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  1. hey there Penny, Sadly I was not at Brookings due to financial situations I ended up having to not go which really sucked! however, i'm glad you guys that made it had a blast!
  2. dude it sucked! Sunday looked like a real sweet day! however, thanks for letting me hang out with you guys on friday and Saturday! I had a real blast! and if Tracy and her other half are on here and read this, thankyou for letting me invade your place with these guys Friday night! I really appreciate it!
  3. Who else is going to Berkeley this July?? I know John and Monkey are going but I'd love to get a lot of people there for a Mega fly the fields there are perfect for it!
  4. how short is short? I have lines which are i think between 40 - 50 feet but I have no idea of the actual measurement, also I have my 120 foot lines which are NOT short
  5. Steve: you can just pull your car right onto the field??
  6. for me it'll be around 7 hours to Brookings - i'm In San Mateo in California, however, i'll be leaving hopefully before 8am on Friday so I have pretty much all day friday to get there. I hope there will be some rev people wanting to partake in night flying I've just modded my rev with LEDs for night flying by the time i'm finished hoepfully i'll have around 20 - 30 LEDs on it!
  7. hey thanks for the numbers Steve!
  8. woah, Lincoln City is quite a way away north Though, i'm looking for something pretty much in Brookings being as this is my first 'road trip' so to speak. you going too Penny then?
  9. WHo else is going to Brookings this year? this'll only be my 2nd festival and the first one where i'm actually driving out of state to.... also does anyone know of any cheap motels around where the place of flying is? or if anyone is willing to share a room or anything?
  10. hehe I havn't flown a duelie since I was about 11 years old! but looking at the description of this thing it sure looks sweet!
  11. DANG!!! that kite is real sweet! i'll be paying thekiteshoppe a visit soon enough! real nice design john!
  12. LeighB

    I need Help

    so I recieved them a couple of days ago! totally sweet! thanks Theresa! so flying 120ft lines after always having 80ft is kinda weird, and is taking some getting used to, but superb fun!
  13. How come The Kite Shoppe was not on your wedding registry anyways. Because i didn't think of it at the time... i was to tied up defending the fact that we don't need to have a rice cooker....
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