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  1. last nights results http://youtu.be/mJYVLewzVN8
  2. Thanks for the interest. I had a very LONG, but PRODUCTIVE night last night!!! I have not been able to get the rev out with the new light on it yet, but I hope to tonight and will take pics and video. Last night I worked on my DUAL set up and I think it turned out AMAZING! I will try to get it up tonight also. I am still working on how to fasten it perfectly, but I have some Ideas. I think It is different than anything else I've seen. I just hope it looks as good outside. Don't expect me to trick the heck out of it, but maybe I can get a volunteer to help me with that I have actually ordered a fair amount of supplies and expect them to roll in early next week. Please let me know what you guys think and if you have any ideas/requests jim
  3. We are just starting to increase our hrs of light. I will work hard for you guys down under, i know how the short hrs can really mess you up. Once i get it perfect, i can tell ya how to do it or we can save on shipping since you guys get to fly together.
  4. Thanks guys, i just added another light that i think will illuminate the REVOLUTION in the center. We are getting hit with a good storm tonight but i will try to get out toninght and take pics. Rob, good idea on the dual... i was thinking perimeter lights, but i was working with some different lights today to light the sail. I just need to experiment with placement... hopefully have one put together by thursday. I have messed with wiring since i was 8, but not fine electronic soldering.... i think i got it mastered today :-)
  5. your boy's got some moves!!! direct and graceful like dad! someday when i am still trying to master the axle,,, I'll be watching his video's... saying "I want to do that!!" honestly though,, that is really nice, great to see you spending the quality time with the family.. I now need to get my family out there flying their PIRATE. I was going to get my wife a zero g, but decided I will wait till spring gets here.
  6. Thanks, I am gonna try my duals next! it Really doesn't weigh much at all. went to radioshack today and came up with some cool ideas.. I think this will look great at GRAND HAVEN. Are you gonna be able to make it? I called for a room today but waiting on a call back. may have to go to another hotel. yea, my wife was funny,,, with her its a butterfly comments and a few others i cut out. It was 30 degrees but just a COLD 30 degrees.
  7. It's a RUSH job,, we had a preschool registration at 7:00 and we set up the kite and filmed for about 10 minutes and were home by 8:00. same kite... 1.5 full vent 3 wrap frame winds were 6-8mph and stormy, sometimes 0. this is by far my worst flying EVER but It gets the point across. I even did some planned crashes and left them in.. Not telling which ones were planned though! The kite looks heavy in the video but i think it was more wind conditions, cuz it flew beautiful earlier. Never adjusted the lights once!!!! http://youtu.be/QVr8A2HrEjc warning... if you get motion sick... close your eyes and listen to the music
  8. Ok, just had the preliminary flight! AWESOME!!! 1.5 fv 3wrap fram 8.5-12mph winds,, average about 9.5 per windmeter I flew for 1.5hrs and didn't make one adjustment! Very exciting!!!! there was 1-2 inches of wet snow on the ground that was very sticky. I thought for sure after a couple hard landings, L.E. drags across the snow that something would have shaken loose... NOPE!!! Usually my hair brain schemes require some modifying to keep things together but this went perfect. flight characteristics were great. It did have a little extra inertia in spins so you had to cut out early to not over spin, but easily learned. the inverted hovers were GREAT and still had REVERSE upward flight. I must have flown to "devil went down to georgia" atleast 6 times!!!!! If that doesn't break something... we're GOOD! Now I just need some winds tonight and a wife that would like to film me.
  9. only problem is getting someone out there with me
  10. WHY.... YES... they are! they were on sale at work, I was worried about powering them with batteries since they are 12 volt, but they came with a battery holder for button batteries or I will probably modify it for 2 A23 batteries. the button batteries ran for over 4hrs last night!!! very excited about that. I had this morning off, so the wind was..... 0mph... of course! I did a pretty good SHAKE down test in the house, nothing like flying but everything stayed put, I have some ideas if it doesn't in flight though, my goal is... SIMPLE IS BETTER! THe weight is VERY MINIMAL, I don't have a scale to weight them, but it is BARELY noticable. the battery packs are mounted on the L.E where the verticals attach. It may be the weight of using an SLE rod.... I will keep updating jim
  11. Had a couple Ideas in my head and made a couple for some kite friends,, kinda early drafts. Got some momentum and am waiting for a power cord to come to take them to the next level...
