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    Tried flying with a dog stake at Bentonville's first kite fest. For me, it will take some time to keep it up (kite that is). Anyways, bought a commercial made dog stake at Petsmart today, put on my magnifiers to look at the bends. Rough! Used miniature files to smooth out the bends and the crease left by the tooling. Used craytex cones, fine and very fine to further smooth out the crease then polished with buffing wheel and rouge. Used Dremmel tool for the craytex and buffing. Am a semi-retired tool and die maker so already had the items needed. Most of you won't, but hopefully you know a model railroader, model ship builder or a machinist that will have the "little" tools that could help you out. Only spent about 10 minutes doing this and hope to try it out this afternoon.
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