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  1. Ok, 25mph or 0mph or a shifting 6mph? Ok so the wind has not been great but i am not discouraged! I love my 4d and it took a little while to get good with it.

    My question is: sometimes the rev will feel really loose on the trailing edge and will end up folding over on itself(the bowtie spins on the leading edge- as if you were holding it on the ends of the leading edge and spun them opposite directions). I am not sure if it is wind direction changing or my handles aren't set up properly. There's a chance it happens more when i am trying to get some extra lift, but i am not certain. I does happen in light wind.

    Also, what wind is the race frame good up to?

    I am going to recycle everything i can this week so Mother Nature will be good to us for the IKE event :-)

  2. I had a great time flying today, some really gusty strong winds, i am not sure if all the wierd happenings were mine or some the winds. Made an adjustment to the handles, less go, i was having trouble getting reverse, much better now!

    I also took my thumbs off the top. I concentrated on flying with my fingers (index-up,ring-down) it smoothed out my flying 80%. I was getting confused pulling brake while pushing thumb :-)

    Was flying forward/reverse both horizontally and vertically pretty smooth. I did a few spins pretty well.

    The clock and i don't get along well! I can hover right and left but she gets away from me when i try pulling a handle. Am i supposed to initiate it with a some throttle or just a pull? How do i get it to 6:00? Ok, off to watch the videos again. :-)

  3. Fun for the whole family, glad you can go on the 30th. I am trying to get out early saturday also.

    Well i can say i actually FLEW her today! Love the red in the sky, very Rising Sun!

    I got her going up and landing super soft, hovering and some turning. Tried to slide and it did for a couple feet till it flew straight up. I also learned that when flying right, you need to Brake left to swing her back up, not throttle right. My wife is saying" didn't you learn that in CARS? Turn left to go right" in opposite world.....:-)

    Well i have tomorrow off! Gonna get some flying in for sure! Time to watch the videos again, now that i have an idea what to expect.

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  4. Oh bad wind... i should have warned everyone there would be bad wind for up to a month after my purchase. Winds were about 20+ today and blowing every direction. They slowed to 12ish and i felt brave. I set the kite up, realized i had the handles backwards when i went to hook up the lines(not that i couldn't have switched them but.."black and bottom"). I had it set up perfect until i got back to the handles and it fell forward and ROLLED up twice towards me!!! Not that i am good... but not my first kite rodeo and the wind was strong to my back when i grabbed the handles..... ahhhh!

    I did get her to cartwheel pretty nice just off the ground. Then the soccer field was needed... tomorrow is another day!

    Don't worry Rob, you keep putting up them videos and i will still be inspired to learn freestyle! :-)

    Jynx, looking forward to it also. Just asked for sat afternoon and i have sun off.

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  5. Ok I have received my Red/Black 1.5B today!!! It seems some colors are hard to come by right now, but I found this one at my local store (Mackites in grand haven,mi). I am pleased because after the Festival in may this year up there, they have managed to hook me on this sport and sell me 4 prisms in 3 months!

    I didn't think I would move into quads so fast but i have done many hours and even days of research (nice of some forums to tell you in DAYS how much time you have been on...do they want my wife to divorce me). :ani_wallbash:

    I am very excited to learn this new kite and meet some of you friendly folks! My goal was to get my Rev before the IKE fly at the end of this month so i could learn some basics and pick up as much as i can from the wonderful people there.

    Thank you John for the great videos!!! I don't know if I will be able to fly on my first try, but you have given me all you can to help me succeed! (sure i will watch the videos about 30x's)

    I will keep you all posted how I am doing. I just hope I get good enough to impress some bystanders and get a few more flyers in the area!


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  6. welcome! i too am a beginner and have aquired 4 prisms in 2 months. get the general feel of control first and don't expect the tricks to just happen, it takes time. i am barely getting tricks to happen at all but if you find some people to fly with i think it helps. I haven,t found anyone around here yet ;(

    have fun!

    p.s. click that little link at the bottom of must86's post..... the one that says youtube! :)

  7. I like the power.... the control! I feel it pulling me in! Wait.... I am running towards it! Dang u DARK SIDERS!

    Honestly, i can't wait to meet some of you and learn all i can! I am still accepting the fact that i am addicted to kites! Its been hot rods, paintball, gyms for my entire life, but i think meeting some other addicts will allow me to fully accept and fuel my addiction.

    Thank you


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