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  1. I watched the tutorials, went to a clinic in Berkerley, read more comments on this forum, and now I am througoutly confued because you all make sense but....... . At the clinic, there were some master flyers who couldn't argreed on this same topic, sounds familiar ???. At the clinic, while one gentleman suggested that I should adjusted the knots to what I am most comfortable with, another suggested that I should find a setting that I like and do not make any adjustments at all after that. His reasonning was that to be an accomplished flyer, one should able to adapt to different wind ranges with the hand adjustments. And of course, there were advices on either only adjust the top leaders or it is okay/not oaky to adjust both the top and bottom as needed. After team flying with the BASKL members for about seven hours at the clinic, I still don't have any idea what works for me but I HAD A LOT OF FUN. On top of that, I also find out that I am have the basic skills to do some of the basic team manuvers. I also overcame the fear of crashing and getting tangled with other revs because no one was no yelling or screaming when that happended. Well, there were the ocassional trashed talks and everyone laughed. So at this point, I realized that I should spend more time flying in order to truly understand what all you experienced/mastered flyers are talking on this topics. Hopefully, I can look back at this post a year from now and go ahhhhh... that's what they meant. Again, I really enjoyed all the comments on this topic. I will put them at my back burner and hope to put them in practice one day. Thank you! On another note, I just found out that my trip to WSKIF is a "go" from the bosses (home and work). I am looking forward to meeting more rev flyers (the closer rev flyer to me is about 1:45 away) and learning more about their experiences/learning curve. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to participate in the mega fly. According to people at the clinic, I should do "fine"; I am so excited, but I am not keeping my hope up. In I don't get to participate due to my skills, I will be quite happy if I can get to meet and talk to other rev flyer. Next week this time, I will be two hours away from Long Beach . Thanks again, gents!
  2. Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question.
  3. Thanks! I saw the sail loading tutorial listed under advance and did not want to get ahead of myself so I haven't downloaded them. I will take a look at them.
  4. Hello, I 've been flying my B series revs the last the three months using the knots suggested in the video that came with the kite. I can manage all the slides and hovers. Recently, someone suggested that I should fly with a longer pigtails because that's is how Team Iquad fly. Being a newbie, I took the suggestion and made some longer pigtails and fly at the most outer knots at possible. The problem is I am not sure why I am doing so. Can someone explain the principal behind this? Thanks!
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