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  1. While out doing a little team flying with the Revs last weekend at Ocean Shores, we experienced a rare phenomenon: static electricity building on the kite and lines, jumping off kite handles and from our shoes. Weather was cloudy with intermittent light drizzle and a light breeze, enough for a mid-vent but not quite a full-vent wind. There was no hint of lightning or thunder. Right after launching the kites for the first time, around 10am, the lines started humming. With thumbs positioned over the top of the handles, I started feeling a buzzing, light shock from the tip of the handle. Thinking there was some static in my fleece gloves, I removed them and launched again. Again, lines started humming and a stronger shock was coming from the handles. Hovering my thumbs over the tip of the handles demonstrated arcing from handle to thumb, and the shock sensation was quite strong, particularly around the edges of the window, most significant at the top. Others in our group had similar sensations, one feeling shocks in his shoes, and another feeling light shocks from her handles. Two team members touched elbows at one point and a very strong shock was transferred between them, strong enough to cause pain. In the spirit of science, we decided to do a little testing. As my kite seemed to be the most prominently humming kite, I swapped handles. The original handles I was using were a pair of powder coated aluminum handles. With my fingers only on the foam grips and the kite at the top of the window, the handles and lines hummed and buzzed loud enough to be heard several feet away. I changed handles to a different aluminum set, this time without a powder coat. The result? No static. Complicating this, however, is the fact that the other team members noticed less charge jumping into their hands and feet right around the time I changed handles. So, we will never know if handles make a difference or if atmospheric conditions were simply changing around this time. I've come across one other video of a single line kite generating static, but nowhere near as significantly as we experienced. Has anyone come across this while flying??? Regrettably, we did not take video of this phenomenon. Not sure why we didn't think of that.
  2. The delta could have thicker lines, so I'll remake it, but that's a rough idea.
  3. Didn't have time this evening but will try to take a stab at it the next few nights.
  4. JB- Let me know if you want any of it formatted differently, spacing/font/arrangement etc, and I can send it your way as a .ai file.
  5. Or if you want it this way: Whump verb \ˈwhəmp\ 1 : to fill a kite sail with air, creating pressure in the sail 2 : to quickly pull taut the lines of a kite, creating power through short, precise movement 3 : johnbarresi.com
  6. Here are a few, including a .png with just the text.
  7. Thanks Rob! The definition can be changed to pretty much anything if anyone has a better idea.
  8. And for the opposite side of the shirt (or sleeve):
  9. Had some free time, thought I'd toss out a design. Enjoy!
  10. Codywater


  11. My tip pivots and ladder moves were also a bit sloppy, then John told me to imagine flying straight forward before starting the turn up/down. Doing this made them a lot more crisp, and as you get the feel for it you can make the forward flight smaller and smaller until it's not perceptible by anyone watching, only by you flying the maneuver.
  12. Did anyone else see the new Apple site for their Pages software? Check it out! http://www.apple.com/mac/pages/
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