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  1. efiniluvr

    New to Sportkite!!!

    Will this work: http://www.awindofch...&Category_Code=?? How about this one: http://www.intothewind.com/shop/Repair_and_Kitemaking/Fiberglass_Tubing_Fittings_for_kites/GlasForms_Internal_Ferrule Thanks -Jeff
  2. efiniluvr

    New to Sportkite!!!

    Update: Those YouTube videos make it look waaayyyy to easy. I've finally had some flying time with the kite and after about 20 sessions, I broke one of the lower leading edge. Replaced it (bought a spare just in case), went out flying, and then find out the ferrule that connects the two lower spreaders snapped. Would anyone know the dimension of the carbon ferrule that I can replace it with? Most of the online stores, including the Prism's own, sells the entire lower spreader with the ferrule. I simply need the ferrule itself. I now understand why everyone recommend flying with an experienced flyer. I've learned the basic stall but cannot move beyond that to the flare and fade....I need to get out to fly with some of you. Thanks -Jeff
  3. efiniluvr

    New to Sportkite!!!

    Good Day everyone, My name is Jeff and I am quickly becoming a kite-addict after purchasing a Prism Diamond Stowaway at Pismo Beach (on a whim) to please my two young children. The kite took to the wind easily, much to my surprise as the memories of running to get a kite off the ground came rushing back. The family and I just attended BKF this past weekend and had a blast!!! I've always been fascinated with kites and took the opportunity to have the entire family try out Prism's sportkites (Quantum to be exact). Everyone loved it in fact. So much so, they're begging me to get one. I've researched none stop, literally the past few days in search of a novice-intermediate sportkite. Although Prism was on the top of my list, I tried to be objective and look outwardly. Ultimately, most of you seem to agree that Prism Quantum and Hypnotist were the most bulletproof and easy to pick up. So now I am a proud owner of the Prism Hypnotist. In choosing the kite, I wanted something that I can learn, grow, and master before graduating to something grand(er). It is also my hope that I can find any and every excuse to go flying and make it a family adventure with my wife and kids. I hope to master the basics and be able to perform some of the tricks that I've been salivating over while watching videos online. In the mean time, please bear my beginner questions. I promise to use the search box first before I post anything new. Cheers -Jeff