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  1. oapbillf

    Newbie Journey, Rev learning tips

    Whatever length you are after whether it be 30ft or 120ft that length is your finished target but as Wayne says it does not have to be dead accurate ! I usually add 3ft to my cut lengths which is ample to allow for sleeving at both ends and a bit of trimming to finish. I made up a set of 30 and 50ft from a standard 80ft set, sleeved at the handles only, the 30ft ended up at 30ft, the 50ft ended up at 47 ft, no big deal !
  2. oapbillf

    How to do a handle wrap?

    Paul, Sarah is more interested in leaving the kite connected but I assume the method is very similar ! There,s a project for you to produce a good clear video, Please ! I must admit that I never seem to get it right, once ended up with a rats nest that took nearly an hour to sort out.
  3. oapbillf

    How to do a handle wrap?

    Hi Sarah, While you are in Berck go and see any of The Flying Squad, Stephen, Daniel, Hezz, or Steve, they wrap that way frequently at festivals! Bill
  4. oapbillf

    Getting better thanks to oapbill

    Bully !
  5. oapbillf

    How much longer to replace this bridle?

    Change it now before your day is ruined !
  6. oapbillf

    Getting better thanks to oapbill

    Kevin, it sounds like your EXP needs a good look at, make sure you bring it to Basingstoke ! I will give it the once over ! I have been flying a 1996/7 vintage 1.5 that I recently obtained in a very poor condition and rebuilt it with my modifications, I am only using it as a fun kite but the damn thing flies really well in low winds often better than a "B" !
  7. oapbillf

    Getting better thanks to oapbill

    And the sooner we meet the better !
  8. oapbillf

    Uk flyers

    You bet we can we will see how many we get at the Portsmouth International kite Festival this year, 2018. Bill https://www.facebook.com/Dunstable-Downs-Old-Gents-
  9. oapbillf

    Uk flyers

    PM me if you are interested for history and price. Bill
  10. oapbillf

    New kite arrived

    Brothers united
  11. oapbillf

    Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Good luck to everybody, whoever wins will enjoy their kite ! That,s one of mine !
  12. oapbillf

    Jest Checking In

    Do I like it ? A big fat YES
  13. oapbillf

    Jest Checking In

    Good layout and colour match, do you intend swapping the colours ? The only thing is that yellow attracts the bugs as I found out !
  14. oapbillf

    Doing Things Differently

    That certainly looks to be worthwhile, I must try it. A couple of pictures that you might find of interest of how I attach thend caps and the top of the vertical rod caps and replace the mesh with Dacron, this was on a EXP where the mesh had been destroyed.
  15. oapbillf

    New kite arrived

    My new Custom POLO has arrived ! Some of you might have been worried about quality, let me assure you that the quality is good ! There are a few minor changes but nothing detrimental. If it stops raining I might just go and fly it ! This is the second kite of this layout that I have and is going to be used as a kite for my team, Facebook "Dunstable Downs old gents"