, Bazzer and Rev each use a screen printing process w/logos, you'll come up with something equally unique for your own "brand"
  12. will be interesting to see how this aspect effects flight dynamics, gliding for example, love the experimenting sir!
  13. Anyone got any "Response 12" sky shark tubes, these giveaways are 19s so you can actually use 'em in shook-mesh weather, I do! NOTE: if you "cut 'em down",... to fit 1.5 shapes you cut the fat part and leave the skinny end whole. If you don't want the end-caps to rattle, you'll wrap the end of the spar with vinyl electrical tape )a couple of wraps is sufficient) I've done this for literally decades and love these tubes!
  14. Great giveaway John, these tubes are down spars only for SUL or standard sailed kites, PERFECT option easy to compare switching back and forth. Someone is gonna inherit some irreplaceable items, discontinued decades ago.... RARE and DESIREABLE the taper forces more weight forward resulting in a better glide when leading edge down doing field recovery envy to the winner, PM me if you want to unload, trade, sell, donate to a worthy cause? -plm
  15. I went to shaped wooden pistol grips, anatomically fitted to each hand, mike van meers custom 100 bucks, easy to "rock/balance" on one finger!
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