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  1. I had a great flight on my standard rev, wind speed being high enough that I could paste the rev to a few things. by pasting i mean let the wind press the kite against an object and allow the line to go slack Sorry about the unrotated picture, I'm on mobile And another
  2. Wayne: yes Patrick not only produces his kites in Striking Bold Colours, he also does the Fusion kites. Fusion Kites have a fantastic mix of colours in them. dashgee: Wow awesome Update. Brilliant to see you have been gliding everyday. Fantastic Pictures as always. Love them all. Thanks for sharing. Day 20: After a very long day I got to unwind with an hour of indoor gliding on my New Green iFlite (translucent green, not Emerald) With the Cold and Rain outdoors it was nice to relax indoors and fly. Day 21: A nice mid morning fly, again with the Green iFlite. My camera is having trouble capturing the Green of this kite. I think I need a sunny day.
  3. Monday (day 19) features the truly impressive iFlite Vented in Emerald green.
  4. The Weekend had me flying the Wala XL on Saturday and the iFlite Vented Yellow on Sunday.
  5. Must86 - Brilliant Pictures Thanks. Glad you found your PopArt Plutz. I look forward to many more gliding pictures. Amexpmh - Hybrid, Fighter and iFlite II sounds like a perfect day. Thanks for sharing your Gliding Experience. Catchup: Day 16 - Friday I had My PopArt Plutz out, rising to the dawn
  6. iFlite glides on the Rising Sun The Morning Still and Silent A Heartbeat from Heaven
  7. A chain of kites is not very stable, as the video shows. If you keep the distance between link lines greater than the link line itself, you will greatly reduce tangles. Also lots of swivels should be used. Of course there is still the problem that a few kites will pull the whole thing sideways and cause a crash. Linking kites off of a sky anchors line is more stable. A stack is always an option. This is a stack that I joined together:
  8. Sounds Awesome Wayne, you are making me want one! Day 14. Raised a Glider to the Rising Sun again. This time the Mega Plutz. Lots of pictures this time, the Mega is so easy to photograph, with its long stable Glide.
  9. That Double Conyne or the 36 Sled would be great for set and forget display. If you want to carry a lot of colour laundry go for flat tails over tubes. Tubes have a much greater drag and don't move about as much. Pickensw, as to how much it can lift, that will depend on the wind. sorry but there is no set answer. For my Main lifter I have a selection of things. Then I can go with the flow. Hyzakite, be careful of the 81 Sled, when they are that size they can be dangerous is moderate winds.
  10. Brilliant shots again there dashgee. You have a great iFlite family. The Popart P3 is an awesome kite, glad you are getting to know it. Day 13 A windless wet day has given me the chance to fly my iPrey Fusion Outdoors. Such a nice glider
  11. Day 12 I was visiting a friend and took the chance to fly in their large Upper Storey. Which is mostly open space
  12. Wayne: Urban Ninja Gliding Awesome! I would really like to try one of those one day. dashgee: great shots there, nice gliders. That spherical picture is cool, interesting camera concept. Day 10 for me was an early morning flight at a park close to home. iFlite Yellow. Day 11 was crazy busy, I did get some time on my iFlite White. Lying on the floor skimming the ceiling.
  13. Sorry Larry, I don't have anything to part with. Must86 is spot on with the Delta Conyne/Doubles being stable. Ghost deltas are nice and long too. A Tail added to a Big kite makes it more Eye catching. I like a Mid sized sled with a nice big tail. I got a mid sized Sled new for under $150 I made a tail for my Sled with a big piece of cheap fabric. I got 15m for $30, I sewed a binding on both ends and put a cheep carbon rod along the top. Whole thing cost less than $40 to make. Boy does it stand out though. Later I Made a 10m and 6m tail too. I fly the Tails off the kite and off the line (line Laundry)
  14. mystainedskin: Love the Poetry dude, Inspiring. Wayne: the iFlite II must be awesome in the large space of the soccer field. Glide on Wayne...... Amexpmh: Awesome shots. I hope to get a hybrid one day. You have an Enviable Glider collection there. Dayhiker: Glad you had a fun session. A wide selection of kites means you have a great chance of flying something no matter what the winds throw at you. The Zero G is a sweet little package that will open up Gliding to anyone. Thanks to Everyone for Joining in. Gliding and sharing your gliding experiences. Plenty more days left this month, Everyone reading can join in
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