  12. Busy with work, wife and 2 kids and needed to get more flying in! I figured after dark may be the best option to extend my flying hours. I just got this together tonight and went out in the sleet and snow at 930 in my pajamas to take pics. I am hoping to get it in the air later this week and see how she flies. If she does good, i will post all the details.. if not I will ask for help http://www.youtube.com/embed/i7vZRXcbZVQ
  13. I bought my first 3 kites from MacKite in Michigan... they have an AWESOME festival every year, They converted me from a gear head to a kite flyer. I think i even missed one of the BIG NAME guys up there last year,,, he's been know to hang out on the forum! I actually got a great deal on a Rev from them also. A Wind of Change has been Great for me also.I have 3 kites from them and a few line sets. Kent has been great and takes time to answer my NEWB questions. They also have a rewards type program that has helped out. Lots of great companies out there but i figured the ones that help me need a plug jim
  14. I have a quantum and Zephyr. The quantum pulls like a truck! it is alot of fun but i have broken lines on it many times. I just ordered some 175lb lines so i can fly it again. For tricks I really like the zephyr it handles lower winds better and has taken a likin' as i learn tricks. enjoy! jim
  15. Michigan checkin in!!! It has been 6 degrees for about 4 days the last two week. with highs of what i describe as "3x's warmer" around 18 to 21 degrees. I made it out to fly in 23 degrees and it wasn't to bad... it did start to snow and get dark but it was beautiful!!! My back was covered in wet snow but I enjoyed it. I have thursday and friday off and hope the lake is frozen to fly on! I will try and get some pics. jim
  16. Thats a great idea about the race frame, butttt....... Weatherbug is showing 20 - 30mph with 50mph gusts! Must be one of those great lake hurricanes you here so much about. Can we say thank god for the SLE frame that came by mistake.
  17. Cuz i am lazy :-) Actually i thought i had race frame in but discovered i had a 4wrap. I didn't bring my other frame. I have been using the stiffer frame when possible to help with some control. I slide better with them at this point. Also the wind has really been getting up there and gusting, so i figure it is some insurance also. I was impressed with the ability to go that low.
  18. I could have tried that tonight... the wind was great 4-7mph when i got out after work. After 40 minutes of flying it really started to drop, I was watching my foot work and my pulls- I really need to watch that video again! My field is used for the Apple Harvest Festival and it was DARK... If i would have run i think i would have found a few of the holes used for the tent supports.... I couldn't risk bending a handle! I was able to keep her going pretty well at 3mph- std 1.5b with 4 wrap
  19. And a spare in case someone else wants to try!
  20. Well i ordered the full vent today at 4:00 flew in perfect winds at 5:00. Probably wont get any high winds for the rest of the year. :-) I think that should be it for kite purchases for now. But i should be able to fly in most anything now :-)
  21. thanks for the input I think the full vent is coming much sooner than expected! With the full vent and 4wrap, I should be good for just about any wind, right??????
  22. Well i have had some wicked wind lately, need a vent... thats another story... Went out flying in the storm today. 7 - 15mph steady with stronger gusts. I had a stronger leading edge, but RR's in the verticles. Winds picked up and tried to land but the wind wipped and i got turned around and landed hard on the spar. It kinda... exploded! I put another one in and kept flying. No damge to sail but i did fly the edges and land more often. I did manage some clockwork with success today. I think i was pulling the wrong hand and that sure explains it dropping so fast before :-) . My slides are much better with a stiffer l.e. My reverse flight has gotten better too and i think i have discovered how to guide it using one edge and let the rest kinda follow. I still get the bowtie effect sometimes. If i fly reverse one side likes to flip under. It only goes reverse very slowly. And reverse launch will usuall cause it also. Is it possible my bungies need tightning? I have tried more or less brake at the handles and it doesn't seem to matter much. Any help is apreciated Jim
  23. Thank you Jynx for letting me use your vented! It looks like these winds are going to be sticking around. Last night after my sons soccer game i took her out and the winds went from 7 to gusts of 17+ (i know cuz my wife loves me and got me a wind meter for my bday :-) ). I got some "look at that. Cool. Whats that, a kite?" And a couple premature "oooooohhh" and a couple laughs right before i ALMOST crashed into the ground at full speed... guess i don't have to change my name to.....DOESHALFADIVESTOPWELL....I finally got both parts down :-) Guess i need to figure out how to get another sail into the house.... thank god those 1.5b's look the same to the untrained eye. My luck the wife will be watching me fly and say "wow hun, you are handling those winds better...your kite isn't flexing as bad..... YOU SOB, WHERE DID YOU GET THE MONEY FOR THAT?" I did notice some stuff (slides) were easier with vented and stiffer frame. I have a stiffer frame coming. Well i am sure enjoying it and started studying all the youtube videos to see what i can do better. So far i see keep it lower and slower! That is my plan for next week!
  24. i am looking forward to getting into it sooner than later. i just need to find some locals.
  25. ok it is official... i am a quad head! Had a great time with IKE and 180go today with plans to do it again tomorrow. I still think the group flying is insane! i am sure if someone lived close by i would quickly venture into pairs... but nothing more! I would carry $80 and a new set of scissors with me every outing. It was great watching other people fly and it put me at ease. Jon, your latest video inspired me.... I had to dip the girl in Lake Michigan a couple times.... a couple wonderful vertical slides if i may add we will see what tomorrow brings.....pictures hopefully... youtube HERE I COME!
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