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  1. damn! I just discovered this place. I have loved drawing t-shirt .... too late. next time (who knows)?
  2. some done! well you John and Stephen. KL: from 16" up to 100" white or black only. https://www.facebook.com/sticker.man.5, link to my face, call me.
  3. yes thx, John, exactly. I would like to meet you all, one by one ... to answer to your need. the best way to do this is to meet you on my Face book. I have no catalog, all my project for kiters, for drummers, for YOU! are your plans, personalized. the only thing i can say for now, surely is the price for a KiteLife dot com black or white in 16": 21$ + shipment cost. welcome on http://www.stickerman.pro link to FB on sidebar. thanks all Henri
  4. hello there, hello John, glad to meet you i'm on the web and there is a link to my FB on sidebar, welcome all.
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