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  1. i would like to come from hawaii
  2. JustMe

    IMG 0038

    Maui the hawaiian super man. Pulling up the islands.
  3. awind of change also windpowersports gets my votes both have been verry helpfull.
  4. Will do on the fishing lines thanks for the info I did not know that.
  5. If i am ever on Oahu i will hit u up. I just ordered some LPG bulk and will make new ones no biggie i am glad no one got hurt. I made some temp lines out of some firewire fishing line works ok seems to have a little strech in it . Only needs to hold me over for a few days so i can live with it. Where do you fly on Oahu?
  6. No biggie Les. Now you have to come to pukalani to fly its doing 20 gusting to 28 again I think I need to buy a full vent and a vented rev II. Hehehe any ways I made a set of temp lines out of fishing line until my LPG lines come in then time to make a few more sets of lines
  7. Well today i was able to drive to the other side of Maui to pass on what little knowledge i have quad line flying on to molokaiboy. The wind was 0 to ten at best. We set up my 1.5 SLE with the race frame and 90 lbs 75' LPG lines. Molokaiboy know knows how to launch and land. Doing great learning Les. Now for the bad part of my day. I drove to the park next to my house and the wind was doing 20 plus. Set up my b series vented with the same lines and tryed my 4 Wrap SLE frame in it. It it was verry sensitive so i landed and parked the kite and was digging the three wrap frame out of my bag. Here comes the bad part a dirt bike rider who dosent belong riding in the park comes over the hill and in to my lines. He gets all tangled up and drags my kite along the ground. The good thing is that the bottom lines break and he takes off. The bad thing is now i am out of a new set of lines my equipment is not even a week old. Sorry folks i just had to vent
  8. JustMe


    Hi Les hope we can fly this weekend some time
  9. JustMe


    recived my rev today a 1.5 sle non vented today and set it up and got to do three diffrent sessions in and i love it. the only thing flying till dark is hard to dissamble it in the dark
  10. I just called lava bob and told him hi for you. says he knew you when you were a young man. Any way i got to fly my first rev flights today with steve 808. Thank you for the forum and a big Mahalo to steve. I am still picking the bugs out of my teeth and cant wipe this smile off my face. Cant wait for my kite to come in.
  11. JustMe


    I forgot to mention I am addicted! To quad line flying. Hehehe
  12. JustMe


    A huge Mahalo (thank you)goes out to Steve808 and the kitelife forum. Today Steve took some time out of his day to teach me how to fly a rev. My rev isn't here yet and Steve came up to a local park by my house and thought me to fly on his personal revs. I had such a huge smile on my face. I was going in to quad line flying by watching Josh videos only. I expected it to be a little frustrating at best. With the few hours Steve spent with me he probly saved me quite a few months of frustration. Now I have to pass on what little knowledge I have foreword. Thank you very much for a wonderful day today Steve. I will be looking forward to your next trip to Maui
  13. They are useful in Hawaii to hehehe
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