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  1. They don't come out until May! I hate waiting. There are some sweet looking new prism kites coming and super reasonable price too.
  2. Probably not a better starter kite out there for the price. A lot of people make the mistake of getting a smaller cheaper stint kite and get something that's to fast to fully enjoy. Quantum is a large full size kite. That flys great. Make sure to post pictures or it never happened.
  3. Some one wake up John. Let's get this party started I need another hq in my closet.
  4. I can always use a new dually and I love the grew fade.
  5. That's going to be slick!
  6. What are some of the indoor kite you have seen Wayne. I'm out of the loop. Haven't ever had a place to fly indoors.
  7. What's in the pm Wayne? Secrets?
  8. i need to put some stoppers on my stack of avengers. see you next weekend.
  9. Nice. It's fun, fast, loud and flys super straight.
  10. Oh good questions. First one I don't know. About an indoor kite. Indoor kites do better indoor. 0 wind kites usually are super low wind and will also work indoor. Indoors are really meant for indoors. A gust out of no where could damage an indoor kite. Not to say we haven't all flown our indoor kites out side. Indoor quad really you best option is a rev. If you can find a synergy deca they are the nicest quad I have seen but are no longer made and harder to fly. Indoor rev is usually what people get as it's the only one made at the moment I believe. A stunt kite can be used of any kite that can be maneuvered really. Quad or dual line, indoor and out. And sport kite and stunt kite I have both heard for different reasons. Rev is often used to describe any quad line kite like chap stick it's a brand but used wrong a lot. It's usually just dual or quad but fighter kites are in there as well and probably take the highest skill.
  11. so when i fly my silver fox UL 2.3 on the blue beads i cant pop an axle. but on the red beads i can. on this kite its either a 3 point bridle or a turbo bridle depending on what color bead you pick but it doesnt say which is which. it would be nice to know which one i like better and maybe why. but why is less important.
  12. Gotcha. I have heard of both and wasn't sure which ones were the same. I look at his diagrams and they look the same
  13. Ohh man there are now way to many bridles! Non of the ones on Andy's site were a turbo or reverse turbo bridle. So there seems to be about 10 basic common bridles and they are all a matter of feel to the person and to the kite. So that said I should try all ten on each kite I own to know what I like.
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