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  1. Paul LaMasters

    Crazy Quilt.

    thanks for the explanation, unique feature, enjoy
  2. Paul LaMasters

    You might be a kite nut.

    ..... admiring someone else's quad-lined kite, when you have 60+ of 'em already in the vehicle! ..... when the spouse gets the phone call for cool new kite stuff immediately available, instead of you ('cause you're on an allowance, even the vendor knows that (w/o her head nod nothing is happening, so why involve me first, or at all?) .... kite building vendors call you for specific & scarce fabric colors they can't find anywhere else .... you look for wind movement everywhere you go, knowing that something in your bag is appropriate when the flying opportunity presents itself ... when the wife asks you about the two kites she has already approved for purchase and you haven't gotten around to ordering them yet!
  3. Paul LaMasters

    Crazy Quilt.

    that's the back of the sail, correct?... with the white as a top layer
  4. Paul LaMasters

    Rev Exp w/ Reflex for Beginner?

    there are some great quad-heads in NJ, you are lucky to live there you need to hook-up with Lisa Willoughby, or Dennis Smith for a personal lesson (Liberty State Park is a frequent destination) There's a four decade level of experience available from this pairs team, Lisa is an excellent indoor pilot too and Smitty kicks my butt in competition MMB almost every time we meet (since 1999). They are both master class dual line pilots besides the quads. Lisa coordinates a festival on Long Beach Island (NJ) in the fall too. You've gotta make a way there and time to join us. night fly, buggies, huge inflatables, quad team, competition, but only the "fun events" <HA!> are held. Naturally demos done all day. A bunch of us are in the Washington DC area if you ever get down there. In the summer-time it's a indoor quad-lined event with an unlimited ceiling almost every time we meet (5 months worth anyway). A coach will save you both time and money, ignore the travel cost fears, you are SAVING big time with a coach and getting to experience a bunch of flight variations w/o any financial commitment. You get to "FEEL" it and see if you connect. Quads are as a variable as any driven vehicles to take you across town, (you can make a quad any way you want with tuning, selections of framing and sail configurations, line choices and handles.) All smooth and graceful or twitchy and responsive?
  5. Paul LaMasters

    Mesh Vs. No Mesh

    the 19 foot mesh delta has been flown successfully INDOORS at the National Air & Space Museum Annex by Dulles Airport with Ron Sitnk piloting,... not for long and not for very far, but undoubtedly flight worthy (if you want it bad enough like him)
  6. Paul LaMasters

    Mesh Vs. No Mesh

    My bride and i have lighted mesh deltas, 2 nine or ten feet and one a foot smaller. They have 64 lites sewn in, a program flasher and a long lasting rechargeable battery. When assembled the whole thing is darn solid and balanced. Battery trapped into a holder, spars are thread-wrapped & epoxy coated, tapered carbon (TOUGH) The two larger ones are pretty effortless fliers in low wind, surprisingly low wind actually and the lights from a 100 or so feet high will illuminate an entire field below. The further you let them out the less impact on the show below! We bought one big one from "Cobra Kites in NJ", assembled in on the bed and promptly ordered another one w/o even flying it, we were so impressed w/design and construction. These kites are super reliable, you can hand 'em off to spectators and know that they will be just fine, even if never having succeeded in the past. Oh & the thrill on their faces, with your trust in them. Of course they let out more line, just make 'em wind in back in before you accept the kite back. This is an incredible financial value for a show piece at will love it! (them, you won't settle for one)
  7. Paul LaMasters

    Quad Count (they all count)

  8. Paul LaMasters

    Quad Count (they all count)

    I'm considered a newbie in my home field of kite fliers, only doing it since '96 (10 hrs per week). I got the first quad 1993 but didn't know squat about tuning or adjustments for a couple of years. Made my first quad kite and entered at the Smithsonian Fest in 1999, won but who builds a sport kite as a novice? I was told in 2004 at a competition (1st one entered '99) that I had finally learned how to back-up. Stopped making kites when Bazzer and Shook came on board. They would both try to follow my requirements w/o charging too much extra and built 'em way better than I could ever do. I beat my dear friend & MMB competition nemesis after eleven years of failures (2 or 3 times annually!) in 2015, yeah as a soul flyer too with no music or routines preplanned. I have had folks tell me "No you can't team-fly with us" and I've had to respectfully ask others to leave a team-fly 'cause they couldn't cut it themselves (both of these courses of action are extremely tough on everyone involved!) I am not a collector and I have more kites than I can fly or even want to carry, just hate to sell 'em off.
  9. Paul LaMasters

