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  1. Is there no one else on Maui that flies kites??
  2. Well the one thing I definately love about these kites is there ao easy to take along on any trip!! RC stuff can be a pain to try and travel with, especially with all these restrictions with "Lipos" Aloha again Lance
  3. Thanks for the help. I can't imagine how much of an idiot I would have looked trying to go it alone with no experience. With your help I'm off to a better start than I would have alone. After a great morning I felt bad to hear what had happened in your neck of the woods. Glad your kite wasn't demolished and even happier that you weren't injured in the process. Dang dirt bikes just don't belong in the parks. I am just glad your daughter wasn't with you. Look to sky and keep flying!!! Aloha, Les
  4. molokaiboy


    Hey Just me glad you had fun. Can't wait to start my adventure in quad flying. Like I need another addiction hehehehe atleast this one is considerable cheaper then my RC Aircrafts. Not too mention I think its easier to hide, I mean store kites than Helis and planes hahaha. Aloha, Les
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