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  1. THis is the first time anything ive posted as become a sticky/pinned. I feel Special!! <3 <3 <3 Ill be re-upping my sub here real soon (3 paychecks this month WHOO!) been absent here alot lately due to a major obsession with FPV RC (video piloting rc aircraft) Still fly my kites when its too windy for fly high. youtube.com/TheInvaderDust if you wanna see for yourself. Thanks again for making my post a sticky! thats awesome!!
  2. I started on a Full Sail Pro-B for my first, and while the first few crashes looked and sounded horrible, and my heart cracked a little bit each time, i soon had it figured out and the smile never left my face since. They are strong, durable, and most enjoyable. Nothing like it, as far as im concerned.
  3. i can do them, but i seem to struggle with upright ones ALOT more than inverted slides. Its all about pushing one handle pretty far forward,while twitching/feathering the trailing tip to keep it from rolling out. Its tough, no doubt, but the key for me was all in the feathering/twitching of the trailing tip. Upright? not even close. LOL
  4. Dust

    Rev Blast issues

    Well we took em both out today (My Pro has been flawless from day 1) and we took everyones advise to equalize the lines. Took em off the handles and kite and found the lines to be 1,2,and 5 inches longer than the shortest. So we took out all the knots, and put them all 4 equal. Put it back together and it flies 100% better! I knew about the line equalizing, but wasnt sure if the Blast was different from the Pro-B. It took care of all the problems we had, and now we both happily buzz around the sky together. Thanks so much for the advise! Also, he has Spectra lines, not decron (or what ever its called)
  5. Are you serious?! Man if you still have this available in a week, ITS MIINE!!! Just waiting on paycheck from work, all bills paid, and i got some fun $$ to use. I would LOVE to give it you yoooou!!
  6. Ive never seen a kite that big! @___@ I hope your project continues! seems like a contender for sure. GREAT JOB!!
  7. Dust

    Rev Blast issues

    Ive flown this kite and tried to adjust is for him (Kirkey is a good fiend of mine and he came here on my request) but i was unable to dial it down properly. It flies, but it is very strange and will "fall" outta the sky randomly. I figured it was the lack of laser gold lines, but didnt think it would have been SO impacting to get it right. I dont recall seeing knots on his handles lines (not like my Pro-B std) but we put some in. Each adjustment, seemed to always be "not enough" So since we were all stumped, i sent him here. Glad there was such a quick reponse! he'll be super happy to see all you chiming in. Thanks!!
  8. Going Big this month! excellent prize!
  9. I do have many slots to fill in my kite bag. As well as the perfect indoor soccer field to use it. <3 it!
  10. Is there anything that can be used to clean, condition, or possible "lube" the lines? My strings are getting a bit dirty and was curious if i should clean them somwhow. Also when the kites twists more than 5 or 6 times i hear the tension between the lines and it made me think if there was any type of dry lube or conditioner to keep the lines supple and smooth. Anything like that? Just a thought. Dust
  11. Here is my intro into the quad world. Hope you like it!! Dust
  12. If there is anything i can do to help, please dont hesitate to ask.
  13. Nice and even. Thats perfect!
  14. Dust

    Folding tips

    It is a Std "Full sail" Pro B. And based on your description is exactly where ive landed after experimenting with all extremes, so i must be on the right path. Also ive got many of his vids downloaded and watch them frequently, specially about the tuning theory. The more i fly the more it all makes sense to me. I think it was simply me trying to make it reverse faster than it was ready for, or even lack of proper pressure duing sail loading. Back to the fly fields! ive got more learning to do.
  15. It would be a 8 and a half hour drive for us. How far would you all have to roll to attend?
  16. Im so sorry for not being able to help more. . . I give for help, not prize. If i can make more e-money before the deadline, ill give more then. we all need to be helped sometimes.
  17. Dust

    Folding tips

    Ok, that makes sense. I didnt know it had a one speed reverse (more or less). I was trying to reverse a bit faster than it goes. And as far as my lines, ive got the on the second knot from the end, almost as long as they can go. I found that one knot from the tip works well for me, and still allows for nice smooth dive stops. when i have them on the 4th in, i couldnt ever get it to stop before hitting the ground. Haha LOVE this sport. Im going to convert this city to quad lines. Just wait and see.
  18. YAY for apparently good questions!
  19. Dust

    Folding tips

    What causes a wind tip to fold up and and bow-tie for a spin or two before popping back out? Is is just too much reverse input on that hand? too little or incosistant winds? combination of both? the more i get to fly the less it seems to happen, but it happens alot more than id like it to, an thought it almost always recover-able, it would be nice to figure out what causes it exactly, so as to no longer repete it. Dust
  20. Also have a buddy go out to the field with you to help speed up relaunches and untangles without having to put down your lines.
  21. I am ALOT of things in this world. . . But in a hurry is not one of them. (ps e-cigs helped me to quit too)
  22. Ive seen on alot of sig's here that the subscriber number is listed, and i was wondering how to find mine?
  23. I see the same thing going on with Rev's on EBAY. makes me a not happy camper...
  24. Saw one of these on tv a while back and forgot all about em! thanks for the reminder that i wanted one of those! hahaa
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