    Rev 2 Help

    Then start all over, my friend making the best of the situation. call Eliot Shook, get a French bridle, 12" magic sticks and a P-90 full replacement frame,... that kite will rock your socks off in any decent wind! Best flown on shorter lines so you can throw & catch it, probably shorter than 80 feet most of the time. I like mine on 90 feet of 100# skyBond in big wind (over 20 mph) and on 50 feet of 50# Skybond when conditions warrant a more proper flailing length, down to low wind tickles. A single Axel is a miracle, doubles are too easy to do, flickin' it inside out, catching it like magnetism was employed instead just your proper techniques. I like a Rev2/B2 on longer handles (15's or longer) so you can really impart your demanding will into a wrist flick or thumb stab which yields a dramatic impact on the other end with the kite. Heck you can even fly a "2" with no bridle at all, like my coach Jeffery Burka, (He flies his UPwind one-handed w/o looking at it, .... on maybe 35 feet of line. He could do this over your thanksgiving dinner party's heads indoors or in a 20 mph breeze off of the ocean!) There are plans somewhere on the web from a French team of quad-heads, "Crazy Drivers". Their magic sticks are super short subs which bend the frame (exactly like the Reflex mechanism) and the "bridge line" of the truss stings is connected to the bottom of the sail (@ the center Vee) instead of going all the way across to the half half of the sail. This makes a very pronounced 3D-shaped sail (a flat sail flies better in no/low wind, a 3D sail is all floaty and has to be tended always like a Deca) and allows you to unroll the kite (after wrapping in up in the strings!) in flight during your throw! Oh but wait, they can catch it back rolled up again after flying around awhile. I saw this in Canada a half dozen of so years ago by one of 'em. OMG Look upon your purchase as a great example of what's possible, all from that sail. You can go into a dozen different directions and still make it back to stock if so desired. I envy you! ENJOY
  10. Paul LaMasters

    Diamonds in the Sky

    you can do a flush leading edge end-cap attachment point on the leading edge sleeve W/O going to the T-fitting solution too. Bazzer's Phoenix efforts are "lashed down" onto the back of the sail (kinda' like screws into sheet of plywood) instead of a single loop of elastic shock cord. Nothing moves and its absolute totally flush. He also incorporates a doubled row of straight stitching into the trailing edge border (edge binding). This make more of a hard ribbon to slice/cut thru the airstream in reverse flight, as opposed to the much more common triple stitched zig-zag method. Lam does the progressively tighter and tighter zig-zag, like every couple of stitches are a different size, even on his appliqué. A WAY COOL effect that almost nobody else would do except for their own personal equipment. Doing it yourself means you can change anything, even the ridiculous!!! A French Bridle incorporates a "restricter line" that can be used as well, to lock down the end=caps on the leading edge. Doing this also adds a distance between the sail fabric and the frame (up at the top) such that your hand can fit inbetween w/o touching either item. This is the same effect as the reflex solution with none of the pre-engineered flaws. You can get that killer glide to (throw and catch) by trapping those elastic knots and washers behind the down-spar's fittings/end-caps. You can test your glide easily by throwing the kite off of the lines, it should go away from you flat and far, like a successfully throw frisbee! If it just wimps out a few yards away then you can alter it. Restricting the end-caps' movement and/or just placing 'em flush will still allow for seven equal line lengths as the stack strings, as done by the REV masters Lee (Segwick) and Sam (Ritter), using 12 packs of Rev ones, flown for decades in all conditions. Dugard and Polansky, even Alden Miller don't have the spars sticking out, way above the leading edge, they use the 1.5 platform sized format for their stacks.
  11. Paul LaMasters

    Diamonds in the Sky

    So folks can't create a stack with a flush leading edge ? congats to MC!
  12. Paul LaMasters

    Feeling Gray

    You're ready for a mesh kite progressive stack!, leave half of the fabric strips out a couple Vickis or 135%s, followed by two 100% and finally a couple of 75s and two 40%ers to bring up the rear
  13. Paul LaMasters

    Diamonds in the Sky

    hi Riff, As a future improvement to consider,.... The Down Spar end-caps on top should be flush along the leading edge, sticking up is sure tangle point some day when you are all slack lined and spankin' it. and maybe a little more curvature built into the leading edge (seems pretty laser straight in the video compared to other kites shown) so it "cups air" better. Try a couple of inches (2) down from the center (on each wing-tip) so the curve is built into the leading edge sleeve without a set of sticks inserted, your kites look good in the sunlight, editing could take out JH in the foreground, Ha!
  14. Paul LaMasters


    Wasn't concerned about reflex diameter tubes, just knowing that other builders make kites that don't fit rev's 1/4 inchers unless the caps are swapped out first
  15. Paul LaMasters

    Recommendations on first kite bag-

    Brianne Howard's custom bag service is the ticket if you can describe or visualize your objectives sufficiently, AND she is a joy to work with besides! She made my mini-rev stacks carrier from the attached diagram, it is perfect and worth every penny. I doubt you could intentionally create anything more complex than that thing I am very happy with the large sized Orvis Fishing case too,... holds 10-15 revs and all the bits in a tightly padded carry-on Brianne's Case.pdf