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  1. This be my turn...........Don't have enough tricky kites..........plus I like the colors-------should be mine in two weeks two days
  2. June 4th and 5th Ocean Shores WA........Just south of the Shiloh Beach access in the center of town.
  3. Okay, I got the feelin' this time..............It's about time for my time. Antman, remember what I told you about all that? Well, forget it....it's mine, I can feel it. Jim
  4. Ant, Ya gotta quit hopin'. The only time your name is drawn is when you're sure it won't be!
  5. Thanks Penny-antman, I can see that it's just one of those things that's kinda strange . The ability to change the length difference between top and bottom for lift will also help to maybe slow down the amount of movement to try and find neutral? I took a quick, on the field lesson from John B at Wesport in 2004 and am still amazed at how he finds nuetral and can fly it one handed. I will modify a set and give it the old college try. I know-Practice, practice, PRACTICE! Thanks, Jim
  6. Hi, Sorry to ask such a basic question, but last weekend at Whidbey was the first time I really noticed the knots on the leaders on top of the competitor's handles. The purpose? I'm thinking it might have something to do with sensititvity? How does one go about doing it and suggested lengths of leaders both top and bottom would be appreciated. Jim
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