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  1. Didn't think about a time line but it's about right what you think now it's go find classic I would like to have enough of them may one will see the light of day again lol
  2. Hi it's me again rain outside so no flying today so I was looking at older stunt kites on the net and was thinking that if you could what kite wound you bring back and give a new lease of life with new material and new features . If you get my meaning that the Ford gt40 a classic car and then Ford come with a new gt40 a new one but they try to make a modern one with sum of the classical features what kite would you like to give a new lease of life
  3. Just got my kites today was out for a few hours made up with ul gem it was the only one I tried had a great time
  4. I know that benson kite are popular but I was wondering if likes of the super fly are they more popular than the classic in classic everything that comes before the super fly ;D as when benson come with a new kite everything before automatically become a classic what would you say I have also put this topic on a European site as I like to see the different points of view it's always interesting but I like to post here the most http://www.gwtwforum.com/index.php?topic=9490.0
  5. Just like to say I think that the are many like me who start to trick with stunt kites that find that the tricks just don’t come so easy but now I have found out I think it is because that we are so tense that we should not hold the straps so tight and it’s become much easier if you just have them hang in your hands but not to lose well that what I have found out the last few days when you lean by yourself little things like this make a big different`s just pass on a little tip maybe it could help someone if the are any easy tips to help people like me let me know
  6. Hei guess who's kites were sent to day it took a bit of time but I think it will be worth the wait it not every day you get three kites sent to you can't wait Christmas will be early this year
  7. Must 86 it's is a great inspiration to see just how good you can be if put in the time wardley can fly and the site is great and yes the picture is for Norway that were I have my cabin great place to fly a kite in the summer it doesn't go dark so I can fly at 3 in morning and its like flying 12 midday it's weird but fun so I hope to be flying a lot here is my son flying his kite and my cabin
  8. Yeah I know that Gemini's are not the not easy kites out there to fly but for that price it's a steel and a kite that a classic and I think that you should have at least one benson kite in your bag . And I think the will be more to come lol can't wait to try it wish me luck
  9. I just love also to just watch any one flying a kite as well as flying them and as me being inexperienced to kiting I have so much to look forward to just one thing I miss is having the chance to fly with experience flyer but I have the forum to keep kontakt and get all the advice that any one could want now off out cut up the sky's wind and sun I the mountain
  10. Ok it's time I said that all your comments are very good and the rev guys you put a good point a cross but I think I stay with the dual lines as I need more convincing but you can try . I think it's better to be rebel than to follow the pack. Lol. So this is what I done .l took contact with a guy who was selling three Gemini's kites and hope to buy all three of them take look http://fracturedaxel.co.uk/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12128 Maybe it will put all you rev flyer back on the right track I think this will cover most of the winds I will encounter and with my two other kites I may just have it covered til you convince me to try a rev lol So all rev flyer just wait you'll come flying back lol. But seriously thanks for all your comments and keep up the good work.
  11. Hi I am am looking for some advice on what is the best way to go I have not been flying for so long but I have a quantum and a hypnotist I use the quantum at the cabin when am there and the hypnotist at home but as I have found out you can not always Depend on the wind as often as not it blows when you are at work but come home and it's just a breeze not enough for my kites to fly I as I was looking to get about a hour a day .The thing is i have got two good training kites which I am happy with but I need a good kite I can use in low wind but I still often take a crash or two so it's has to be able to take some stick but I don't want to end up with 3 or 4 training kites so l am looking for a kite I can grow with probably second hand what should I be looking for or should I just wait for the the wind no kite club here were I live in Norway to try different kites I just have the forum to look to :shock: :shock: so hooked on flying if I have to pay for good I will pay just have to start saving sul? ul? what should I look for :shock:
  12. I know today kids think money grows on trees but he a good kid I would be glad to give him the kite long it's keep him off the xbox and gets him and his friends outdoor maybe his friends may get involved in flying you would think in Norway where it's so much wind that more people would fly kites but no not to many l have never seen no one ever flying a kite.o no once I seen one guy flying a power kite on the snow so maybe he can start to sell kites to his friends and make a little money .maybe I'll get discounts on that new kite I'll have to buy. lol
  13. Just got my quantum had great time flying over the weekend but my son who is 14 was with me so he did most of the flying which was ok as he has more control than me but he was not so happy when I said he must give it back .The was protest but I said to him if you would like a new kite you better get a job he said I am only 14 teen so I said maybe you give up school. .lol am not so bad dad he got the kite and I enjoyed watching just as much as flying
  14. Tmadz yes going to be great as for the last year I been using just a $20 kite it's been fun but it time to move on but one thing that kite has took sum stick a good $20 I must say can't wait for my new kite it's going to be night and day
  15. Hi Can anyone recommend a good forum in the UK I am from the UK but living in Norway would be nice to maybe find out where the good kite shops are when I go back to visit and see what is going on so me and the kids could go to kiting events in England.
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