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  1. We always take being called nuts in a good way, please share the video and enjoy the love we just like to have fun, I've posted a kite board movie too.
  2. Hi guys, Heres my latest video from the kiteboarding world, it features myself, David Ursell and team mates AJ Philipsen and Kris Beech. Please enjoy and share about! Extreme sports in essex Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi guys, we had an adventure on July first, The PUSH Kiting crew along side some more Flexifoil team mates Kitesurfed the channel from England to France to get some world records under our belts, we had a blast - infact the best kitesurfing session of my life. Heres the story and video Kitesurfing lessons for the rich and famous Please enjoy and share Cheers, Dave @ PUSH Kiting
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