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    Prism E3, REV B Series, Ground Zero Wavelength
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    the 90's, then a big space, now I'm back.
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  1. In my haste and excitement last night, I forgot to congratulate the winner Scott and the other bonus winners. On ya guys.
  2. That's probably the closest I will ever get to winning the first prize, second is great and the DVD will be great viewing. Thanks JB. John Pool
  3. pond44

    whatdya call it?

    John, thanks for trying to find what I was looking for, that's not it either but I have watched that video many times and am truly gobsmacked by what you can do with some nylon and string. Maybe I have had some vision in my head of you giving a "performance" and over time thought it was different, the youtube links are good enough for my "fix", I wish I were 1/10th as capable as you, (is your head swelling). I'd better shut-up and get to bed. John
  4. pond44

    whatdya call it?

    Hi John, Could be, don't think it was Peter Gun, Disney is correct though and I'm almost sure it was on sand next to a tent, can't remember the hat either. But anyway thanks, I still love them. Someone else may know of another one. John
  5. pond44

    whatdya call it?

    I know this ain't the right place for this but I know it will get read. Some time ago I saw a video of JB flying on a beach somewhere, in a comp, and all it showed was John working the lines (dancing almost), no shots of the kite at all. It was brilliant, I have searched for it but cannot find it anywhere, I think it was on KiteLife but it could have been elsewhere. Anyone know or has a link to it???? I want to see it again. Thanks.
  6. I think the iPod has a record function, therefore it should have a mic and be able to hear wind. Sorry if I'm wrong. (the wife says I am all the time).
  7. Ah! you have to draw the line somewhere, it just happens to be in the middle of the ocean. On this side it's a beautiful day. "Today is Yesterday Tomorrow". JP
  8. OK, I amost feel guilty asking for mine, but???? I know you are on you way down here "Down Under', I"ll wait until you get back up. Enjoy your visit. John
  9. pond44

    Fade help

    He has a great stock of kites and they change a lot by the look of things, I will meet up with him soon and yes I probably would learn more from him, tutorials are ok but I forget what to do as soon as I shut the computer down. Steve has a web site if you wanted it or didn't know. https://sites.google.com/site/stevehobart/ John
  10. pond44

    Fade help

    Rob, Funny you mention Steve, I was going to look him up in the next week or two, I have just come across his name and I know where he plays, I was hoping he could give me some pointers. I live in Lewisham, about 25ks from Hobart but I will see him and mention you. Have you met him in person or just through forums. John
  11. pond44

    Fade help

    Glad to know there might be something in the pipeline. And Must86, I'm almost in your position. I've just come back to kites after a long time away, bought a new dual line and stupidly a Rev at the same time, now of course find it difficult to fly either, things have changed. The Rev I will get my head around, but the tricks with the dual line kites have got me stumped. I have the Prism DVD but watching a DVD at home is ok, then when you go set up the kite and think, ok I know how to do this, you've forgotten it all. I know practice, practice, practice.
  12. pond44

    Fade help

    Anything happening with those tutorials I wonder. I think he has gone to the otherside, Rev side that is. I know there are other tutorials but John has a way of doing them that makes them easier to follow, also he has a commentory. It might happen!
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