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  1. Mmmmmmmm, fresh new silky lines gliding across one another you just got to love it.
  2. congratulations on the win Mike
  3. i'm In - use the force together and fly forever
  4. and the winner is #2 makatakam congratulations on your karma win. I hope you enjoy your items and get some great use out of them. P.M. me so we can finalize things.
  5. I am getting ready to do the karma drawing. looks like we have 2 people involved in this one. #1 - Ca Ike #2 - makatakam
  6. Here is what we have for the next Karma drawing. It is a brand new quad kite line set LPG 90# 120ft, and a new fishing/bush hat from Revolution kites. Drawing will be held October 11, 1017. All you have to do to be entered to win is reply to the post titled **KARMA** and say “I’m in!” Now here’s where the Karma comes in. IF YOU WANT TO WIN, YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO PAY IT FORWARD! If you are the winner of this kite, PM me a shipping address and I’ll send it to you anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Then IT”S YOUR TURN! You must start a new post with the title just like this one. **KARMA** And give something away! It can be a hat, a kite stake, a kite or anything kite related. Some winners will give small prizes, and some will give larger, but it’s all about the giving. Give away something that you would like to receive. When you do your random drawing, post the winner and ask them to PM you an address, and send out their prize! Now it’s their turn! Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it. The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it. Good luck, and have fun!
  7. I would like to thank Mark for an awesome karma prize. I would also like to thank all of you folks for your kind words of congratulations. I will have the next karma drawing up soon, so keep an eye out.
  8. my latest additions to my kite collection. complete with John Barresi wear strip and leading edge tab modifications.
  9. Hell John, I'm not sure if this topic was ever covered by anyone or not, but I was wondering about the longevity or life span of a standard revolution b-series kite without mods. You know, for the average hard core team flier.

  10. All right we have a winner. And the winner is entry #2 zackprism01. Congratulations Zach, PM me so we can work out the details.
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