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  1. Truly an experience I will never forget(except that one night) If you get the chance, make sure you bring lots of RedBull and Coffee, cuz the experience doesn't stop till ya head home
  2. Yea, it was great flying with you. maybe i'll be able to fly duals next time also. Heck it took me 5 minutes to teach everyone the couple tricks i know. After next weekend they will be posting Youtube videos Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  3. it has been an awesome experience! Some many great people and a pure love of kiting from everyone. All kiting, all day and deep into the night.
  4. here's my entry with a little help from my best friends daughter... she caught it pretty well i think!
  5. john, ive worked out a plan... if you fly me out west, i will sleep on any soft carpeting and provide all needed repairs to your vehicle... payment is air fare and to make sure i WHUMP better than the RajinCajun! Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  6. Got my buddies 15yo daughter working on designs for me as we speak...
  7. Do we have any spots left for the Rev Clinic? Was thinking about taking a road trip partner.
  8. I may be lookin at a couple xtra days myself. Never know if someone needs a kite monkey. Plus...its winter in Michigan!!! Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  9. Boy that dual clinic looks good too! I dont think i can get a week off though but who knows Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  10. This couldn't have happened at a better time! I've been looking for an excuse to get down and visit the EC guys... A little schooling from J.B and a reason to get out of Michigan in winter.... Was the perfect push i needed. See ya there! Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  11. i break down all my LEs so i dont need a long bag. I found this on amazon under field hockey. it holds 8-10kites depending on cases(fit my zephyr hard case, 4d case,2 revs, slk and 2 more duals). the 3 ext. pockets are awesome for lines, staked,mp3... whatever. $30 Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  12. Love mackite!!! Bought many kites from them at their grand haven store! super festival in may also! Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  13. like it. extremely bright and light i bet. I've been working with the LED strips. waiting for school to get out for my son to be able to do some night
  14. I have been trying to get my wife flying and haven't been too successful until now... obviously two kites have been broken, which is common while learning. I let my wife fly a Jazz which is in your price range and has been pretty durable. It has taken some MAJOR hits and keeps flying. The spine finally failed and pierced the sail in two places but it was still airborn and I just replaced it with a piece I had laying around. I do cringe when she flies, worrying about broken parts. At the last festival I picked her up a Snapshot 1.2 foil. Nothing to break and it packs up small, wind range about 6-25mph. It is well under your price range and will get your girls out flying and learning the basics without worrying! It's not a delta, but it is a dual line that doesn't pull very hard. After some time, you can always upgrade to something better as long as they still enjoy it!
  15. Premier WIDOW!!!! it is a low budget WIDOWMAKER. they are just over the $100 mark and will trick pretty nice for you. Jon T. (designer of the widowmaker) may have some reworked widows still at kitesandfunthings. the quantum is not a trick kite, not saying it can't, but as a newb(like me) it's not fun, but it is very durable and needs more wind. It pulls like a truck. I think the Hypnotist would be a better bet in the prism line. Silverfox's are also nice and inexpensive. my money is still on the WIDOW. have fun!
  16. welcome to the KiteLife! I just celebrated my 1yr anniversary last weekend and I started the same way you did! I had 5 kites in 2 months and 10 now thanks to the 2 we bought for my wife this past weekend at a festival. My zephyr has been my go to kite for about 6 months and has treated me very well. I agree with Must86 with the wind range. I will usually pull out my little Jazz or a full vent Rev around 10mph. My wife's foil will probably get out pretty often in that range also. I have been slowly and painfully(especially for my kite) learning tricks and knock on wood have had no breaks on the Z. I learned on a quantum which is much heavier and stronger, managing to break a leading edge a couple times. FIRST THING FIRST- GIVE TO THE KITE!!!! if it's going DOWN..... Walk or RUN towards it to take wind out of the sail and slow her down! it makes crashing much easier on the kite! SECOND- Work on your ground work/recoveries from a crash on a soft surface. Short grass or sand is good. Getting good at ground work takes a little work. I look like a MONKEY SWATTING FLY"S sometimes but it prevents that awful walk of shame. If the kite is on it's belly nose pointed towards you, just stake your lines and go set it up. If not try tugging one line while giving slack to the other and watch how the kite reacts. You may want to stake your lines and walk up closer to the kite and tug on the lines to get a better view(just make sure she doesn't take off on you!) Bottom line is recovery is essential but can also break parts if not done correctly so try to master it as soon as possible As far as the ferrule goes, I have good luck with a lighter slowly heating it up and then pulling it out with some needle nose pliers. Just keep the flame moving. There are some places online that also sell BLEMISHED tubes of all sizes and ferrules. I have had good luck with them. gook luck and enjoy! jim ps- if you ever get up to northern Indiana/ s.w. Michigan, look me up! I'd love to fly with you. Maybe we could get some other IKEers to fly too.
