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  1. mystainedskin

    Hq Symphony 2.2.4

    Really my first time also...tire sliding fun in 20plus . I feel like I got bit by a Viper...possibly 3 times. 🤔 ...and a friend just got a quiver of older Phantoms and a ride. I feel some buggy riding in my future more often. 😁 So much fun..
  2. mystainedskin

    First look!

    Just give it too me already 🚑🚀⏰ ❤️ I was flying foils....
  3. mystainedskin

    Hq Symphony 2.2.4

    A little fun with the modified HQ Symphony modified by @riffclownat Jekyll Island Buggy Expo... Even some upwind Hopefully the post is public... if not I will obtain the video.
  4. hello    hey just saw your post on kites for  sale  do you still have the TOTL Hawaiian , the landyork spider  and the little yellow  quads i dont see a  pic of the yellow . can you tell me if it the same size as a b2 . if  so  what would you be willing to talke for all 3   ty 

    zuul 64 

    1. mystainedskin


      Kites are returning to owner. I will relay your interest too them.

      No Hawaiian was ever listed.

      Small kites are different from b2 it rev 2.

  5. mystainedskin

    Power Sled Addiction

    Power Sleds are great reliable kites. I have and still fly a majority of the sizes.. Keep an eye on the rear spar pockets of the 36 and up.... I have had them wear out over time and abuse. Easy patch and back in the air.
  6. mystainedskin

    Looking at Single Vent Rev. Quad (JB edition)

    I know that wall
  7. mystainedskin

    LE tabs (service available for Revs)

    Just had a Standard and Mid done by my brother from another mother... Spanked them all through Treasure Island Sport Kite Competition and after....preparing for SPI Team KiteLife torture. Much better " feel" out of my production B series quads. Thank you sir !
  8. mystainedskin

    Revolution Supersonic (Blue)

    I will be out of town for a week with Team KiteLife. Any purchased items will be processed and shipped out after February 6th return.
  9. New Kite only (no lines and handles) Revolution SuperSonic $225 shipped Link to photos:
  10. mystainedskin

    Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    Now that is just sexy...Why not team kite color logos?
  11. mystainedskin

    Customer Needs!

    There can be variations to most questions asked. Kites and rigs can vary vastly with wind conditions...line also (drag/weight increases with size) weight/size/cost/etc.. Wind speeds needed can vary right along with above reference . ..from single digits to as much as you are willing too risk. As far as "shooting" a kite up....ehhh..good luck. Most kites are launched by hand or anchored at a specific length of line. running involved.
  12. mystainedskin


    By the hair of my chinny chin chin.... Another kite...another day...just not today..or that kite.
  13. mystainedskin


    I have an awesome wife.......just sayin'
  14. mystainedskin

    My first cup of dogstake fly

    I have limited time on the set up..Just shut your mind off and fly. Nothing is switched or reversed.
  15. mystainedskin


    Yes please...I could abuse that easily Asking for permission I will p.m once I have approval. P.m. Sent