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  1. tbressure

    Indoor Moissy (FR) December 2-3, 2017

    Hello, this is a footage of my show..... I am very happy [emoji4] Thierry Bressure
  2. tbressure

    Indoor Moissy (FR) December 2-3, 2017

    Thanks I would like to learn new move such as catching without landing or over the top in backward fly.... maybe I will be ready for the show. Thierry Bressure
  3. Proud to shout next indoor kite event in France, Moissy-cramayel. There will be single line, dual line and quad line but as you maybe know I am only a quad line flyer so: Thierry Bressure
  4. tbressure

    Backward fly

    Hello, I've been told by a competition judge that I need to do more backward flight to get a higher score. I try to apply John Barresi (JB) tip about hand placement on the handle to release pressure on my wrist and I must admit that it works well. No more need of ointment after a windy fly. Another flyer told me to put my hand more on the bottom of the handle but it achieve the same goal but without giving you the three position control of JB'S method. Despite of the tip, pilot skill is to improve too. I practice ladder on backward fly to help me to improve my skill. What can you suggest me ? Thierry Bressure
  5. tbressure

    Maxi vented rev

    Hello, I am looking for an extra vented rev. I need to fly over 25 mph until 30 mph. For such a wind my full vented B-Serie pull to much so I am seeking a more vented kite. I found the New York Minute with 3 vented panel. Can it fly in higher wind than a full vented B-serie ? Another choice is to had some vented panel in regular vented B-serie. Such kite was known as maxi-vented. Will this be more flyable than a New York Minute ? Ça you give me your advice ? Thierry Bressure
  6. tbressure

    Mid vented wind range

    This is a master flyer wind Matrix [emoji3] I agree with sul, std and mid vented wind range but you use the full vented since 14 mph ! Waoou [emoji12] not sure I am skilled enough but I will give it a try because I've figured out the low wind range of the mid-vented so full vented may also be flyable in more low wind than I think. Thierry Bressure
  7. tbressure

    Mid vented wind range

    I make a try with a lower measured wind than yesterday. What a damn I love my semi-vented [emoji4] Thierry Bressure
  8. tbressure

    Mid vented wind range

    I've purchased a mid vented b-serie few month ago. I wanted to used it from 15 mph to 20 mph wind because I used to fly with the b-serie full sail until 15 mph. Since I fly with the mid-vented I'm happy to see that it can be flown since 12 mph and even less. What is the wind range of the mid-vented ? Depending on the pilot skill but what is your opinion ? Thierry Bressure
  9. tbressure

    A low wind session

    Yesterday in the end of the afternoon I have unwrapped my Barresi and let have a kite session. Nothing very unexpected but what a moment of pleasure ! [emoji3] http://kitejust4fun.bressure.net/index.php/2017/07/21/entrainement-a-draveil-2/ Thierry Bressure
  10. tbressure

    Magic moment

    I was taking a shot of my rev in front of the sunset when a bird cloud took off. You can see them if you zoom in the picture. I took off so and I flew among then when they was over my head ! A very magic moment [emoji3] http://kitejust4fun.bressure.net/index.php/2017/07/18/surprise/ Thierry Bressure
  11. tbressure

    Beginner at French Competitor

    I am starting in French competition this year. Flying in competition condition is barely a new level. I need not only be able to fly but I need to be able to fly in any wind condition. This is a new challenge but a real plaisure and for sure it will make me a better flyer: road is long [emoji12] http://kitejust4fun.bressure.net/index.php/fontenay-2017/ Thierry Bressure
  12. tbressure

    Feeling Frustrated

    Very good speech: life lesson in patience. The kite flier is like the sailor, you can choose the best sail for the wind but the weather always have the last word. Thierry Bressure
  13. tbressure

    Feeling Frustrated

    Hello, I try to fly most I can but I agree with you sometimes I don't have so much time I would because of higher priority stuff. But.... when I put flying on the top list I always find time. Thierry Bressure
  14. tbressure

    French indoor rev kite flying

    Yesterday the last French cup session of indoor kite in Marle. [emoji3] Thierry Bressure
  15. tbressure

    French indoor rev kite flying

    For sure I think it will be possible. Perhaps in Paris or for an indoor session ? If you are in Paris at Saturday or at Sunday in the morning we should be able to meet for an indoor session. I can pick you up at your hostel [emoji3] Thierry Bressure