  17. those zero g's have really caught my fancy since they came out. I have only seen one fly once but it was gone before i could get a closer look.. I would love to get one for my wife,, duals arent' really her thing. are they pretty easy to fly? oh heck.. i'll get her one and if she doesn't like it,,,, well, you know!
  18. welcome!!! Great people here! Nice to see you are keeping up on the duals and SLK's! I am a newb and found rev's pretty early in the game but am committed to my duals too. To me it all depends on what mood i'm in and what music I'm going to play.. also a nice Full Vent is great on those high wind days!
  19. And ROLLING ROCK BEER was BORN! now i know what the "33" represents!
  20. I do enjoy my ZEPHYR, It has allowed me to learn some tricks and it fly's pretty low,, I think 3mph is a better low end for it, but it should do most all tricks for you. I have been contemplating an upgrade but until I can OUT FLY it.. .I don't see a reason. I highly recommend it. I also have a 4d and love that little sucker too.. It gets me out when nothing else will, but it fly's nothing like the zephyr. Each have their place with me though. 4d for dead summer air, kinda twitchy, doesn't really trick that easy at first. It WILL hold up to a Bashing also. It only met one FENCE that it don't like in 8mph winds. no sail damage but broke a L.E. the case it comes with is awesome too! Zephyr for most other times, can do just about anythng(I CAN"T, but IT CAN) and the price is really nice. It has also held up to a BASHING as I learn.
  21. My wife was a real trooper and went out in crazy temperature to film me tonight.. It was FRIGID and stormy winds 7-10mph 22 degrees. but the video came out pretty well.. my flying not so much but i couldn't feel my fingers or my toes!!! the video didn't really pick up the sail that well but it was lit also.. it's tough with a dark sail. thanks also to Steven Leonard from AeroShark for his input on this project. enjoy http://youtu.be/8zp8oLwO0gs
  22. the lights weight next to nothing at all! the battery packs are the things you have to worry about. I have 2 small packs on this kite on the back side at the top of the vertical. the top 3 lights are run by one pack, and the second pack runs the 2 bottoms. with just one pack on and holding the rev in the center, it only dropped about 3 degrees on that side. I think easily compensated for. we don't drive electric cars because the battery technology.. I hated ohms law! right now i just have one small battery and a switch in each box. I did find some batteries that I can double up and probably get 3 times the run time out of, but they are not as easy to come by. I tried the first set of led's and they last 10hrs with 6 segments(3led's per sement) now i only have 3-4 segments on each pack so I am hoping they will last a wicked long time but the jury is still out on that. I had a problem with one of my lights that dimmed to nothing while the other 2 were FINE... haven't solved that except put a new battery in and it was fine. If i find these lights last as long as i think they will, then i can add more with out a problem, I just need to experiment some more seriously, do not destroy your kids toys(unless they are also loud and annoying) I have so much stuff here to play with, it would cost next to nothing to ship and I got it for a great price too.
  23. With a little help from my wife,,, I got the Rev all lit up....hopefully I can get it in the air tomorrow night after work Everything hooks up and comes off easy too. only a couple minutes to set it up! I am gonna fly the SNOT out of the night fly at the GLKF in Grand Haven MI this year I am just hoping I don't get the cops called on me too often at my local field
  24. ok, I did another kite and actually got out to the field tonight to fly.. I only flew the Zephyr because the wind was too much for the 4d and the lines were too much for the rev tonight.. They have all flown great and I think the zephyr flew better. I could lock tricks in better. The system weighs a tad less than the tail weight that comes with it but I moved it up the spine a bit. The video didn't come out but here are some pics http://youtu.be/lcMIO8DK8u0
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