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  1. Mark Thorn

    Mark Thorn

  2. I wasn't thinking of indoor use, but giving them an opportunity to add outdoor flying.
  3. I'm in This would work well with our young visitors at our three bi-monthly indoor event.
  4. I have a tweak that I'll explain after I get back from sunset fly.
  5. [Original post from dumb phone - Fix CR/LF] Welcome to the fun of indoor, outdoor. I fly on 12 to 17'. (12, 15, and 17') I use the indoor handles as the winder with 15'. ] When I'm not too lazy, I mount up the 17' with some PVC handles I made years ago. I took a while to get the lines set to my sweet spot for flying outdoor. Make sure you can hit your neutral position in case of hard puff. Indoor is twitchy, more so when powered up. Don't let it piss you off. The lessons learned will transfer to your light air handling of your outdoor Revs. More later when I can get on my lumptop. This Crack Berry sucks Time for my KiTherapy while the sun sets at Alki https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alki-Beach-take-your-kite-for-a-walk/356926264438239
  6. I start out with my15' and stock handles to gauge the site and conditions. (I've flown so much with that setup I can read the behavior and tweak as needed) The changes in kititude with adding 5' surprised me. I've been surprised by more than slight puffs of light breeze at the top of the window. When there is comfortable room, I've been flying with 17.5 and 20' lines. I keep going back to the stock handles. I can't seem to get used to the heavier handles. The feed back is too dampened for my liking. I'll keep at it and report back.
  7. Indoor - outdoor... Almost every night I'm street flying my indoor. Great therapy, keeps people guessing that drive by. I get a fresh victim to stop and ask... WTF? Start my intro to Revs routine. good times
  8. I have 15' to 40' in 5' intervals. I fly 30' so much, I have dedicated a kite and handles with the lines wound on the handles for rapid deployment. I'm always in search for new placce to play. LPG is prefered (less slack line macrame) More later, I'm at Alki to short line now M
  9. I'm always looking for a new place to fly. The weirder the better. I develop new skills to fit a location, and it turns in to a normal place. Right? No time restrictions... It's never too early or late to fly a kite. Especially where you get the "What makes you think you can fly there, there's not enough room" "Don't you need a fan or something?" "You are crazy... " Yes I am, but my choices are still better when I fly kites, My guess is, those that started Indoor flying had questioned the location to. Thanks for stirring my brain, It's time to go fly. Mark
  10. Better the weather is, the longer it takes to correct. Screwed myself a few times with what was only a couple of wraps, to turn it into a LOT of wraps because I didn't want to walk the lines. (Cold winter day, evening rapidly approaching) It was just light enough and I'm only going to fly for a short time. I can shake those few twists out, I've done it hundreds of times. Not that day. Between the dew collecting on the lines, and misreading the direction of twist and cross overs. 15, 30, 45 minutes of "Almost there, almost there", I had the biggest CF I ever had in my life. Never did get to fly that night. I invented a new pattern of Macramé that I will never use again. Lesson learned? When I hear the words "I can get it...." in my head again. Stop and walk the damn lines Mark Thanks for making me laugh. Mark
  11. Your mesh issue couldn't have happened a worse time. I'm sure the shop and Rev are concerned and it's not their nature to ignore the people that feed them. (That's my gut feeling as a 16 yr Rev flyer - I don't have a horse in this race) As others have said, events all over the world have kicked in the last couple of weeks. (I think Wildwood is this weekend, Rockaway last weekend in the NW) What part of the NW are you. If you happen to be relatively close to Seattle, I'd be more than happy to look at it. I'm sure we can get you hooked up and fixed up. The flying the extra vent is smooth like whipped cream, but better for your health. Mark Thorn Seattle, WA, USA, Earth I think my contact information is visible - contact me if you wish and will see what shakes out.
  12. I keep some water valve washers that are close in ID in my bag. I lost one of those washers at a real bad time. There are some nylon flat washers that work too. Have fun, fly with the rods anyway you want. It's fun to feel the difference in attitude.and response. I'm headed out to fly for a while. I going to fly both modes and I'll report back
  13. 1. Have fresh bungee,or at least a spare chuck around. What you thought looked ok, can turn to dust while breaking the knots loose. 2. Hemostats (Fancy needle nose tools from the Dr office) saves your sanity when your bungee is so frayed and it won't go through that tiny washer. 3. Vinyl covers for the caps? I use them on my indoor, then started using them on my parking lot Revs. Mainly for reducing the cap to spar impact load. (I recently added a silcone puck inside the cap and spar end on the Indoor Rev). Spar stress cracks and fabric slivers have gone away. 4. "Rods on the wrong side?" - Matter of perception, One side flies better than the other. I fly rods on the front once in a while in light air. I like to screw with my abilty to adjust to changing conditions. Flies different with the skin laying flat, tip to center. pressure centers shift Put the kite back to normal configuration, I get to appreciate the quaility of workmanship all over. Imagine, the Rev may have had the rods in front 25 years ago during R& D Dang, that's a great catch on the picture. Brings back memories of our first "family" trip to Long Beach in the spring of '98. (Oh yeah, the point to this reply: I tried the rods on the both sides) "There has to be something wrong with this kite" We're off to find the kids (5 and 9 yrs) some thing to play with "on" the beach. My daughter thought looking through the windows was close enough. Here we are jumping shop to shop, the're getting cranky and don't care about the beach anymore. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a demo tape playing of the Revolution was off in the back of the shop. What's this, some secret skunk works project back here? I watched, again and again. That set the hook. At that time, I was hip deep in racing catamarans and had no idea what the world of kites was. Next day, The shop was sending me back to the beach house with a Supersonic and the instruction tape. VHS tape: great idea if you had a VCR at the rental house. Looking back on it, why couldn't one person have been on the beach, (laughed first from having that same experience), then offered a hand. I flogged at it for three days. Rods in front, rods in back, it didn't matter. I couldn't watch the instructions (Guys like me don't use instructions until your looking for the return address, or the list for spare part numbers) I was being driven insane by a wing and string. A few months later, the insanity all changed when I happened to be at LB and WSIKF was full on. That person was there to lend a ear and a hand (Penny, Elizabeth, and Jeri) Can't wait... Indoor fun and games tomorrow (at least Saturday) Time for my fly the flag therapy session
  14. \I deserved to be flogged for that. It was way too late when I posted that, and should have spent the time to clarify. I have my first Rev 1.5 SLE (13 yrs old) that has been designated to training and stress testing. (First timers, etc.) It's the one I'm willing to let anyone give it a try. Hence, sacrificial... It's been through so much, yet it has survived the worst, but never been terminal. Part of the screening has been the issue. Nothing that weaving thread through hasn't kept it flying. The skins is a little scruffy, but not one tear or whole after many hundreds of hours. The smiles that kite has brought are priceless. Both mine and the soon to be a victim of wallet shrinkage syndrome. Can I get off my knees now? Mark ,
  15. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that..... Sent via Tapatalk for iPhone. I've been saying that for 14 years. ( A couple years I didn't buy a kite, I finally had revs to cover a wide range of wind) Take simple care of your kites, they will last a long time. Keep a sacrificial Rev around for those days you wished you left the new one in the bag
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