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  1. A new venture. Stop in for a read if the urge arises. https://kitebumbychoice.wordpress.com/

    1. Nick Russell

      Nick Russell

      Nice. I've been blogging for 8 or 9 years now and it has become part of our income stream.

  2. Holy cow! I took a dual line with me today...

  3. A life of kites....for me.

  4. World Wide Kap Week!

  5. Treasure Island bound! WOOOOHOOO!

  6. I am ready for my Kitelife year to begin! Come on MLk weekend....papa needs some line time.

  7. New Symerna beach cam...check us out.

  8. It's a new dance.... called the Revolution shuffle...

  9. Loving my life as a kite bum.....

  10. Feeling all "wrapped" up...

  11. The amount of Rev knowledge one can obtain in 1 night....poof..that was my brain!

  12. Eat..Sleep..Kites............Repeat

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